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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Season 9 - Grey's Anatomy - Latest News


News broke yesterday courtesy of TVFanatic.com regarding the contract status of the following shows


ABC to Renew Grey's Anatomy, Revenge and More!

ABC is expected to announce the renewals of several shows today, from first-year phenoms to veteran dramas.

Back to Neuro?Celebrating Her EngagementHenry and Emma

Among those that ABC sources say are in line for a pick-up:

  • Once Upon a Time 
  • Revenge
  • Modern Family
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Castle
  • Suburgatory
  • Last Man Standing
  • Happy Endings
  • The Middle

No series listed here comes as a major surprise, although there has been questions about Grey's Anatomy due to the contract statuses of Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Justin Chambers, Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson. Shonda Rhimes, however, recently said she plans on continuing the show regardless of whether all original cast members return.

While programs such as Body of Proof and The River are likely over, bubble shows Cougar Town and Private Practice remain possibilities for a pick-up. We just may need to wait until ABC Upfronts in May to learn their fate.

Well this is excellent news for fans of Grey's Anatomy, but I wonder if Private Practice will be renewed. Sources say that we won't get a definite answer until May 2012, but I am confident that PP fans can breathe easy.

To Read more visit: TVFanatic.com

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“Put Me In Coach” – Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 - 7 Postmortem

The Importance of Teamwork

Australian Screening: 22 March 2012 - Screened in the United States 27 October 2011

Well another great episode of Grey's has been shown and in my humble opinion, it just gets better and better. More humour, a couple of bad-ass surgeries, and Cristina and Meredith's "You're my person." antics throughout the episode literally stole the show.

Cristina and Meredith

I have loved these two so far this season. Their friendship has been completely solid, no arguments, misunderstandings. Cris and Mer have totally been there for each other in just about every episode this year.

From laying in the outfield during a softball practise and almost getting pinged by a flying soft-ball to their outrageous drunken humour during the real game. Hilarious. I'm sure I'm not the only fan who believes that Grey's Anatomy will not survive with Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey.

Mer and Cris Pic

Cristina and Meredith, on their way to getting very drunk

The writers and creator of Grey's Anatomy would find it very difficult to develop a friendship with the other characters that would out rival Cris and Mer. There is no other character on the show that could be either character's person in the same way that Cristina and Meredith are each other's person. Owen is slowly becoming Derek's person, or is it the other way around. And I truly have a problem with this because if Owen's wants a person in the same way Cris and Mer have each other, then Cristina should be his person, and vice versa. Are these characters acting like each other's person. Not a chance and they are married. When you compare Owen and Cristina (Crisowen) and Meredith and Derek (MerDer) it is crystal clear that Derek and Meredith are each other's person; it's just different to the relationship that Cris and Mer share with each other. Anyway enough ranting. Lets get on with my postmortem review.

Alex Steps Up for Zola

The family court request copies of Zola's medical records in order to transfer the child's care to Seattle Presbyterian. Alex is livid that they want to take Zola away from her doctor's not to mention Meredith and Derek. Arizona tells him because Meredith and Derek work here at Seattle Grace there is a conflict of interest. Alex grabs the file and heads over the family court services to get some answers. After talking to many clerical people, he finally gets someone in the office to take a look at Zola's file. This leads him to the judge appointed to the case who is getting treatment for prostate cancer and is at the chemotherapy appointment at another hospital. Alex tracks him down and begs him to take a look at the case, explaining that two doctors are waiting to adopt her. As he is leaving the judge warns him that bribing a federal judge is a federal offence. Alex ignores him and leaves the room. So what happens now. Will Alex get into trouble? Will this stuff up the adoption? This all remains to be seen.


Alex contemplates what to do about Zola's file

Let's Play Ball

Owen organises a team building exercise in the form of a softball game for all the surgeons against neighboring hospital Seattle Pres. The team are on the field practising and practise is not going well. Mer and Cris would rather lay on the grass and chat, as outlined above until they are forced to "look alive" as Owen puts it when a flying ball almost hits them in the head. Cristina simply waves to Owen yelling "Hi Honey!" Cute. But I dón't see the cute back and forth banter saving their marriage. No sooner had they started practice everyone starts getting paged and it looks as though practice is finished, much to Owen's disappointment.

