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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Which Season Of Grey's Anatomy Sucked The Most For You?

Do you still buy the DVDs of your favourite shows even when some of the season truly sucked?

I don’t always buy them.

If you're reading this blog post, then I have to assume you love Grey's Anatomy. Or you simply love great TV. I'm close right?

In the spirit of full disclosure, I adore Grey's Anatomy and have loved this show and it’s characters for 13 years, but it is not my favourite show. In September 2011; Person of Interest (POI) premiered and I was hooked, POI became my favourite show. I was fascinated and I had the same feeling when the Grey’s Anatomy pilot, A Hard Day's Night aired six years earlier in Australia. But; POI is and will always be my favourite show. One day, I will explain why, but not today.

POI ended last year, and I think the whole world probably knows how pissed off I was about that. Many an article, blog post, Facebook status and Tweet have been shared regarding my disdain for TV network bosses and their non appreciation of Person of Interest. For years POI had been getting the proverbial stink eye from CBS. Shit! How ironic. The eye network gives POI the stink eye.

My anger, sadness, frustration and heartbreak is directed at the CBS network bosses and Warner Brothers who own Person of Interest, who did very little to keep their show on the air. A show they obviously had no understanding of how great it was. It was simply a cash cow and had served that purpose.

And I cannot continue with this post until I leave you all the link to: Save Person of Interest

POI will stay in my ever loving TV heart as number one. I have all the episodes on my hard disk drive (HDD), on DVD, and on BluRay. And I also want to point out that I have every episode of Grey's Anatomy on the HDD and I now proudly own the complete box set released last year. I recently sold some of my single DVD sets of Grey's Anatomy on Ebay.

Now there have been some great shows on TV and there still are great shows around, but nothing will come close to the greatness of Person of Interest. Now people may feel that's my opinion, but it you haven't seen it and you decide to, you will see what it is I mean. This show, the story they told. Unreal and the best I've seen in years.

One Rule Dictates Whether I Buy The DVD

I buy the DVD set of a TV show I love based on one reason and one reason alone. If I feel as though I could sit and watch the show more than twice and enjoy it, then it is added to my rather large collection. I also burn a copy of each episode to my HDD just in case something goes amiss with the discs in my DVDs sets, which happens more than I'd care to admit.

If the TV show in question does not fit that one criterion, then it does not go on the DVD shopping list, even if I have every episode available to me via a streaming service or on my HDD. I love being able to stream or download multiple episodes of shows to see if I like them. That is how I found The Walking Dead.

My stepson finally wore me down, so I gave in and watched the entire series early last year, most of it was saved on my HDD over time. I am so glad I watched it because The Walking Dead is so much more than a TV show about Zombies killing people. Had I not streamed and downloaded The Walking Dead. I also would never have bought each season on Bluray. Streaming and downloading are the best ways to watch TV. I watch what I want on my timetable and my DVD collection has grown so much larger.

I Buy All The Grey's Anatomy DVDs

Season 6 of Grey's Anatomy was my least favourite of the series, and whether she likes it or not, Katie Heigl's antics had a lot to do with this. Izzie; Heigl's character was newly married, battling cancer, losing her career because of that illness and a great many other issues were affecting the actress, none of which I believe warranted so much time off.

To be clear, I have never had an issue with Katie Heigl as an actress, I think she is an awesomely talented actress, but I was never really a fan of Izzie. There were times when I loved her character and other times, she annoyed me. Mostly, Izzie was all about Izzie and that became so obvious when George met Callie. Her cancer story was sad and a real tear jerker, but not long after all that drama was done, she (Izzie Stevens) really began to piss me off again. And not long after all of that, Heigl was gone for good it seemed.

She wanted to do a movie; why not film it during her summer break? She was adopting a baby, Shonda Rhimes did that too, and I don’t recall Rhimes needing much time off. I am also doubly sure that Heigl had her reasons, but still; burning your bridges with Shonda Rhimes? I don't care who the hell you think you are! Stupid is what I call that behaviour. I can hear Dr Bailey in my head right now.

