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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Preview of Grey's Anatomy Winter Finale - Risk

Video clip of "Risk" Grey's Anatomy Episode 8 - Season 11

Tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy; the last one for 2014. Hmmm, is the President is back in the game? I see trouble for MerDer  on the way. Oh, but it looks like this episode is going to be really good and I haven't even seen "Can We Start Again Please" yet.

What will you do now that Grey's is finished for the year? Has anyone got any great suggestions on some TV that I can watch as summer TV is so boring here in Australia. I would really appreciate some ideas.

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Janelle Coulton is a Freelance Writer who has been writing about Grey's Anatomy for around four years now. She never misses an episode and her blog is her labour of love that she works on when she is not writing for clients and online writing sites. To find out more about Janelle, you can visit her profile or visit her website: Jel Writes - Freelance Writer

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No More Grey’s Anatomy For 2014

Well Grey’s Anatomy’s Hiatus for winter start on the 20th November, and some fans, myself included are finding this a little bit strange and annoying. It seems as though we just got our favorite show back and now it’s off the air for over two months. I seriously considered not watching for the rest of the Season and just reading spoilers and in August I would buy the Season 11 DVD. Well; I don’t know if I will do that. But I was enjoying my Friday morning ritual where I would live stream the show to my computer and enjoy an early lunch while watching my favorite show. Looks like I might need to find something else to do for two months.

I really find this laughable and the reason is that if an Australian Network were to make an announcement that a certain show was heading into it's summer hiatus tomorrow night, they would be laughed at, because as far as we are concerned, summer is not until December 1st. Guess that explains why the cricket is on now. 

Australia does not have autumn seasons and spring season when we refer to TV shows, our ratings time is February to June and July to October. There is usually no new shows beginning in September or October, in-fact we don't even get Grey's Anatomy until February if we are lucky and it's on at some stupid hour that no one here watches it.

I have plenty of writing work, so I can always go down that road and change up my schedule a bit. But now that we are almost in summer here in Australia, I was used to working late into the night and sleeping for around five hours, before getting up around ten and watching some TV and having brunch. Mornings are my down time, where I laze on the couch and read or watch telly. But the upside of all of this is that in 2015 Shonda and co will not get a single break if they hope to show the Season Finale on the 14th May and still deliver the ordered twenty-four episodes.

Never mind. Christmas is on the way, which means fun times and good food and spending time with family and friends. There is always an upside to every crappy situation.

I have not watched last weeks episode yet, but I wonder what this hug is all about?

Anyway time to stop whining and get back to work, if I get time today I will post up a preview of tonight's episode, which I probably will not watch this week as I have appointments on Friday. See you all later.

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Janelle Coulton is a Freelance Writer who has been writing about Grey's Anatomy for around four years now. She never misses an episode and her blog is her labour of love that she works on when she is nnot writing for clients and online writing sites. To find out more about Janelle, you can visit her profile or visit her website: Jel Writes - Freelance Writer

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Preview of Future Grey's Anatomy Episodes

Preview of "Can We Start Again Please" Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 7

While I would love to be able to post a video here with next weeks preview it just will not work on my blog. When it did yesterday on another post I wrote. Hmmmmm

Anyway readers, I think photos can sometimes be just as good, so that is what we will have to settle for this week. Anyway it is my guess from below that this installment of the best show on TV is focused heavily on Derek and Amy and perhaps Meredith is involved in there too. Gotta be happy about that, even if Derek Shepherd is not my favorite character at the moment.

Press Release for Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 7 - Can We Start Again Please?

“Can We Start Again Please?” – Secrets about Amelia’s past addictions come to light and cause problems for her at the hospital; Bailey oversees Jo’s first solo surgery; and Arizona must make an executive decision in Dr. Herman’s absence. Meanwhile, the doctors spring into action when a couple arrives at the emergency room after escaping a fire, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.



Below is a link to Spoiler TV's video link of the next episodes preview, and I am a huge supporter Spoiler TV. My favorite Grey's blogger writes there and they are just a great site. I managed to embed the Facebook post it was posted on, so now you have a video to watch as well, enjoy! 

Tell me what you think about Grey's Anatomy in the comments, it can be about any Grey's topic, character, actor or story, whatever. You set the topic. Hit the comments or the social networks below. I will return next week to give you as much information on the future episodes as I can find.