Sloan's new girlfriend

Sloan has a new girlfriend and their public displays of affection really have Lexie seeing the green-eyed monster watching them kiss and cuddle on the field while practising for the big game the next day. So it is a relief when Derek gets a page and orders Lex to come with him.

Derek Pulls Off Another Amazing Surgery

Derek has patient in the ER and when he arrives the young girl is having a seizure and her mother is holding her. It is revealed that the young teenager has nasty tumor that is causing the seizures. Derek tells the mother that they can remove some of the tumor to improve the symptoms but it would grow back. he suggests a procedure that has never been done that would enable him to remove the entire tumor. Because of the risk the mother refuses and Derek tells her there are many surgeons who can perform the less riskier procedure. The mother insists that Derek do the surgery. Derek leaves the room, leaving a stunned Lexie to try and explain his actions to the patient's mother. Owen confronts Derek wanting to know why he refused to do the easier surgery and Derek says that he is sick of the wait and see and hope for the best process. He does not want to operate unless he can cure the patient. Eventually after practising in the lab and proving that he can do the procedure, he goes to see the mother telling her he can get all of the tumor. She agrees and Derek performs the surgery successfully.

Derek explaining the surgery

Cristina Graduates and Teddy Gives her a Present

Callie and April have a difficult surgery too. A man whose hand was crushed during an accident. Callie and April set to work to rebuild his hand. They are midway through the surgery when the patient has heart complications. Cardio is paged and Cristina arrives, she orders April to crack the guys chest, which April does and Cristina talks April through the cardio crisis. Teddy arrives and wants to know why April was doing the graft and not Cristina, Cristina tells Teddy that April had it, that she was there. They perform the necessary surgery on the patient and leave the OR and Teddy tells Cristina to make a list, a bucket list of surgeries that she has always dreamed of performing. Cristina thinks Teddy is screwing with her, but Teddy says "No, today I saw a different Cristina, a Cristina who put the patient first and every bit as good, you've graduated, make a list." Cristina is overjoyed; she can't believe it.

"So you just let Kepner do the surgery, you don't even like Kepner"

Meredith Can't Put It Down

While researching data on eyelet cells Meredith finds out about the court wanting Zola's medical records. She goes to find Cristina, who again tells her to keep the faith. Meredith is out of patience and texts Janet, not getting a response. She tells Cristina she just can't crack this diatbetes trial thing, and Cristina tells her she better not let Bailey catch her. Meredith approaches Webber asking him if she can look at her mother's journals. He responds with "Ah Ha! I knew you couldn't put it down." Meredith tells him not to gloat and just tell her where her mother's journals are.


Meredith figures it out

When Meredith researches further and reads her mum's journals, she realises that her mother's hypothesis was wrong. She get caught by Bailey reading the journal, Bailey wants to know why Meredith has it. Meredith looks her dead in the eye and says "Because it's my mother's journal!" Later she is waiting in the mouse lab for Bailey and explains what she's found, she tells Bailey that she marked the page for her and leaves in a hurry, before Bailey can yell at her again.


Meredith and Bailey air their differences

The Big Game

Well the softball games turns out to be a disaster. Seattle Grace are getting thrashed; and it's Teddy's turn to pitch. From the first throw it is obvious Teddy cannot pitch despite thinking she can. Cut to Cristina and Meredith drunk in the outfield, when a flying ball again comes their way and Bailey runs up and catches it. This sparks a huge argument between Bailey and Meredith, which Webber is forced to break up. Webber tells Bailey to stop punishing Meredith and put her on the diabetes trial, he then tells Meredith to get out of the ridiculous pink scrubs and get back to the work she was born to do.