In my mind and the mind of many other TV lovers; Shonda Rhimes is the most powerful woman in television today. She has; hmmm, how many is it? Four? Perhaps five TV shows on the ABC network under her Shondaland production company and Lord knows what other TV shows or other media projects she has influence over. Now 8 years ago, when Season 6 of Grey's Anatomy was being filmed, Shonda Rhimes was not someone you wanted to piss off. Clearly Katie Heigl did not give a crap about the people she pissed off.

I do not blame Heigl competely for the failure of Season 6 and seriously it wasn't all bad, but not that great either.
This post is not a bitch-fest about Izzie Stevens or Katie Heigl, I'll save that for another article.

Season 6 had good episodes, even a couple of great episodes and too many so so episodes. There were a few shit story arcs that occurred in Season 6 and I think much of what was written was because they lost a fan favourite. Did the network panic when rating dipped to record low levels? I refuse to believe that Shonda Rhimes panicked at all. That woman has her shit together. If I had to speculate, I think the network did panic and perhaps roasted Rhimes' ass to do something about the flagging ratings due to Heigl's absence.

I can't be certain that was the reason, because I really have not studied the numbers comprehensively enough to make a judgement like that. But what I do know with absolute certainty is that Grey's Anatomy was and still is ABC's top performing drama and when you have a TV show that performs as well as Grey's still does today, the network will move heaven and earth if they have to for their top show. And what I noticed was that the ratings dipped once Heigl left and never really recovered to what they once were.

What I simply cannot stand and I'm sure that all writers hate this, is when off screen antics dictate what writers do with their characters. The plot has to be changed drastically, but the integrity of your characters is the backbone of the story you are trying to tell. When you have characters doing shit they would never do, that's no one's fault but the writers and the show-runners. The show-runner dictates where each character's story will go and how that story will get there. The writers put the show-runners ideas into the script to be approved by a number of people, namely the show-runner/producer.

Rewrites And Shit-Fights

Heigl’s absence meant a lot of rewrites and I truly believe Shonda Rhimes and her team did the best they could with what they had, but mistakes were made. For example; the introduction of Hunt's best friend Altman. Enter a cardio God for Cristina, exactly what Seattle Grace Mercy West (SGMW) had been missing for a long time. The last cardio surgeon was Dr Dixon and we did not see another one for about a year in the Shondland timeline.

Dr Altman should've arrived in episode 3. Cristina was flailing during that year, what with doing anything she could think of to get on a heart surgery. At one point she lied to Arizona and pretended to like kids to get in on a cool pediatric cardio surgery. It was clear from Season one, she was going into cardio and nothing was going to stop her, so this was long overdue. And I was never able to suspend belief that Burke, Hahn, and Dixon when they were there, were the only cardio surgeons in the entire hospital.

The shitty part of Altman's arrival was her being in love with Hunt. Did we really need that drama? No! Big mistake and that falls on the writers/show-runner and producers. Kim Raver AKA Teddy Altman should have been left alone and stayed in the role of kickass cardio God, teach Cristina, her resident and leave Owen Hunt. The love-struck Teddy, mooning over Hunt made the character pathetic, and this was sad because Kim Raver made a convincing cardio God.

When Lexie and Mark broke up after New Years, there was no reason why Mark and Teddy could not have hooked up and cause some drama there. The Christmas story with the patient who had her heart removed until a new one could be found was a great story. Kim Raver and Sandra Oh working together made it great, all of it, except when the story involved Hunt.

This was the site's banner for the longest time, I had no choice but to change it, and the reason is obvious. Three of the people in the photo are dead, and one left the show in 2014. Meredith Grey is the only one who remains. Good thing too or I would have quit this show if they dared kill her off.

Christmas at Meredith and Derek's house was great, but why ruin it with Teddy swooning over Hunt while he was playing the guitar. Teddy was clear on the fact that Hunt was with Cristina, this again made the character look pathetic. Again if I had to guess, they needed a Cristina story full of drama, because the actress who plays Meredith was not front and centre due to just having had a baby. The love triangle between Owen, Cristina and Teddy was a huge mistake as Cristina and Owen had a huge following of fans and those fans were all over the forums spitting poison at the writers. Some; I believe, even switched off and DVR'd the show for later. That would have affected ratings.