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Janelle Coulton is a Freelance Writer who has been writing about Grey's Anatomy for around four years now. She never misses an episode and her blog is her labour of love that she works on when she is not writing for clients and online writing sites. To find out more about Janelle, you can visit her profile or visit her website: Jel Writes - Freelance Writer

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Grey's Anatomy Bend And Break - Season 11-5

Review of Bend and Break, Grey's' Anatomy Season 11 Episode 5 - Written by Brouhaha - PipMaxine

I feel free. Do you feel free? I feel free. Honestly I do. I breathe a little easier now, knowing that Callie and Arizona have finally put us all out of our misery and ended the torture their relationship has been to the viewers. Okay, that’s a little dramatic but let’s face it, watching them recently has not been pretty or comfortable. Don’t get me wrong; over the years I’ve enjoyed watching them and rooting for them to prevail as a couple against the odds. But now, this, this feels right; sad, needed, but right. 

Whenever I sit down to write a review I always re-watch the episode. Sometimes, though not this season, that is painfully hard to do (flashbacks to “All About Men” in season eight). At other times, like last week, I spend the time absorbed in the episode again rather than writing, because it was so good. This week I sat down with a heavy heart. That is until the very first line. It was only during this second viewing of Bend and Break I noticed that Arizona gave away the ending in her very first words. She’s such a spoiler. In describing the components of the ‘triad of death’ Dr Robbins effectively nailed the coffin on her marriage before the episode had even got going... 

Uncontrollable bleeding, acidosis, cold, the triad of death - the point of no return. She was not describing fixing a broken leg, or even the difficult decision to amputate one. She was describing trying to save what little life is left at the point where it is almost hopeless. It was never going to be a happy ending and I’m vaguely annoyed with myself that I didn’t see that big fat clue from the opening narrative. 

Season eleven of Grey’s Anatomy, so far, seems to be the season of specials. Perhaps post Sandra Oh the writers decided to throw the rulebook away and redesign the show. Perhaps they were feeling nostalgic and wanted the editors to do a bit more work by having them go back and paste past clips? Whatever the reason we were treated to a third concentrated episode, delving deeper into one particular relationship to set up a very different kind of reality for these characters for the majority of the season. It’s working too. Bend and Break, while not as good as last week’s epic season buster Meredith centric feast (..and breathe), was a watchable feature that allowed us to look past the superficial and create some closure on a number of unanswered questions. 

I did not enjoy the episode, but then I was not supposed to. It was very good, the writing was truly compelling and honest, it was beautiful drama, but it was not pleasant. The outcome was welcome, though the journey painful, for the characters and the viewers. But maybe that was the point? Maybe the writers meant to make viewing awkward and itchy, not only this week but for the last few? Maybe this was a metaphor for their marriage and the story they were telling?

The marriage I refer to of course is Callie and Arizona’s. In 11.05 we finally got to see behind the closed doors of this struggling relationship and what we found was a car crash. Breaking up this couple after all the difficulty of the past few years was the kindest thing Shonda could do; kindness to the season, to the viewer, to the actors. It now gives us the opportunity to get to know both of these characters as individuals again rather than as a couple. It will make them both more interesting and watchable. It may even make them fun again and in the end it may bring them back together as a couple. 

Very quickly into the episode we were introduced to the couple’s therapy sessions and finally some dissection of the issues plaguing their relationship. Both women were irritating throughout and at times intolerable. Callie with her emotional whining self-absorption, Arizona with her self-interested clinical detachment. We saw the worst versions of them and this was deliberate. They were lost, to themselves and in themselves. Through their very different experiences of separation they emerge from the silos, one needy the other free. Arizona’s discovery is that she ‘needs’ Callie but we already knew this. This was her breakthrough in season nine. For her this separation was merely an affirmation of that and through her epic failure at work having the break consolidated that need, but she said nothing about her marriage or imagining life from Callie’s point of view. This is what motivates Callie’s epiphany. The effort of ‘fixing’ is tearing her down. The more Callie heard from Arizona the more she realized that happiness starts with self-love and it is absent. The freedom she felt was the separation from Arizona’s need. It wasn’t from Arizona, for it was clear throughout this episode that these two love each other hard. With grace and love and a commitment to shared parenting Callie tore them apart, for the good of them both. When it came it made complete sense. The only surprise perhaps was that Callie and not Arizona delivered the fatal line. Did you see that coming?