Mark and Julia

Owen sacks Teddy as pitcher and calls Derek to come pitch, Derek refuses and tells Lexie to grab her glove and come pitch. Poor Lexie unable to stomach watching Mark and Julia kissing on the playing field any longer hurls a fast ball that hits Julia right in the boobs. The captain of the Seattle Pres side is very angy and calls off the game. They leave and our docs all gather in the bleachers drinking and sparring about the game. Bailey gets up to leave and orders Meredith meet her in the lab on Monday morning. Derek receives a message from Janet and he tells Meredith that they are getting a court date about Zola. So the day ends on high note despite getting thrashed in softball.


Commiserating after the game, and MerDer finally get some good news

All in all another great episode, outrageously funny and full of the usual Grey's emotion and drama.

So what do you think? Will MerDer get Zola back? Do you want them to get her back or would you prefer to see Meredith get pregnant? Whatever happens I am hoping that MerDer's problems are behind them and if they are not coming back to Grey's for season 9, then their story ends on a happy note.

A very drunk Cristina

Good Stuff:  Meredith to Bailey: "Mind you own damned business!" Mer and Cris and their 'your my person' stuff on the softball field and at work.

Bad Stuff: There really wasn't any, except for Lexie's embarassing, immature jealous behaviour regarding Mark having moved on.

"You're my person"

Well that's it for this week. Please comment via Facebook or Twitter or sound off here if you so desire. Stay tuned for "Heart in a Box" next week.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spoiler Alert - Dark Times for Cristina and Owen on Grey's Anatomy

Owen Admits He's a Cheat

I don't normally do this, however I think this latest occurence on Grey's Anatomy warrants writing this entry and if you so desire, we can discuss it via Facebook or Twitter or via this blog. If you don't want to know then stop reading as this blog is a spoiler for an episode yet to be seen in Australia and other parts of the world. The episode in question went to air in the US on Thursday, 15 March 2012 and US viewers will not see another new episode for three weeks. Viewers were left with yet another cliffhanger.

In a previous episode Cristina and Owen attend couples counselling

The night the "Shit hit the Fan"

In the final scene Owen tells Cristina that he's not cheating on her with Nurse Emily, but he did cheat on her. The shock on Cristina's face was priceless, and the acting was totally flawless. Those who are saying give this woman (Sandra Oh) an Emmy right, freaking now are so right. The best line of the episode goes to Cristina Yang when she says to Emily. "Do you think you could stop screwing my husband." Soooo Awesome! Emily quicky denies it and I think convinces Cristina that she is not involved with Owen. So I believe Owen's confession comes as a complete shock to Cristina, given that before he confesses he tells her he love hers, but that he loves her so much it hurts. Cristina says that she's relieved, until Owen says again that it hurts him to love her. She really did not see this coming.

Cristina Walks Off

Summer Glau and Sandra Oh

So now the big question is fans; who in the heck did Owen cheat with? Does he mean that he's been with another woman, or is he telling Cristina that he is cheating on her in some other way? You know how the writers are with their clever little plot twists. So that's worth considering. Can they get past this? Will Cristina forgive him? These are questions that I really hope are answered soon as the tension in this relationship has gone on all season, and in the US there are six episodes left until the finale.

Glau on Grey's

"Could you stop screwing my husband?"

For Cristina to confront Emily she must have been pretty convinced that Owen is cheating, however I knew at the start of the episode it was not the nurse; because if a man is cheating, he will not insist that the other woman work with his wife, which is what he does. Owen insists that Emily be allowed to work alonngside Cristina to convince Owen's patient's husband to terminate care on a brain dead patient. Cristina is in a hurry to get off the case, so she can chase Teddy for a cardio surgery, but Owen is having none of it; insisting that Cristina stick with the coma patient and show some compassion. Where does Owen get off saying that? Is he implying that Cristina has no compassion? Cristina just does not show compassion in the same way as other people do.  

