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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dark Was The Night - Season 8-9 - Postmortem

Doom, Gloom and a Huge Cliffhanger

Screened in the US 10 November 2011 - Screened in Australia 19 April 2012

This episode was so good it could have been a season finale. It was in fact the last episode in the US before the Thanksgiving/Christmas period. This hiatus lasted almost two months. American fans did not get a new episode for almost two months. Episode 10; Suddenly screened on the 5 January 2012. Fans in the US were furious with the ABC network for making them wait for so long for a new Grey's Anatomy episode.

Because of the speculation surrounding the contract negotiations for the original cast members, many fans were left thinking that something terrible happened to Alex and Meredith when the ambulance was crashed into. Even though we saw them come out of the ambulance, the scene before them was weird and kind of unreal and the ambulance was not damaged on the outside. Speculation was rife that either Alex or Meredith had died and were in the midst of their afterlife. Anyway we now know that they did not die and all is well.

Henry finally succumbed to his tumor condition which we all knew was coming. Poor Henry who has become a popular character on Grey's was written off the series. From the day he appeared with his ghostly pallour, in a wheel-chair talking to Teddy in the elevator, it was obvious his days were numbered. The Denny Duquette storyline was the same. From the moment we were introduced to Denny in Season 2, it was clear that he was going to die. Perhaps not so clear to all fans, but clear to me. As much as we all loved Denny, his outcome was never going to be good. Perhaps the fans' love for Denny is why Shonda chose to re-unite him with Izzie in Season 5.

As for Henry and his chronic, recurring tumor condition, it was inevitable too. The minute I saw him coughing up blood in the previous episode, I knew the honeymoon for Teddy and Henry was over. So how will Teddy react to losing her husband? Will she be angry? Will she blame Cristina, Owen and Webber? Next week will be interesting. At the end of the episode Teddy was still in surgery and had not been told about Henry. In-fact Owen lied to her and told her that Henry was fine. I really felt that Owen could have avoided lying, at least for a bit longer than he did. Cristina's realisation that it is Henry on her table and that Teddy's husband has just died in her OR was so well acted. Kudos to Sandra Oh. What an awesome performance. Will she forgive Owen and Teddy for concealing Henry's identity from her? This is yet another nail in the coffin of Owen and Cristina's marriage. Things are about to get rocky for these two.

A Mer, Der Pic

"We're not getting Zola back."

Things are also rocky for Derek and Meredith again. Meredith receives a call from Janet who tells her that they are not getting Zola back. So how do you all feel about that? It is possible that there is a mistake here with the Judge and Zola's case, remember that the Judge has cancer, and could have taken ill. I for one would not be upset if Zola did not come back as I am reasonably sure Meredith will be pregnant by the end of the season, whether Ellen Pompeo leaves the show or not. It is my gut feeling that Shonda will leave Meredith and Derek with a happy ending if they both decide not to come back next season. However if one or both of them do not come back, then it is my belief the writers will kill off one or both characters.

Meredith and Derek Shepherd

"I'm off to save a baby."

Alex and Meredith get into an argument because Meredith wants to forget about having children. She is heartbroken about Zola and does not want to deal with anymore disappointment in regards to starting a family and Alex argues that Meredith cannot quit on having a family if it's what she wants. Meanwhile Derek is worried that he pushed Meredith to adopt Zola and now that it hasn't worked out she will blame him. Cristina tells him that she wanted it too. It was really nice to see Derek and Cristina supporting each other again. It's a shame we had to wait so long to see this, given last season Derek and Cristina developed quite a strong friendship over the shooting and Cristina's PTSD.

Jackson completely screws up and yes, that pun was intended. He operated on a woman's spine and did not secure the pedical screws properly, which wound up stabbing the woman's heart. This was the surgery that Teddy had to rush off to, when she really wanted to be with her husband. Callie is furious and orders Jackson to collect all the scans and go over everything to find out what went wrong. Jackson's mind is on other things however, and he tells Callie he is busy. This makes Callie even angrier and she confides in Bailey; which leads to a great scene in the end. Who doesn't love Bailey's words of wisdom?

Doctor Derek Shepherd Picture

Sad McDreamy

So the episode closes leaving our favourite doctors dealing with some worst case scenarios. Alex and Meredith are stuck on the side of a mountain road with a very sick and premature baby, and before them is the scene of an accident. An over-turned van which is on fire, and bodies all over the road. Derek, Arizona and Mark lose contact with Meredith and Alex when the ambulance is crashed into and do not know whether they are dead or alive. Teddy is operating, unaware that Henry is dead and Owen, Webber and Bailey are arguing about whether they should tell her.

This episode and next weeks are in my opinion, two of the best episodes of Season 8.

So that's it for now. My apologies for being so behind with these reviews. Stay tuned for my postmortems on Suddenly, Episode 10 - Season 8, and This Magic Moment, Episode 11 - Season 8, which will be posted soon.

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