The writing was not wholly satisfactory though. While it is wonderful that Callie laughed during her 30 days and did lots of stuff, those in themselves should be benefits to a marriage not drawbacks. Relationships thrive when we get to have our own separate interests and passions away from couple-dom. This is what worked about Callie’s relationship with Mark. Yes it was problematic because of the parenting storyline, but over all she had her social release, her friendships away from her wife. And did she really do that much in the 30 days? I’ve seen Callie be much more hardcore and bad ass before, even within the marriage. Part of this was functional character linking. Bringing Meredith and Callie together as social partners opens up a new (or renewed from season nine) relationship avenue for the writers to exploit. Which brings me to the second unsatisfactory point – where was Bailey? Callie tells Meredith she has no one to talk to. Really? What happened to Bailey? Saying that, I would not take away from this new tequila twosome at all. Their vagina duologue track was possibly the very best scene to come out of the writer’s room in a very long time. I’m excited to see more of Meredith and Callie together. 

Though the marriage may be over I remain of the view that this is an end game couple. Subject to the actors’ own plans and decisions I can see Shondaland taking Callie and Arizona on a long journey to self-love circling back to each other. They may entangle themselves with others, they may even self destruct first but until shown otherwise the writers will eventually keep the faith. 
The love, the passion, remains. Though it’s worth remembering that this is Grey’s Anatomy so this is to be expected - Mark/Lexie, Cristina/Owen, Cristina/Burke, Alex/Izzie. The big relationships rarely fail in Grey’s because people just don’t love each other anymore. 

Bend and Break did not break me. It energized me to see what the writers have in store for these two. I came away both relieved and excited, ready for the fall out and new adventures. 

In case you missed it:
Did you notice a similarity in Callie’s break up speech to that given by Arizona at the airport”
7.07, That’s Me Trying: “You stay here and be happy and I'll go there and be happy”
11.05, Bend and Break: “I should love me, and you should love you, and together we love Sofia...”

What was Arizona wearing?
Callie swigging from a bottle of wine – is that normal?
Arizona has still not said she doesn’t want another child - foreshadow?

Meredith’s musings on Cristina as her true love and the glue in her relationship with Derek – very attuned piece of self awareness almost drowned out by tequila and vaginas.

So tell me...did an iceberg hit your ship? 

EDIT: Oh my. I forgot one of my key closing points. 
Callie beware. Callie beware. The choice you made may come around to bite you. The fall out of this will be a very angry Arizona. Callie has made this decision and we know that one of Arizona's real issues is that in her eyes Callie makes the decisions for her:
"I regret that you made a decision for me. You make all the choices and every time that I try to make a decision for myself its like you make me feel like I'm the most selfish person in the world."

Maxine (aka Brouhaha) is a Grey’s Anatomy devotee, from the very beginning and through the dark period of George and Izzie as a couple. Her other TV 'loves' include the British series Foyle's War, Criminal Minds and TBBT. In real life she's a new mum, self-employed and can often be found arguing about politics or current affairs, attempting to write fiction and buying hair products. Maxine reviews Grey's Anatomy. Got a question - go to Tumblr and ask!

To learn more about Maxine (Brouhaha), you can visit her Tumbler page or go to Spoiler TV and read more of her Grey's Anatomy reviews with comments from other fans. You can also follow Maxine on Twitter.

 Another pic that I found on Facebook; Derek lost me with this comment. 

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If you haven't watched Don't Start yet, which aired last night. There is a preview further down the page. 

Janelle Coulton is a Freelance Writer who has been writing about Grey's Anatomy for around four years now. She never misses an episode and her blog is her labour of love that she works on when she is not writing for clients and online writing sites. To find out more about Janelle, you can visit her profile or visit her website: Jel Writes - Freelance Writer

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 - 2 - Puzzle With A Missing Piece

Grey's Anatomy - Puzzle With A Missing Piece - Written by Brouhaha on 7th October 2014

Hi there Grey's fans, here is the review of the second episode of Grey's Anatomy for Season 11 written by PipMazine AKA Brouhaha - Writer at Spoiler TV. This review was originally posted on Spoiler TV: Grey's Anatomy - Puzzle With A Missing Piece

I have been time limited lately when it comes to updating this blog, as I have been doing a lot of writing work and it pays, so I have to prioritize paid work over managing my blogs. This season, I am going to be posting my favorite reviews and recaps of episodes from other reviewers in the blogsphere who are my favorite bloggers and writers. This episode review is again; written by Brouhaha from SpoilerTV.

Anyway, let's get on with it. Happy reading everyone, and see you next weekend.

Grey's Anatomy - Puzzle With A Missing Piece

Did anyone see the pilot episode for a new show last Thursday? It’s called Grey’s Anatomy and stars Kelly McCreary as a beautiful young surgeon...
There is always a risk when a new face lands in a mature series as a major character. Too many times it’s merely the last death throws of a show that is painfully lingering before the network cancels. On rare occasions the introduction causes a positive shift and the show goes happily on – perhaps Law & Order SVU is an example of that. Well, Grey’s is not in the death throws but it is a mature show and in order to secure a future the producers had to change the game. The question is...did you notice?