Higher Forces May Have Dictated The Writing

When Cristina wised up that something was going on and confronted Hunt, why did the writers make Hunt waver for the rest of the season? Teddy arrived in episode 9 and this crap went on until the Season Finale. He did choose Cristina, and was with her right through Season 6, but he got pissed off with Teddy for telling him how she felt, because he felt the same back when they were in Iraq. All he had to say was "I'm flattered and back then, I did feel something for you, but it's over." Why the PTSD rubbish with his war memories and the like? The Owen centric episode was a good one, but we didn't need it, all that episode did was show us when he realised he loved Teddy and his unresolved grief over his CO dying.

We went through all of Owen's PTSD trauma in Season 5. Why did it bear repeating. Here we were, halfway through Season 6 and they were repeating a story from the previous season. Were the writers really that desperate for ideas?

This is when I really started to believe that someone (the network perhaps) was putting pressure on the creative team and demanding more drama in the script for their new hot, blonde actress who had done great things on 24 and Lipstick Jungle. Was she hired to replace the hole that Heigl left? Absolutely! And actors deal with that kind of crap everyday from TV bosses whose only interest is in money in the bank. It wasn't necessary and I fucking hate it when network executives dictate the creative process.

It was frustrating because it seemed like Hunt finally got where Cristina was coming from when he talked his friend; the heart surgeon into coming to SGMW to teach this amazing student. Hunt then lets his memories almost screw up his love affair with Cristina. Cristina's only failing was that she was never very good at letting people in and Owen had been asking her to let him in for awhile. The writers tried to use that as an excuse for Owen looking Teddy's way, but that would not fly with me, and would never have gone down well with Cristina.

I adore Cristina, she is my favourite character and always will be, even though she has left the show. I so hope she returns one day, I would love for Shonda to find a way to write her back in, even if only for a guest story arc. And while I'm on the subject, the rumours we're hearing that this might happen are false; for now anyway. People love to spread this kind of horse-shit, it gets eyes on their articles.

The Good & The Great In Season 6

On top of the bad, there was quite a lot of good. Callie and Arizona (loved those two together, still do), Mark finally realizing he wants to be a Dad. Derek becoming chief and hating it. Bailey meeting Ben and the romance that followed that. Meredith finding out she was pregnant, only to miscarriage. It was the loss of the baby that made her realise she wanted to be a Mum. That broke my heart, but it was a great story.

The Derek centric episode was awesome and then Webber goes and fires him for doing a risky surgery, but we then realised Webber was drinking again, but Derek had no clue. He turned up for work the next day as if nothing had happened. I so loved it when he drew the tumor on the wall of Meredith's house and the fact that later when they moved, they kept it.

I totally loved Derek and Meredith and all the newly wed sex, and Derek kicking Izzie and Alex out to go live in the trailer. Lexie ran off to Mark's, after she caught them having sex in the kitchen. Webber's fall off the wagon was a great story, although how he managed to operate for six months without anyone catching on except Meredith was a little far fetched.

The rest was kind of Meh....I hated the Mercy West merger and the Mercy West residents. And this story was planned because of the lack of Meredith re Ellen's pregnancy. It was not done last minute to accommodate Ms Heigl. It was also clear who were the favourites early on of the four Mercy West residents. We barely ever saw Reed or Charlie after the first half of the season. There was definitely more April and Jackson, so it was clear Shonda had chosen to keep the two characters.

It has taken me the longest time to warm up to April and Jackson and it was only when they became a couple that this happened. I have only just begun to love them individually as two separate characters. I love April as a Mum and how she puts Catherine in her place regarding her daughter, although not so much lately however with the whole Dr Minnik and Dr Webber situation.

How Catherine Avery sleeps at night is beyond me, and I've never really liked her. Love the actress, hate her character. A little bit like Negan actually. Hate Negan, love the actor. Especially his role as Denny on Grey's. Such a different character on The Walking Dead. And I prayed there would be no more dead Denny in Season 6. Thank God Shonda Rhimes got the hint re that idiotic storyline.

The hospital shooting was so well acted, written, filmed and directed, it was perfect. I hated April's short-haired best friend, can't remember her name. But, it hit me like a brick when April tripped over her body and ended up covered in her blood.