A Happier Moment for CrisOwen

So if there is a someone that Owen has slept with, who is it? Not Teddy, that's not possible and if Shonda does that, I will scream. To have an affair going on between Teddy and Owen off screen when Teddy is supposed to hate Owen would piss off many fans. Some fans suggested April, I don't think so. But there are rumours that she will lose her cherry this season, so perhaps it's possible. Catherine Avery comes to mind, given she is such a flirt. Or perhaps no-one, perhaps Owen has realised he chose the wrong wife, and has not admitted this to Cristina.

A tense moment

Okay the other issue I want to get into is Meredith returning to Derek's service only to stuff up big time supervising Lexie and now Derek is barely speaking to Meredith and is so pissed at Lexie, that Lex spends the night at the hospital. If Shonda is trying to find a way to get Meredith back into Neuro, this did not work. It's obvious that any mistake Meredith makes will upset Derek and therefore affect their marriage. So maybe Meredith is better off where she is. Some fans have suggested Meredith may do fellowships in Neuro and General, some surgeons do specialise in multiple areas, such as Addison Montgomery, she is double-board certified or whatever. Meredith is talented enough to do whatever she chooses. She does not need to be on Derek Shepherd's service to shine, let her stand alone and shine all by herself.

Back to Neuro?

Derek and Meredith's neuro patient

Well that's my rant over and done with. I would love to hear from anyone who has an opinion on the fate of Crisowen. The latest whispers from Shondaland are that there is hope and I'm afraid that's all I can tell you.

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All photo credit to Google images

Poker Face Grey's Anatomy Season 8-6 - Postmortem

Comfort Zones are Tested

So; Meredith is delivering babies and using Lexie to chase a difficult brain tumor that she is certain Derek won't want to resist. At first; the previews and synopsis lead us to believe that because Meredith has been black-balled from most of the attendings surgeries, that she is chasing this tumor for her own gain. Perhaps she is hoping that Derek will see this tumor and ask her to come back to his service, which she left in episode three for the sake of their marriage. They have also made an agreement not to discuss Neuro. Within the first few minutes of watching I realised the beauty of what Meredith is doing; oh yes, this woman knows her husband, but more on that later.

Callie, Mark and Arizona are all great friends now, however Mark and Arizona's budding interest in cooking for Callie is wearing thin on their relationship as they are not getting any time alone. But for the moment Callie is trying to be happy that Mark and Arizona are finally good friends and keeps her mouth shut.

Arizona, Callie and Mark

Pink Vagina Squad Scrubs

Meredith is running around the hospital in the pink scrubs delivering babies and kidding herself that she is doing something worthwhile. Alex thinks she's working as an OB because she misses Zola, however as she tells Cristina during their meeting with Chief Hunt "I'm making life you know." I like this storyline; Meredith's career being in a lull for awhile is a good direction given what she did when she destroyed the clinical trial. Cristina tells Meredith that she cannot wear the pink scrubs in public, "We have standards Meredith." At the same time Cristina is sending sexy text messages to her husband. What did I say last week? These two are never going to talk by the looks of things, Cristina would rather bury their issues and have sex and it seems as though Owen's not complaining. Owen has just finished lecturing the group about bad outcomes in their OR's and how these bad outcomes can affect their boards later on. In-fact it is because of this lecture that Cristina and Alex both stuff up during their surgerys'.


Later on when Cristina is discussing a case she is on with Callie, the issue of hot, dirty sex comes up and Callie confides that her and Arizona are not getting enough alone time. She admits that she's jealous of Cristina. The bringing together of Callie and Cristina was great and way overdue. I have missed the friendship between these two. If we think back, they were room-mates for quite awhile. In the OR when Cristina's phone goes off and Callie insists that the scrub nurse read the message aloud in case it is urgent, Cristina's obvious panic when she tells the nurse not to touch the phone, but to turn it off is hilarious.