There was something very different about Puzzle With A Missing Piece. It’s easy to assume the status quo with the current set of characters. Many of the longest serving actors have renewed up to the end of season twelve and that’s quite a lot of story yet to tell. However, it became very clear on Thursday that the writers are starting to play the long game, it’s called the ‘planning the future of Grey’s’ game and in episode two of season eleven we were introduced to the key protagonist. Grey 2.0. Lexie was technically a Grey but she didn’t have the legacy. Perhaps, early on, the writers had some thoughts that she could be the next Grey but it was apparent in season seven that this would not work. Maggie is a Pierce (or a Webber?) but, as we will no doubt discover thoughout this season, Maggie is a Grey in all but name and she’s arrived with the Ellis (and Richard) legacy, cardio and all. 

Well, it’s a theory anyway. 

To present the viewer with a ‘special’ episode so early in the season is a huge risk and indicates how seriously the producers view this storyline. If the viewer is to believe in this character as a potential lead (it’s only a theory and it’s way into the future!) then the writers need ensure she’s legitimate and worthy. They need the audience to root for her even if they don’t quite like her, though it was hard not to. It worked. Episode two was a gem of a story. It was funny, it entertained, it informed, it was fresh and despite the viewer being by default on Meredith’s side this particular viewer came away very sympathetic to Maggie and wanting to see much more of her. 

Dear Shonda, THAT is how you introduce new characters to the show. Not by giving them their own early episodes necessarily but by giving them a strong story to land with and most importantly showing it to us. (A sigh of relief though that Adele isn't here to see this child of Richard).

Not all new characters need such a power introduction. Owen Hunt and Arizona Robbins were phased in through the story and though the latter’s back story stalled somewhat, their introduction worked well because of the immediate relationships they formed – both work and romantic. Contrast this to our sudden introduction to the Mercy West residents whom we had to endure for the season before two were killed off. It took a long time for Avery and April to take hold. Then in season nine a new set of interns arrived and frankly we are still trying to like the remaining two, a full two seasons later.

Putting aside the far-fetched fantasy coincidence of Maggie being a surgeon, just like her birth mother, and being a cardio one at that, which was Ellis' aspiration for Meredith, Maggie has arrived at Grey Sloan Memorial to get to know her sister and find out more of her past. It is a scary thing for adopted children, finding out their birth stories, walking into the unknown and the very best feature of this episode was the successful presentation of her fears for that as well as the more common fears that we all have when starting a new job...will people like us, will we make friends, will we understand the politics and relationships? It’s quite fitting that the same writer who penned the season ten finale and Cristina’s exit, William Harper, wrote 11.02. He’s overseen the departure of one powerful character and it seems was given the brief to bring in a new one...

We saw many sides to Maggie, kick ass cardio expert, vulnerable newbie, scared adoptee, and with a foot planted firmly in her mouth she introduced herself to the seniors in the show planting the seeds of future relationships. She was woven in, the most wonderfully funny scene which illustrated this perfectly was her introduction to Amelia. Amelia knows THE secret (isn’t that fabulous, it’s a lovely little plot twist!) so when Maggie says “Is everyone in this room somehow related?” and Amelia cracks up laughing after a wry look at Richard we get to feel the complex nature of this story we’ve now been buried in. Amelia has also been given a great introduction. Her unique ‘relationship’ with Richard allows her to get a birds eye view of the action. It presents Maggie with her potential friend in the hospital, one who will eventually have to deal with a huge conflict – confidential AA meeting versus being honest with her new friend. Nothing promotes bonding between women more than rolling eyes at over-sexed frat boys and talking sex lives. This is great story telling and inspired comic writing, a real tapestry of a story arc. 

Instead of patients telling the stories of the doctors, in 11.02 it is Maggie pointing the way. Callie and Arizona, who have a persistent shadow of doom hanging over their marriage, come to a decision on their future. Maggie inspires Arizona. Apparently the Robbins-Torres’ can have it all as both ladies had their own epiphanies. This was a small step forward in story telling but nevertheless it progressed these other characters’ stories. Alex gets fired as a direct result of her parroting Wilson’s blabber preparing us for the Bailey v Karev fight. 