Even Charlie dying had me in tears. He was in love with her, April's friend. Shit! Reed! That's it! That was her name. Alex's shooting was the worst though. I adore Alex, I always have. Even in the early days I thought he was a prick, but a guy who'd lived his life in a huge amount of pain. When Alex cried out for Izzie and it was Lexie who was there and she pretended that she was Izzie, that just plain broke my heart.

And then there was Meredith right at that moment when she lost the baby and April wouldn't shut up. Derek is on the table, possibly dying and the gunman turns up determined to finish what he started. Jackson pulled off the leads and made it look like Derek died, what a moment. I really thought he was dead.

It just didn't stop. The drama and suspense went on for two hours. Richard confronts the gunman and gives him a choice, death and perhaps seeing his wife again or use his last bullet to kill him. I knew what choice the gunman would take and it would not be Richard going to the morgue. That for me was Richard's redemption story, his way of making up for the mistakes of the last year.

I felt like this Season Finale made up for the crappy parts of Season 6. When I re-watch this season, it is always the extended final episode on the DVD. I could barely contain myself when Season 7 premiered and as disappointing as the aftermath of the shooting was in the first few episodes, Season 7 got better and better. When Season 7 premiered in the US, this was when I learned how to live stream and I learned how to download the file from others who were sharing it online. I never went back after this, I never waited for another season to start on Australian TV ever again. If I had I would have been waiting six months.

Despite the disappointments of Season 6, I still bought the DVD. I would never; not buy a Grey's Anatomy DVD. The Season 6 Finale was well worth the price it cost me. Nowadays, I would not pay what I paid for that DVD, but I did back then.

The mistakes of Season 6 did not stop me watching the show.
But that's not to say that viewers were not lost. Now, looking back, it doesn't matter. Grey's is in its thirteenth season and it is still a good quality drama and a relevant show for today's world. I will never stop watching until the day ABC say it's cancelled and even then, I will watch my DVDs every year.

One executive at ABC said he'd love the show to go twenty seasons. I really hope he still works at ABC and has a lot of influence because that's how much I'd like for that to be a reality too.

Speaking totally for myself as a fan. If the show were to lose quality in a big way. If the writing starts to really suck and does not get better, that's when I leave a TV show. I rarely stop watching if I still enjoy the show, unless I get busy and run out of time. Then there is always the DVR or a download. Usually for me, the only reason I stop watching a show I love is if it sucks so bad that I fall asleep during it. And I never fall asleep during a TV show I love.

Anyhoo lovely readers of my blog. I hope you are all doing great and when I'm taking a break from writing my book, I'll be back. I do faithfully promise. I still have Katie Heigl to bitch about, which is going to be fun as there are many more choice words I want to share about her part in the poor quality of Season 6.

So now it's back to the joy of writing my book. It is so much fun writing about the many ways you want to kill someone or perhaps, something that is trying to kill you. Putting all those murderous thoughts down on the page is exhilarating, and I can't get enough at the present time. I don't know how many times my readers here have imagined killing someone and how they'd do it, but I have. I do it every day when I work on my book. My commitment to my book is to make sure I write 500 words every day, no matter what, no excuses.  And once I'm in the zone, it's tough to break away from that pleasure and it ends up being way more than 500 words, which is why I need more writers to manage the blogs.

Rather a large essay to mull over, I know and maybe not to everyone's taste. But, when I'm writing the post, you should know it's usually a long one and it's not always me who writes every post. Other writers work on these posts and essays and for now they work for free. I wish that were different, but it is what it is. We do what we love because we love it and the paid work will come. It already has for many of us.

Also please remember that not everything I write is posted on this site, obviously it is a Grey's Anatomy fan site. Details of our other sites are below: So go dig in!

Signing off now, love to all...Jel

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Caution: Spoilers! Grey's Anatomy - What Will Happen With Alex and Jo

This post contains spoilers from upcoming new Grey's Anatomy episodes. If you don't want to be spoiled, then do not read any further.

Given what I've heard on Twitter and various other chat sites, Alex is definitely going to need his person, Meredith this season. I suspect a bucket load of shit is about to hit the fan where Alex and Jo are concerned. I so wish he would break up with her for good. Her lies of omission last season were the icing on the cake for me.

Now I know many fans of Jolex may not agree with this and that's okay by me. I have disliked Alex and Jo's relationship since it started back in Season nine. The chemistry is not there.