Derek complains to Owen about Lexie, she is not cutting it as his intern. Lexie asks Meredith for help, but Meredith tells her that she has to learn his quirks, and she needs to learn on her own. Derek is frustrated and probably regetting agreeing to Meredith leaving his service, however at the end of this episode, it is clear that her decision is best for their marriage. Lexie tries to get Derek to see her tumor patient, however Derek refuses saying the tumor is inoperable and that Lexie needs to do what he tells her, so Lexie gives up. Meredith confronts Lexie naked in the shower and explains that Derek needs to see the scans and meet the patient. So the next day Lexies shoves the scan in his face saying "Butterfly tumor!" Derek looks at scan and the next thing we know they are consulting with the patient. Derek orders new scans be run, and when they come back he tells Mary the patient; that he can remove the tumor. It's risky, but he thinks he can get it all. Mary's husband freaks out and says No. Meredith tracks him down later on and convinces him to let his wife fight for more time with her family. So no thanks to Lexie, this surgery happens and it turns out to be successful. For the first time this season with the exception of episode 1 and 2, we were treated to an emotional case in which we got to know the patient and their story.


Derek and Lexie meeting with Mary and her husband and Derek after a difficult surgery


Unfortunately Cristina and Alex did not do so well. They were both so afraid of getting bad outcomes that they put their fears first and the patient's well being second. Cristina constantly nagged Callie to do a more conservative procedure on their neck patient, and Alex refused to do a TAVI on his heart patient. Cristina became so freaked about the neck surgery that she asked to be taken off the case. All goes well and the patient's neck surgery is a success. Callie lectures Cristina in the scrub room after the surgery, simply telling her not to let fifth year get to her. Alex on the other hand ends up getting kicked off his surgical case. His patient going over his head to Teddy and asking her to look into doing a TAVI on him. Alex did not put his patient first when researching options for the procedure, Teddy obviously decided that the patient was a good candidate for a TAVI and chose to do the procedure. By the way, did anyone recognise the patient, it was Lee Majors, probably most famously known as the 'Six Million Dollar Man' in the seventies. He's still looking good.


Teddy and Alex talking to their heart patient and Callie and Cristina's neck patient

Hot, Dirty, Stand on my Head Sex

Given Cristina and Owen's obvious issues regarding the abortion, obviously now is the time to sex it up and sex it up they did, getting caught by the ex-chief twice. Anyone get the feeling Webber was feeling a little nostalgic about his younger days getting in on with Ellis Grey. I did; maybe that's my overactive imagination. When Meredith asks if they are talking or just having sex, Cristina says "Who cares if we talk." Meredith can't help but ask if Cristina really does stand on her head and Cristina answers "I'm very talented." As nice as it was to see them getting along for all the Crisowen fans and shippers, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Make the most of their short lived happiness because certain events will cause their marriage to go to a very dark place.

And I can't end this review without mentioning Bailey and April. I am starting to get fed up with Bailey's cranky mood, and April; while I am still not comfortable with her as Chief resident, she is certainly getting some of the residents to listen to her. Forcing Meredith to work on the diabetes trial was classic, however I don't think it took much to convince Meredith to do it, she loves a challenge and when Bailey discovers that Meredith is doing April's work, well she is furious, however after Meredith imploring that Bailey read her research, Bailey pages Webber to tell him that some of the mice are sick and Meredith Grey figured it out, unaware that Webber and Meredith are working behind her back. Webber sends her home telling her not to worry, that help will turn up. I am also less convinced now that there will be a romance with Alex and April after their interaction over Alex covering the ER and I have to say she successfully put Lexie, Jackson and Alex in their place later on at Joe's Bar, so perhaps April needs time, she does do the funny so well however, and I would really like to see more of that.

So Meredith ends up with a happy husband who almost wants to break their rule and talk about his day, however Meredith knowing better; discourages him and they start making out instead. Looks like this marriage is back on track; finally. So Meredith's goal was marital harmony for her and Derek and given they are trying to get Zola back, she is behaving like the smart woman we know she is at the moment.

