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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Two Stars Will Exit Grey's Anatomy After Season 10

EW has confirmed that current series regulars Tessa Ferrer and Gaius Charles, who play residents Leah Murphy and Shane Ross, will not have their contracts picked up for next season. It’s unclear how their characters will leave the show, but let’s just hope they get out of Seattle in one piece, which is more than we can say for quite a few members of the last batch of interns.

Ferrer and Charles joined Grey’s Anatomy as interns last season, along with Camilla Luddington and Jerikka Hinton, before all four were made series regulars. Now, Ferrer’s Leah and Charles’ Shane are residents best known for their romantic entanglements and, most recently, Leah’s decision to file a complaint against the hospital that resulted in a non-fraternization policy.

Given that these two characters are my two least favourite of the new five, I am not surprised. I feel as though Shonda Rhimes' attempt at bringing the new faces to the forefront of the show has seriously backfired with fans. Why Shonda tried this in the first place is beyond me. Most fans are loyal to the show because of one or two characters. You have your die hard Meredith and Derek fans and you have your Cristina and Owen fans, despite the fact that they break up and re-unite and the back and forth goes on and on with these two. Then you have the Callie and Arizona fans who tune in just to see these two characters. Granted there are also many fans, such as myself who tune in for most of the cast, however when it comes to the newest members of Grey's Anatomy, I really feel we would have been better off without them.

I am starting come around to Alex and Jo being together, but I have little time for Stephanie. It was clear from the start that she was Jackson's rebound girl. I would even hazard a guess that Jerrika Hinton was kept on because of this drama as there are many young fans who adore Jackson and April. It's also possible that now the two big stars have signed on for another two years, they are looking at costs to make the show. Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo most likely got a hefty pay rise. Although, having said that, I believe that Ellen wanted to stay as she has always maintained she would stay on if it was what the fans want. As Patrick, well who knows with him. He really did ambivalent toward the show last year.

In any case, I am not sorry to see Tessa Ferrer and Gauis Charles go and this may also open the door for some of the cast of the now defunct Private Practice to come to Grey's. I would seriously love to see Kate Walsh reprise her role as Addison Montgomery. So tell me; what do you all think about this?

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