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Thursday, May 31, 2012

All You Need Is Love - Grey's Anatomy Season 8-14 - Postmortem

Valentine's Day

After the virtual reality episode last week; it was great to get back to the characters’ lives in the real Grey’s Anatomy world. When we last saw the Grey’s docs they were all congregated at a party at Meredith and Derek’s in honor of Zola’s first birthday. Owen had just told the entire hospital at the top of his voice that Cristina had killed their baby and apart from Meredith; nobody else knew about it. Arizona and Callie were pushing Mark towards a serious relationship with Julia, when he told them to back off. Is Mark still in love with Lexie? Most Mark and Lexie shippers are hoping so.

Meredith and Derek Aren’t Getting Any……

Our golden couple can’t seem to get any intimate time together. The running into the bathroom, because of the baby in the bed, then the sofa; before they realise Lexie is there watching TV. So then it’s out to car, and wouldn’t you know it? The baby wakes up and Lexie is banging on the window. She offers to watch Zola, so her sister and husband can get some alone time.

By the time their day is over at the hospital; Meredith chasing a suspected tumor that is attacking her patient’s brain and causing seizures; it was a wonder they had the energy.

Cristina and Owen are in a Bad Place

These two are barely speaking to each other let alone celebrating their love on Valentine’s Day. Cristina insists that Owen put her back on Teddy’s service, and he agrees. Apart from Owen announcing he is moving out, that’s about all they have to say. Even the car crashing through the ER doors and almost killing them was not a big enough event for them to start talking. This does not come as a surprise for these two. Cristina was never one to talk about her feelings, and Owen may well be the opposite, however these conversations take two people to participate.

The obvious impasse that Cristina and Owen have reached in their marriage has begun to get depressing in my opinion and I’m sure I speak for many shippers of this couple when I wonder how in the heck will they to resolve this issue. Owen obviously sees a life with children and Cristina doesn’t and never has. Cristina’s feelings on having a child were apparent to me in Season 2 when she scheduled an abortion.

On the other hand though, the scene in the fan room gave me a small feeling of hope for them, especially when Cristina begs Owen not to hate her. It was good to see them in their special place again and brought back memories of Season 5 when they had not long met and romance was blooming.

Lexie has an Epiphany About Mark

It took a patient dying before he could propose to his girlfriend of eight years to get it through her thick head that she should tell Mark she loves him. After the patient codes and dies, Lexie finds a necklace with a little note inside that reads “will you marry me.” Except his girlfriend didn’t know and he never got the chance to tell her. So Lexie decides to take Zola over to Mark’s house for a play-date with Sofia in the hope that she can fess up the truth. But as luck would have it Jackson is there cooking Mark dinner in return for help studying for the boards, not exactly a good time for a heart to heart. But that was where Shonda left it. We can only guess at whether Lexie stayed for an uncomfortable dinner with her two exes or did she leave. Or best case scenario; hopefully Jackson left to let them talk. Believe me, I wasn’t holding my breath.

Teddy Tells Owen She Hates Him

While I felt Owen had a long speech coming from Teddy, even if none of it was his fault, which it wasn’t; Teddy went too far. She is grieving and usually our anger during that grief is directed at someone we love. But comparing Owen to dead soldiers, good men who died for their country was below the belt even for Teddy’s character. Yes it’s a TV show, and its fiction and Teddy is plenty angry with grief; but she didn’t mean most of what she said. The whole scene just made me feel uncomfortable; I can’t describe it.

I did enjoy Teddy and Cristina’s interaction, even though it was brief. Poor Teddy wants nothing to do with Owen; and Cristina wants nothing more than to fix her issue with Owen. Her worst fear; as we found out at the end, is that Owen hates her.

Arizona and Callie were Camping?

No; not really. Arizona was terrified that they were going camping for Valentine’s Day, but Callie had another plan. She borrowed Derek’s trailer and decorated it to fit the occasion and Arizona could not have been more relieved when she found out she would not be making love to her wife on the cold, hard ground.

Alex’s patient with the peanut allergy was cute. Although I found it a little hard to take seriously, given they were ten. The whole head lice issue was a riot. It reminded me of when my kid was ten and we had to deal with those issues at school. Those two parents brought the funny in these scenes. I was little confused as to why Arizona was absent from this storyline, given she is head of peds and Alex’s boss. I guess fighting with Mark about babysitters was more important.

This was not the best episode of Grey’s I have watched this season, however it was pretty good. Next week we have the crossover episode with Private Practice. Amelia comes to Seattle to convince her brother Derek to help her save Erica’s life. I love Amelia on Private Practice, so both episodes are worth a look simply to watch her and Derek duke it out. You just know he’s going to give her a hard time.

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