Alone and together at last

Callie arrives home after a successful day at work with beer and pizza. Mark and Arizona have just finished making dinner, but Callie dumps the dinner in the bin and nicely tells Mark to beat it. She tells him he's babysitting so that she and Arizona can eat pizza, drink beer and talk about Callie's surgery and have sex, not necessarily in that order because Marks gets it and leaves and as soon as he does they start making out.

Cristina meets Owen in the ambulance bay where he informs her that they can't have sex in the hospital anymore. She says "Whatever." Owen suggests they go get dinner, which suggested to me that he wanted to talk; however Cristina's suggests they go home and have sex, Owen agrees. The opportunity was there for them to talk; obviously they don't want to. Oh dear.

Derek and Meredith happy together finally

Highs: Derek and Meredith being in a better place now. Cristina's quote "Hot, dirty stand on my head sex." and then "I'm very talented." She truly does get the best lines and I know I say that every week but it's true.

Lows: Cranky Bailey, she and Meredith need to make up now.

Yet another great episode, Season 8 is looking very good and given that I know what's coming up, my advice is not to miss this season, as Shonda and her team of writers are doing a great job. Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes usually pitches the season finale to the network before even writing the first episodes of the season, however this year she is in a different situation. Shonda Rhimes has actors who contracts are up and she is in a difficult position of having to write a season finale without knowing the fate of six characters. How does one do that?

Coming up next week Grey's brings more of the funny with the docs playing Softball. Cristina gets a surprise; and Meredith and Bailey face off. Don't miss "Put me in Coach." Thursday, 8.30 pm, 22 March 2012.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Upcoming US Grey's Anatomy Events - Correction

It would seem that the information posted recently from SandraOhNew.com was an error. My apologies for this and hopefully now I have the correct information:


MAR 15 | Grey's Anatomy: 8.17 One Step Too Far - US Airdate
MAR 18 | The Songs Beneath The Show - Grey's Anatomy Event
MAR 22 | Grey's Anatomy: Repeat - US Airdate
MAR 29 | Grey's Anatomy: Repeat - US Airdate


TBA | Grey's Anatomy: 8.18 The Lion Sleeps Tonight
TBA | Grey's Anatomy: 8.19 Heart Of A Child

Unfortunately we will not be seeing an episode of Grey's Anatomy on March 22 or March 29, 2012 after all. We will most likely have to wait until after the Easter Holidays. I'm guessing the 12 April is most likely when we will see The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

Anyway: Until next time; thanks for reading and don't forget to comment or share your views on Facebook or Twitter.

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Where is Cristina Going on Grey's Anatomy?




Whilst browsing around online yesterday, I came across this little tit-bit of information. Interesting. This news comes courtesy of SandraOhNews.com



Friday, March 9, 2012


Grey's Anatomy: Sandra Oh, Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey Filming At The Airport

It looks like Cristina Yang will be leaving Seattle for a little while, because Sandra Oh was at the Ontario airport in California today with co-stars Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey (and baby Zola) filming scenes for an upcoming episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Here is the photo evidence thanks to @LaurieLizSmith on Twitter:

sandra oh airport set cristina yang grey's anatomy ellen pompeo patrick dempsey

A possible explanation to Cristina's departure can be revealed in a recent spoiler which you can read here

Well it could be that Sandra Oh is leaving the show and this is part of the Season Finale; God I hope not. However, another explanation could be that she is off to interview for a job somewhere, given that the residents begin their fellowships soon, it could be that other hospitals have offered them poistions in lieu of passing their board exams. Rumor has it that not all the residents will pass. I cannot remember where I heard that, but did definitely read that somewhere recently.

Shonda Rhimes was recently interviewed by TVLine.com and part of that interview was posted on SandraOhNews.com on March 6, 2012. She informed us that all the originals whose contracts are up want to return in Season 9 and that the issue they are discussing is about money. It's good to know that they all want to return, I just hope that they can negotiate the financial side and have some answers before the Season Finale. I don't think very many fans will be happy if we go to the hiatus without knowing what's happening with the original cast members.