On top of all of this Maggie presents herself as a problem solver and indeed she solves problems all over the episode. She even solved the biggest medical puzzle, the one that beat Yang, the cardio myopathy mystery, which finally gave Sabine some closure. There is one huge puzzle outstanding though; the one puzzle she is only now confronting, which she hasn’t even started to solve, the story of her birth and the following relationship with Meredith. By the end of Puzzle With A Missing Piece, Maggie comes across as an entirely likeable character. This is important because if a future Meredith/Maggie relationship is to be legitimate then the viewers have to see that it's actually possible and this must be through strong character development. We’ve felt the frost of Meredith’s cold demeanor but have been given no reason for her to be otherwise. Up until the closing minutes, to Meredith, Maggie was simply a new doctor who didn’t know the hospital rules, disagreed with patient care and apparently broke protocol. Meredith had no reason to like her at all. At the end she now has a reason to either hate her or to love her. 

This is huge for Meredith. How should she react...her mother had an affair which produced another child. She's discovered that Ellis was capable of ‘abandoning’ her child, no doubt soon she'll realise she was capable of abandoning the child conceived with love. Her mother already had a 5 year old daughter, she knew about motherhood and what it entailed, what does it say about Meredith that she was willing to give it up by giving away another daughter. This story is going to challenge Meredith’s moral center, motherhood, career, and marriage. It will also continue to fuel her insecurities, particularly as she realizes that Maggie became the heart surgeon her mother expected her to become. This story may be far fetched but it’s a massive powder keg and once again places Meredith front and centre in the show. 

In other news, while we learnt a lot about Maggie, we also learnt a couple of things about Wilson; that she is annoying and forgettable. Actually we knew that already and unfortunately this episode has not done that character any favours at all. Two character introductions - Maggie and Jo - they simply cannot be compared. 

This felt like a pilot of a new show, and perhaps it was; a pilot for the continuation of Grey’s past the possible departures of Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey; a game changer. Maybe by mid season the viewers will be introduced to Maggie’s on/off epic love interest, unless of course that’s already happened. Alex anyone? Amelia? Owen? 

Puzzle With A Missing Piece was a fresh, thoroughly watchable episode contrasting the light newness of Maggie with the familiar darkness of Meredith. But in the end perhaps it’s worth forecasting that these two will eventually become something together. Amelia said it best – “she’s worth knowing”

Written by Spoiler TV writer, PipMaxine AKA Brouhaha - Follow Brouhaha on Twitter

You can visit this link to read the comments Spoiler TV readers have written: Spoiler TV: Grey's Anatomy - Puzzle With A Missing Piece

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Grey's Anatomy Is Back For Season 11

Today I am just popping in to give you all my opinion on the first two episodes of Grey's

I have to admit that I am pretty impressed, despite the fact that I thought the loss of Cristina (who was my favourite) would hurt like Hell, and I would not be able to watch for this reason. Although I really missed her, I really loved the first two episodes. This season is looking like it might be pretty good. Having said that, I am also cautious, as I have been disappointed before. From about Season 6, it has seemed as though Grey's starts out well and it is really entertaining, however as we get to the middle of the season, something happens to drag it down. 

So as usual, I feel cautiously optimistic about Season 11. And, no I have not gotten around to watching the next two episodes, but that is simply about time. I actually cannot wait to sit down and watch them, however I have had lots of writing to do lately and a lot of medical appointments. Not watching episode 3 and 4 does not mean that I am not interested in my Grey's anymore. Not on your life, I'll be here until the end.

I have high hopes for the story of Richard and his long, lost daughter and Meredith's part in this also, even though I was worried that this would be Lexie 2.0, I think the writers are doing well with these stories. I am also excited about what will happen with Derek and Meredith as I have been picking up little bits of information on Twitter and Facebook that all is not well with the McDreamys. Callie and Arizona's story is kind of frustrating me, I guess that is because I don't want a repeat of more angst with these two. We saw enough of that in Season 9 and 10. What I do want to see is more Alex and it is looking as though I will get my wish granted here. Please, please Shonda Rhimes, more Alex Karev. I just wish he did not come with Jo Wilson; I so loved it when Meredith kicked her out of bed. I  howled with laughter so hard, that I cried. Hilarious.

Anyway, I will try and find some time to watch the episodes I have not seen, including episode 5 which is coming up on the 24th October and pop back here and let you all know what I think. I will also post the review of episode 2 by Brouhaha, as her reviews are so great to read and I really want to share Brouhaha's writing with all of my readers. 

So until next time; I'll leave it with you to have your say in the comment or you can connect with me at the links to my Grey's Anatomy Facebook and Twitter pages below.