I love Alex Karev and want him to have the best, he so deserves this after all he's been through. I think Maggie would be a great match for Alex. I did toy with the idea of Amelia awhile ago, but I doubt Alex could deal with her crazy as well as Meredith's. LOL.

What do you all think?

In other news, it looks like there may be a love triangle with newcomer Dr Nathan Riggs, Maggie and Meredith. Who are you rooting for? Would you love to see Maggie with Nathan or Meredith and Nathan?

Personally I felt that last season, Meredith was scratching an itch when she and Nathan hooked up. That steamy encounter with Nathan in her car was about Mer moving through her grieving process over losing the love of her life, Dr Derek Shepherd, AKA McDreamy.

Moving onto to Jackson and April. What do you all see for their future? I don't see them getting back together any time soon, which is ridiculous given how much they love each other.

Lastly, I want to mention Owen and Amelia. What do you think of their very fast wedding? I don't see good things happening here. But, perhaps I could be wrong. Surely we need one couple on Grey's that are happy for at least one season. I guess we'll see.
What would you like to see happen on Grey's this season? Hit the comments or our Facebook and Twitter pages with your thoughts.
Now its your turn. Hit the comments section and have your say! Or join the conversation on Twitter or the Grey’s Anatomy Addicts Facebook page.
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Finale - Review Written By Maxine at Spoiler TV

Recently I have had little time to write for my blogs, as life has taken over, and while I used to write my own Grey’s Anatomy reviews, as well as Person of Interest reviews, I find that the writers at Spoiler TV do this so much better than I. So starting with the Season 12 Finale, I am posting some of Maxine’s reviews for the fans to enjoy. You can also read them on Spoiler TV.

Spoiler TV is probably the best TV site to get all information related to your favourite scripted shows. They also have some of the best writers working there. Anyway let’s get to the review.

Grey’s Anatomy bowed out of season twelve last night with a low key yet satisfyingly powerful season finale. There were no catastrophic multi-casualty dangerous external events. This will not be a finale we will be talking about in years to come. Instead you might say that this episode was more about understated human drama and conflict. It reflected a closeness to real life as much as any Grey’s episode might without wandering into melodrama territory. After last weeks masterclass ensemble episode my expectations were suitably lowered that the finale might not live up to that. It didn’t but nevertheless I felt pleased at the end. Or perhaps that satisfaction is more to do with the rather low key cliffhangers. There is not a lot for us to panic about over during hiatus.

“Family Affair”, written by William Harper and directed by Debbie Allen was exactly that, a very family affair. Indeed the stories were so interwoven both in directing and writing that the majority of the cast felt like family to one another. Within the major stories there were subtle hat tips to family; take Bailey gently telling Jackson how strong April is, or Owen unknowingly giving Alex some brotherly advice, or Webber trying to be the gracious groomsman. This was a gentle finale where the medical drama in the hospital was secondary to the one going on on Meredith’s couch. It offered up something for everyone, closed down a number of open plot lines and opened up some fresh ones ready for season thirteen. While those new stories look to be very appealing I worry that by not giving us too much to think about over the next four months they may not be strong enough to hold the viewers that this old timer show needs to hold.

The finale opened with Meredith and Alex flaked out on a lawn discussing the whys and wherefores of true love. Is it possible to have more than one? This brother and sister moment finally confirmed to us that Izzie is a thing of the past. It can’t be possible that Alex only gets one true love. A lot goes on for Meredith in “Family Affair”. The journey that she’s been on to come back to herself or the version of herself that she’s comfortable with post Derek has reached the point where her three worlds are in some kind of equilibrium - her work, her love life, her family. At the end of season eleven Meredith was moving in with Alex and now she has a household running, collecting strays, and hosting births. Maggie and Amelia have established themselves (several times in the case of the latter) as both her roomies and her sisters and through the ups and downs of sisterhood they have found their own bickering reality. A year ago Meredith was telling Alex “I hurt her feelings and she’s mad at me. I forgot I’m supposed to be her sister”. It would be easy to say she hasn’t moved on. Her treatment of Amelia has been woeful recently and last night Amelia called her on it in a big pre-wedding showdown. In Amelia, Meredith sees herself. And in herself perhaps she sees Cristina - for she was channeling Cristina forcefully. The speech itself was important because it established more than a sisterly bond between Meredith and Amelia. Cristina’s relationship with Meredith went beyond sisters. They were soul mates. Amelia will never be that to Meredith but Meredith has recognised that she has it within her to bring others into her world in the same kind of way. Being a twisted sister, being Amelia’s person on the day, being FAMILY, reinforced the idea that this new Grey’s era is about family and about sisters. While this episode was titled “Family Affair” so the show is now a family affair.