Till next time.





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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Love, Loss and Legacy - Grey's Anatomy Season 8-5 Postmortem

Choices, Love and Heartache is the Theme on Grey's This Week

On Thursday, 8 March 2012; we were treated to another installment of Grey's Anatomy and what an episode this was. It far and away made up for the fail that was last week's episode "What is it About Men?"

"You're too tense, it's not wood-shop."

A Penis Transplant

The case of the night was a penis transplant. Grey's are famous for their out of the ordinary, rare medical cases, but this was so well executed, and the humour behind it was hilarious. I seem to remember a TV show in the US getting in trouble for using the word 'penis' in the dialogue way too much, I don't remember if this had anything to do with Grey's Anatomy, but I was wating to see if there was fall-out in the US over this episode, which aired over there in October last year. But I didn't hear anything about it and the word 'penis' was spoken by the actors frequently. It's funny because I dont recall anything being said, and I so wish I could remember where I read that information, but I know it definitely happened on a TV show in the US.

Anyway moving on. This case involved a young man who had penile cancer and the famous Catherine Avery who had treated this patient's cancer and has now brought him to Seattle to perform the ground-breaking surgery. Catherine Avery is Jackson's mum; and is played by the very talented Debbie Allen who directs Grey's Anatomy sometimes and is famous for her role on Fame. I was so hoping that we would get to know Jackson better in this episode. Who better to show us the real Dr Jackson Avery, than the person who gave birth to him. But I really did not get anymore insight into his character and I felt sorry for Catherine when Jackson kept deflecting all of her questions about Lexie and his life in general. However you can see why Jackson is hard on himself sometimes, given he has a famous grandfather and mother; he has a lot to live up to. I really have tried to like Jackson, but apart from his dark, brooding good looks, and charming smile, there is no depth to him. We have seen the dark side of every Grey's character, but Jackson is a mystery to me. Oh and in case you are wondering where Lexie is for all of the Jackson/Lexie fans, apparently the actress had some time off, which is why we haven't seen much of her this season. I also don't think shipping Lexie off to "God knows where?" was a great idea. That would make any mother suspicious.

Who Wants to Step Into the Future

Anyway enough about Jackson. Dr Catherine Avery presents her case to an auditorium full of residents, interns and attendings; most of whom cannot wait to get a piece of this action. April admit to Jackson and Alex that Catherine is one of her Facebook friends, Alex jokes that Catherine has a stalker. Alex just can't stop picking on April lately. Sexual tension anyone? In any case, I'm sensing it and my mother always told me that if a boy picks on you, then he likes you.

April and Alex; Will They Get it On or Not?

Now just going back to April Kepner for a minute. It was hinted at that April was going to have a romance this season and lose her virginity; finally! Heated discussions all over fan sites are going on about who it should be, both in the US and here in Australia. The US are about to show Episode 17 on the 15 March 2012, and April Kepner is still a virgin, so it's obviously going to be saved for the final episodes, however who do you think it should be? I am divided between Alex or Jackson or maybe McSteamy. Given that I don't like Jackson that much, I'm more open to it being Alex.  Anyway this is way off track.....back to the episode. They migrate to the skills lab and the residents are given chicken breasts to perform surgery on and demonstrate their skills. Catherine Avery asks the group if they have worked with the tissue of the penis before, and Alex calls out "Put your hand down Kepner." He just can't help himself. Meredith and Jackson are chosen to scrub in, along with Mark who is trying to convince Catherine Avery to talk to the patient about re-constructive surgery, which has less risks. Catherine is annoyed at Mark for doubting her, but the option is offered to the patient anyway and he refuses.

"Put your hand down Kepner."