I found this photo on Facebook and I love it, had to share this.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Premiere - Review By Brouhaha, Writer For Spoiler TV

Grey's Anatomy - I Must Have Lost It On The Wind - Review

Written by Brouhaha from Spoiler TV 

We are officially in mourning. Cristina didn't actually die but her departure from Grey Sloan Memorial leaves us with a huge hole in our hearts and a chasm in the cast. Season eleven of Grey's Anatomy kicked off Thursday night and we landed straight into the drama we left back in May. No time jump, no shootings and no Yang. "I must have lost it on the wind" was a good episode, worthy of early season promise. It flowed almost too well from season finale in a seamless movement from ten to eleven. In this way it succeeded as a premiere because it took us along the journey as if the last four months were but one week. Though without the drama it has potentially lost ratings. In a mostly strong episode the writers gave us good questions about existing, more established characters and left us wanting to know more about the newbies. 

Rather than be worried about the negative impact of Oh's departure episode one has actually provided a lot of hope. 

The absence of Yang, or perhaps more notably Sandra Oh, while sad, has allowed an unexpected blast of oxygen into the cast. As a powerful character played by a superb actress her absence runs the risk of destabilising not only this season but further seasons. She was at the heart of the show and deeply loved. What occurred through this episode however was a shot of hope to loyal fans that this oxygen has the potential to reinvigorate. Old characters appear renewed and new characters with existing, genuine depth of story have been introduced (even if one of them is a repeat - Half Sister 2.0). This is not to say that Cristina/Oh will not be missed. No doubt at all she will be, but the writers have taken the gap very seriously. They haven't loaded the premiere with childish residents we are told to love (pointing directly at Jo Wilson, a prime example) as they did with the last series of cast departures (Mark, Lexie, Teddy). The writers have provided a more rounded integrated series of plot development and character introductions. In the case of the latter we can already see their place in the show. 

This season is about Meredith. If this was not already known before season premiere it's obvious in the first few minutes that Shondaland has gone back to basics. The humorously dark bedroom scene played homage to Grey's of old. With a large regular cast Grey's has always darted around multiple story lines, characters and relationships but this season it is back to Meredith, her uber dysfunctional family and MAGIC. This is wonderful in itself but the beauty continues because Alex and Richard are back in the fold, with pivotal roles to play. Both have been pushed to the periphery in the last few seasons almost to the point that their absence would not be missed. This is no longer the case. 

Meredith has another sister. Well…it's not an original story is it? Though granted this sister has a bigger claim to the Ellis Grey 'legacy' than Lexie. Shondaland has written a rather heavy diversion for Meredith with the introduction of Maggie Pierce. She will not be able to mourn Cristina for too long as war wages in the Attending's lounge. This particular arc allows for a much bigger role for Richard. He is now slap bang in the middle of the Meredith action again with new raison d'ĂȘtre. Illustrating further weaving and integration the arrival of Amelia in the AA meeting closes the circle for Dr Webber - a nice touch very early on, an interesting relationship to follow. 

In her third arc Meredith is questioning her life with Derek - a solution presented itself at the end of the episode but it seems the problems are a bit deeper than they first appear. It's gonna be a rough year for her and for them. 

Justin Chambers has a new lease of life. He looks younger, tidier, less world weary, less…well…tired. Of course we don't see the actor we see Alex Karev, but there is something in his portrayal that implies it is Chambers who feels invigorated. He looks like he is enjoying himself again. It's almost criminal that it's taken Oh's departure for the writers to build Alex into someone we can believe in as we once did. Alex Karev shined through the episode as if he finally has the space to exist in the hospital for the first time in about five seasons. It wasn't explained how it appears he is now back on staff already, but such continuity issues rarely bother Grey's writers. The important thing is that MAGIC or more specifically MA is back and with Alex up front we will see a new, though reassuringly familiar, dynamic replacing Meredith/Yang.

In addition to his promotion to "her person" Alex is now embroiled in a fight with Bailey for a board seat. It cannot be that this board seat goes to anyone but Bailey (really..she was promised chief of surgery in the future back in season 4 or 5, give the woman a break) however it is possible that the writers will somehow find two seats available at some point. Regardless, this is a nice progression for Alex and a welcome boost to his character. Only the story arc with his father has provided depth for him in the last few seasons so it will be interesting to see how Season eleven develops for Evil Spawn. 

Alex and Richard have emerged from the Yang shadow with expansive fully integrated stories. One can only hope that Bailey follows. 