This started a very funny, rather lighthearted ‘Bridesmaids/Hangover’ style segment with Maggie the romantic neurotic, Meredith the rebel with a cause and Amelia the indecisive chaotic. Poor Owen knew nothing but it is a credit to him that he waited patiently for reason, love and romance to prevail.
Amelia moves back and forth in her pursuit of a decision on what to do, eventually believing that it’s possible to have more than one true love, more than one chance.

I was disappointed with the way they portrayed Mrs Shepherd. Her character, played previously by Tyne Daly, though only shown briefly in seasons past (Season Five), was a strong force for good. She believed in Meredith even when Meredith didn’t believe in herself. She believed in Mark despite his teenage hormones and it’s a shame the writers have her not believing in Amelia.

What does this mean for Season Thirteen Amelia: I can’t help feeling that this is foreshadowing or at least more significant than it appears. I wonder if Owen’s calmness through the pause in the proceedings will come around to backfire when life and work start to interfere with their marriage. Or maybe they get their happy season. Every couple gets a happy season before the proverbial crap hits the fan again. It would be good to see Mrs Shepherd visit and make peace with Amelia.

It turns out Meredith and Riggs had quite the night in her car and if Riggs has his way there would be more, a lot more than four more. Well I love Riggs (look at those eyes!) but I’m not sold on Riggs with Meredith. This is one of two major stories bedded in for season thirteen. In trying to be all things to all people Meredith has a quiet friendly word with Owen about Amelia. She can do this, she has permission from Cristina, though I think it a little unfair of her to suggest to Owen that he needed to discuss his remarrying with his ex-wife of some years now. She has been told quite clearly by Owen that “we hate Riggs”, yet jumps on him to the tune of four times with possibly more to come. Maggie, the ultimate romantic has found someone she quite likes (who by the way happens to be her subordinate) and of course tells her sister that she’d quite like to have a go four times with Riggs (okay, she didn’t say four times but we know he’s good for it). Riggs delivers the rings to Owen, and sort of makes some peace though we all know that really the situation is just plain AWKWARD. And so we came to the cliff hanger. Well not really. While the episode made me smile and the final shot particularly so I was let down by this rather tepid ending. The narrative being that Meredith and Nathan would be friends with benefits rather subdued the drama with Maggie. She quite fancies him, and Meredith is sleeping with him with no commitment. It could’ve been …Maggie’s in love with him and Nathan’s in love with Meredith who is just sleeping with him…or something similar with more edge and more drama.

It’s rather a mess. A good mess though. We haven’t had a love triangle in a while. This should be interesting.

What does this mean for Season Thirteen Meredith, Maggie, Riggs and Owen (and Amelia): oh my goodness this will be good. Of course Megan will show up, she's a doctor, a surgeon even, and already she is an absent antagonist. She'll show up right when Maggie is laying into Meredith for sleeping with Riggs. The reason we haven't seen her yet is so the writers could prepare the ground to be as churned up as possible; this finale was doing just that.

So this is the second finale in a row where April turns into a superhero. The woman is immense. Her character development over the recent seasons has been phenomenal, topped off with a superb performance from Sarah Drew. Circumstances arise where Ben is put in the unenviable situation of giving April a c-section without pain killers, anaesthetic or even a piece of wood to bite down on. This is the same Ben who four months previously was responsible for making the decision to cut open a woman in a hallway which led to her death and that of her child. The same Ben who is on suspension. Do you remember my mantra people? All Grey’s regulars are redeemable. All of them. Ben is no exception and here was his moment. Though seriously in a house full of doctors there isn’t one clean sharp scalpel. With Miranda’s blessing he cut into April and delivered the baby, saving both their lives. It redeemed him and his marriage and provided a very teary moment in my house.

