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Sunday, May 13, 2012

This Magic Moment - Grey's Anatomy Season 8-11 Postmortem

Baby Steps and Moving Forward

This was a really good episode, very cleverly written and put together. From Meredith's opening monologue to the end where Zola takes her very first steps. The parrallel drawn between the theatre, the classical music throughout the episode, the reference to Carnegie Hall; and the phrase "practice, practice, practice" was so fitting and brilliant. I could especially identify with Merediith saying that the OR used to be called a theatre as that is what the OR is called in Australia.

The big medical case of the night really was not original or engaging; in a dramatic or emotional sense. The only doctor who we really saw engage with the con-joined twins' parent's was Lexie and it was mostly to avoid Mark and his chit-chat in the OR about Julia. She found that she was envious of them because they were so much in love with each other. The con-joined twins' surgery had been done before with two adults in Season 3; I distinctly remember George O'Malley giving up the surgery to be with his Mom, while his Dad was in surgery.

'Zona and Callie

Arizona Robbins was in charge of the case, however you wold have thought that Owen Hunt was the one who had cared for these babies for months. Arizona did not seem like the confident surgeon we know that she is, she was a bit of a monster ordering everyone about and second guessing everyone else's surgical decision. However given that she was in charge of the case, I saw that as her doing her job and I totally understood her concern with Jackson and Mark racing to finish their part of the surgery. Jackson had a mishap in the OR only two weeks earlier in which Callie took the heat; I felt it appropriate for Arizons to lecture Jackson and Owen as the Chief should have stepped in. I don't like him as Chief, but I think we're stuck with him.

Given the recent drama with Henry, Cristina was not scrubbing in on Teddy's cases. However, everytime Teddy was in the OR she had Cristina paged and asked her to relate Henry's surgery from start to finish. This had apparently gone on for two weeks. I was confused at first and thinking 'Please don't tell me Teddy going to blame Cristina'. However it became clear to me that this was what Teddy needed to understand how her husband died. Especially at one stage when Cristina said "I was one hundred percent sure." Teddy backs off. Cristina tries to apologise, but Teddy is having none of that; she tells Cristina that it was not her fault, and she did everything right, Henry just died. In the real world Teddy would have been on leave, I don't believe a hospital would allow someone to work who's husband has died at her workplace and Owen (as Chief) should have put a stop to this. But I get it and the scenes between Kim Raver and Sandra Oh were flawless as usual.

Dr. A. Kepner Pic

April's outburst in the OR in response to Teddy's questioning of Cristina, while inappropriate and none of her business, the scenes were well acted. This girl does the emotional really well. Sarah Drew, the actress is pregnant at the moment, so her scenes will likely be limited for the rest of the Season or until she has the baby.

Anybody Got a Scalpel?

Despite there being a General Surgery part to this special case; Bailey, Webber and Meredith were not invited to scrub in, there were strange residents scrubbing in to do the General Surgery part of the separation. Richard Webber was in the OR; yet was not asked to scrub in. I'm guessing it was his job to supervise the residents.

Bailey had Meredith with her in the OR because she was working with Ben, and she and Ben were disagreeing about whether they should move in together. Bailey wanted Meredith as a buffer, so that she did not have to discuss this personal issue at work, which I thought was a reasonable request. I did not think discussing it at work, especially in an environment where lives are a stake was appropriate and if Bailey did not want to discuss it in the OR, then Ben should have shut the heck up. However, we cannot expect it to be realisitic, it is a fictional drama after all. Meredith and Zola in the gallery during lunch was so cute, and I loved when Zola clapped along with the OR and gallery when Derek and Callie were able to get the twins legs all moving. So cute.

Dr. C. Yang Pic

Did anyone else notice how tense things are with Cristina and Owen. I've been saying for months that this whole abortion thing is going to blow up in their faces and now Cristina is upset with him for lying to her about Henry and expecting her to lie to Teddy. So the drama between these two just builds and builds.

Dr. C. Torres Pic

All in all this was a great episode. I loved Callie and Arizona at the end, Callie telling her she was a monster and the banter that followed. The McFamily is totally cute too, Zola gets up and walks, having seen herself on the TV and Derek can't get to the camera quick enough or turn it on. The only disappointment I feel is that there was still no explanation as to how and why they got Zola back, especially after being told that they weren't getting her back. I don't think there will be an explanation, which surprises me because Shonda Rhimes recently adopted a child and I figured she would have told the story of how difficult it is to go through this process.

Stay tuned for my post-mortem on Episode 12 - Hope for the Hopeless.

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