Callie and Arizona continued on their "oblivious to any problems" journey as cracks start to show in their new found togetherness. Perhaps that's a disservice. Callie did acknowledge last season that they are still fragile but neither of them have realised yet just how fragile they are. Awkward around each other their season eleven storyline kicked off with both of them walking down different roads to potential happiness. Callie is on Team Bailey, Arizona stands in the Team Alex corner. It's a metaphor for their entire marriage - backing different horses as solutions to their problems. Though each one woman focussing on 'self'. This was not an inspiring start for this couple though it does appear that answers may finally come this season. It wasn't particularly enjoyable to watch either, rather awkward and uncomfortable viewing. But then maybe that's the point, it was meant to be uncomfortable and is actually just very good writing?

The newbies presented themselves well. The introduction of Amelia as a Grey's regular seems so natural. Her character has a rich and often dark back story and perhaps fits in better with Grey's than Private Practice. The potential for story is huge. Gina Davis made a fleeting but notable appearance in her recurring role. Slightly wooden in delivery her few words provided a 'career' stake right down the middle of Arizona and Callie. The dilemma she provided fits in well with Arizona's previous work history. The jury is out on Maggie. Her introduction has initially shown her to be a rather insecure and annoying attending and the timeline of her birth versus her career so far is already confusing - another thing that rarely bothers the writers. Even Meredith getting lost at the fairground didn't help. Over the course of the season we will be given reasons to like Maggie but right now it's very hard, but that feels right. All three characters are welcome additions to this ensemble cast and it's reassuring to see more senior new characters over interns.

Unfortunately it wasn't all wonderful. Season Premiere was let down by the rather amateurish special affects which were stolen straight out of 1996. See for yourself by watching the movie Twister. Even the pretty view behind Richard at the AA meeting looked embarrassingly fake. Budgets may be tight now for Grey's as it runs into it's eleventh season but there is no excuse for jarring, painful viewing. In fact the entire helicopter scene wasn't needed, included only to provide some smash bang wallop drama for the premiere. Rather wasted archaic special effects in the end. 

In other news: 
'Dying inside' Owen is being romanced by the boys at the behest of April. Poor sod never made it to the bar in the end. And Jenga? Really Richard?
Ben is back. Yay.
The kids are still moaning. Though at least there are only two of them now. 

In case you missed it: Jackson's line to April "what kind of buddy are you asking me to be?" Subtly and quietly funny. 

This process of renewal and integration helped deliver an almost seamless transition from season ten to season eleven. While we didn't get 'hands on bombs' the new season opened with a solid, thoroughly enjoyable episode with invigorated old characters and interesting useful new ones. The flow of the episode was delightful and a credit to the seasoned writer Stacey McKee. It didn't feel like a premiere, which could be problematic in terms of ratings but for loyal fans it felt like a natural progression from the last season finale. 

By the end I felt comfortable and already settled into the new. 

Over to you...

Maxine (aka Brouhaha) is a Grey’s Anatomy devotee, from the very beginning and through the dark period of George and Izzie as a couple. Her other TV 'loves' include the British series Foyle's War, Criminal Minds and TBBT. In real life she's a new mum, self-employed and can often be found arguing about politics or current affairs, attempting to write fiction and buying hair products. Maxine reviews Grey's Anatomy. Got a question - go to Tumblr ask! or follow Brouhaha on Twitter.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Latest News On Grey’s Anatomy

When Grey’s Anatomy returns in September we are being told to “buckle our seatbelts.” According to popular website Wetpaint, Meredith and Derek are set to face some difficult challenges within their marriage. Rumours of Meredith dying have been denied by TVLine, however it would seem that the couple are at an impasse when it comes to the choices they are making regarding their careers.

Problems for Meredith and Derek

When we last saw Meredith and Derek, Meredith told Derek that she cannot move to Washington. She also told Derek that she feels as though he thinks his career is more important than hers. Does this ring true? I think it does. He did, after all break his promise to give her the time she needed to work on her research and cement her career in General Surgery when he accepted the offer to work on research for the President of the United States. You can understand his dilemma, but it was a shitty thing to do. Frankly, I can see their marriage becoming a long distance one in the not too distant future and a good story arc for both characters.

Shonda and Co are Already Working On Season 11

Even though Season 10 just finished in Mid May, Shonda and her writers have been at work planning Season 11. From what Shonda has said on Twitter, it looks as though the creative process has begun. She tweeted recently that she has a sinus infection and that she had, had a great day in the Grey’s Anatomy Writer’s Room.

Shonda also confirmed that the writers get all of June off. That's good to know, as you would think the the writers would need to rest and recharge their batteries and return fresh to begin creating the next season. Not much has been said about what is in store for Season 11, however once the writers and actors return to begin filming, which usually happens sometime in July, I am sure that we will hear more about where things are going for Season 11.