As for April - Owen’s best man - she showed up with superhuman strength and voracity. Though the birth was dramatic and painfully intense it was nice to see that both mother and baby were fine at the end. Jackson’s own mini birth with his dementia patient added a poignancy to the episode it would have lacked otherwise. Though the scene at the end with him holding his baby was simply too delicious for words.

What does this mean for Season Thirteen April and Jackson: I wonder if Sarah Drew’s or Jesse Williams’ contracts are up for renewal. There was a finality with their final family scene which could easily be the end of the road for them…or just the beginning.

It turns out that Arizona very clearly has not run out of grace as she VERY graciously handed Sofia over to a surprised yet grateful Callie. Did Callie deserve such a magnanimous gesture? Probably not but the enduring character redemption of Arizona continued as she gave up Sofia once again. The moment was heartwarming and a fitting conclusion to this story line.

What does this mean for Season Thirteen Callie and Arizona: This storyline was quite clearly designed to exit Sara Ramirez gracefully (really?) from the show if indeed she decides not to sign on for the following season. It will be a great shame if she doesn’t as she has been arguably one of the strongest characters the show has. We know that the exits of Sandra Oh and Patrick Dempsey have not been the catastrophic disaster some predicted so the show can clearly recover from her exit. This exit being designed to facilitate her to return in the future if mutually acceptable. Allowing Arizona the opportunity to shine in these last couple of episodes has set her up positively and independently for the next season after perhaps too much negative fan reaction. If Ramirez decides to stay on board then the final ‘Calzona’ scene will give some hope to those desperate for their romantic reunion. It's perfectly feasible that Penny will present Callie with a pair of one way tickets back to Seattle with a stinging rebuff. Though I can’t help but feel that Callie’s reaction mid hug was “thank God I can get laid now” in contrast to Arizona’s which was more “I think I might still have feelings”. Cynicism aside my first thought on seeing Arizona’s face was this “If you love something set it free. If it comes back it’s yours. If not, it was never meant to be.”

In what has to be a wonderful example of miserable fail when it comes to covering grief (as I explained in the review for “At Last”) we have one very short reference to Stephanie losing Kyle. And even then the scene is not about her, it is, as per usual, about Jo whining. Even when she’s failed Alex she still has a whine about it. We now know the big secrets that Jo is hiding from Alex. And they are very big. She’s married…to a bully…and is not using her real name. In a rare moment of empathy from me for Jo, I can see why she’s held back from Alex and this was ably demonstrated the moment Alex walked in and saw Andrew virtually on top of a drunken and giggling Jo. It’s easy to see why he saw red but also easy for us to imagine that if he’s willing to beat the hell out of one man for believing he’s bedding his girlfriend imagine what he will do to a man who physically abused his girlfriend and scared her into living a lie.

What does this mean for Season Thirteen Alex and Jo: Again, as with Maggie and Meredith, there is little to concern us over hiatus. We know all the cards so we know there will be resolution. This will be a problem in the build up to season thirteen because without mystery and unanswered questions there will be less of a crescendo to season premiere. Working through this problem will occupy these two characters for the first half of the season. I’m not sure if there is much the writers can do for me to consider myself a fan of Jolex but this is certainly a good start because it adds much needed depth to this very one dimensional character. I’m also imagining the husband might be killed with Alex up on a murder charge….ooh er….now that’s a storyline worth waiting for.

In other news Stephanie is sad but if there is grief or anger at Amelia we will have to wait for the fall out.

“Family Affair” was a heartfelt familial style episode. With the exception of the irritating editing cuts while Amelia was walking down the aisle it was well written and presented. Funny, endearing and satisfying it allowed us to see our favourite doctors working on each other and their relationships primarily over the sterility of patient care. I missed a big finish, a dramatic exit to build my anticipation for season thirteen but I can live with that. There is much to hope for in the new season.

Written prior to cast announcements.
Happy hiatus folks. I’ve ideas for a few one off articles and if life allows will post during the summer. Otherwise have fun and enjoy the Grey’s-drama-free months ahead.

Post Update - Friday am: Updated header picture - I guess this is the most pivotal scene in the episode though perhaps we didn't know it until the credits rolled. I must say Sara looks like she's had a good old cry in this scene. Look out for Callie Torres review coming soon....
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