Meredith Has Another Sister

I am not going to say much about this, as it is a story that just does not make sense and does not please me at all. In short; I don’t relish the thought of watching Lexie 2.0. If Maggie Pierce (I think that’s her name) turns out to be Richard Webber’s daughter, and it’s pretty clear that she is, then it is a great story for his character. As for Meredith, we’ve seen it all before. I will elaborate on this story further on my blog when I have time as I have quite a lot to say about it.

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Meredith And George’s Sexual Encounter - A Grey’s Anatomy Romantic Disaster

Sometimes no matter how much we love the characters on a TV Show like Grey's Anatomy; some scenes are difficult to watch.

What Have I Done to Deserve This? - Season 2, Episode 19 of Grey's Anatomy; Meredith and George had sex. From the very first episode in Season One; George O’Malley was crazy in love with Meredith Grey. George discovered a few weeks later that Meredith was in a relationship with Dr Derek Shepherd, the world renowned neurosurgeon, who was also their boss.

George’s love for Meredith remained true. He was there for her when Derek’s estranged and beautiful wife showed up in Seattle, and when Derek chose his wife and marriage, which broke Meredith’s heart, George stood by his friend. He never once tried to take advantage of her vulnerability; he was her friend, which was what Meredith needed at the time.

Unrequited Love Is a Horrible Feeling

Everyone at Seattle Grace knew that George was in love with Meredith, and this was a storyline that needed to get some kind of resolution. Everyone also knew that George was in denial about the fact that Meredith did not feel the same way. In a way George needed to face up to this denial and resolve his love for Meredith. He needed to face the fact that Meredith never saw him as anything more than a close friend.

Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey’s Anatomy chose to use an impulsive, sexual mistake to tell this story, much to the shock of many fans, but perhaps it was an experience that these two characters needed to have. Why it could not have happened with a mature conversation is probably because their maturity was sadly lacking. We need to remember what Callie said in Season 3, “Its high school with scalpels.” Grey’s Anatomy has been built on the premise that because of all the time these doctors spent studying at med school, that they were never able to develop their social skills and learn how to have healthy friendships and relationship that involve good communication.

The Sex Scene Made Fans Cringe

The sex between George and Meredith was the saddest, most pathetic sex scene I have ever seen on TV and that was the creator’s sole intention. It had to be sad and pathetic, or the story would not have been as effective. Afterwards, George felt angry and hurt and did not understand why Meredith had gone to bed with him if she didn’t really want to. Meredith tried to explain it to him, however his pain was too raw, and he moves out of Meredith’s house. Burke invites George to bunk on his sofa, and an unlikely friendship begins to develop between the two men.

George is sulking for weeks until the penny drops and he finally realises that Meredith never felt the same way as he did. Meredith also learnt that jumping straight into sex may not be a good way to have a relationship and decides to take up knitting and become celibate. Apart from the hot lovemaking in the exam room with Derek at the prom during Losing My Religion; the sex with George was Meredith’s last impulsive sexual encounter. Meredith loved George very much as a friend and was silly and immature enough to believe that George might be the one for her after all. Deep down, Meredith was in denial too.

George's Sensitive Side Wins Out

In the final episode of Season 2, Losing My Religion, George figures out that Meredith did not know any better. In the weeks that follow George bumps into Thatcher Grey; Meredith’s father and learns that Meredith had been to see him two weeks ago. George remembers Meredith’s sadness that night and realises that she was sad about how her father had abandoned her as a child. We start to see the beginning of understanding on his part, despite his hurt and humiliated feelings.

This tragic sex scene was a real account of what happens to two people who rush sex and it doesn’t work out; usually one or both people get hurt. However, in this case it almost ruined a great friendship and caused a lot of tension within George and Meredith’s circle of friends. We see situations like these on TV all the time where the sexual interlude doesn’t work, usually in a sitcom. However, it’s not often that the viewers are told the real story of how this situation can affect people.

A Story That Needed to be Told

As hard as this scene was to watch, it was brilliantly acted and written. The awkward sex scene was tragic to watch, but so well acted. The fall-out between George, Meredith and the other interns was a story Shonda wanted to tell, because its real life, it happens all the time. People fall in love with the wrong people and they do have inappropriate, uncomfortable and humiliating sex. While it was tragic to watch, it was necessary to see the drama, emotions and humour of this story being portrayed by these characters. What was also clearly being said is that life is short, and pining for the wrong person is not worth your time.

The Tragic End of George O'Malley

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