Zola is Sick

 Alex gets paged to Peds before Catherine has assessed his work as Zola has been brought in with a nasty bowel obstruction. He says nothing to Meredith and runs from the room. This is the Alex I love, the dedicated peds surgeon who will drop anything for a sick kid. But in this situation he is a basket case who doesn't know what to do. He pages Cristina for advice. Basically Alex cannot reveal to Derek and Meredith that Zola is even in the hospital as it is a breach of ethics and confidentiality and it could ruin the adoption process. Alex is livid with the social worker and even more upset with Arizona for forbidding him to page Meredith, so he pages Cristina. Cristina shows up and Alex is pacing the halls wondering WTF? He tells Cristina about Zola and that it could screw up the abortion if they tell Derek and Meredith. Poor Alex, he is also thinking that if Meredith finds out he kept this from her, she will never forgive him. In the end Cristina makes the call, she goes to the OR where Meredith is working on the penis transplant and calls her out. At first Meredith hesistates; wanting to stay and finish, however the look in Cristina's eyes and her tone of voice tells Meredith that it's serious and she had better move it. The eye acting in this scene was superb, absolutely brilliant. Catherine gives her curry about Ellis Grey turning in her grave or some such garbage.

Another week of sulky, shitty Derek.

Meredith and Derek are next seen in an exam room arguing about Zola's medical condition. Arizona reassures them that it's all going to be okay, she will operate and Zola will be fine. Derek is freaking out, and worried about the shunt operation he did a few months back and argues that he should be in there. Arizona tells him no, that it is not necessary and that the social woker is watching and if she finds out that Derek and Meredith know about Zola's medical condition it will affect the adoption. Arizona assures the couple that she is more than capable of doing the surgery. 

Meredith: "We Have to Follow the Rules." 

As much as Meredith wants to see her little girl, she realises that Arizona is right. Owen Hunt comes in and tries to talk Derek out of going anywhere near Zola. Derek is in a rage; upset because Zola is ill and angry at the adoption people for taking her away from her parents who are both doctors and may have seen this coming, and of course Derek is also angry at Meredith. Meredith pleads with him to just let it be and obey the rules. She tells Derek it's all her fault and if they want her back they have to follow the rules. Meredith's realisation that following the rules is necessary obviously gets through because Derek eventually calms down, He then goes off to the stairwell to sulk with Owen. Good grief these two make a fine pair of sooks. Both of them seem so emotionally retarded at the moment. However, the communication with Cristina and Owen does go both ways. She's not talking either.

Zola is taken into surgery and Cristina and Meredith go outside to sit in the ambulance bay to wait. Cristina reassures Meredith that Zola is not going to die. Derek finally turns up and informs them that so far everything is going well. As Arizona and Alex work in the OR, Alex questions Arizona's attitude regarding Zola. He asks Arizona, "What if this was Sofia and Mark and Callie weren't there? You would have no rights." Arizona tells him to mind his own business, however at the end of the episode she asks Callie if they can have paperwork drawn up that says Arizona is Sofia's Mom. Callie promises that they will do it. This was Arizona's epiphany that she has fallen in love with Sofia, and Alex forced her to see it. The surgery is a success and Alex goes to find Meredith and Derek, who are now in the resident's lounge. Alex gives them the good news and they both sigh with relief; Meredith bursting into tears. Cristina tells them to go home and she will stay with Zola. Brilliant acting by Ellen Pompeo, I was in tears watching her. However, the scenes where Owen was watching Cristina play and talk with Zola really gave me mixed feelings. Surely Cristina is not that insensitive to Owen's feelings.

Cristina calls Derek and Meredith

The Penis transplant turns out to be a success, despite April stuffing up while suctioning. Mark and Jackson stepped in and saved the day, they all head to Joe's bar to celebrate. Mark's comment in the OR "That's the pinkest penis I've ever seen." had me in stitches of laughter and I'm not even sure if he knows April is a virgin. Meanwhile Teddy is throwing a dinner party for the couples; Bailey has just made the decision to end her relationship with Eli, after getting a dressing down from Ben that she had asked him to wait for her. Bailey denies this, but I think after giving it some thought she realises it's true. She runs into Ben shortly after giving Eli the bad news and tells him it's over with the nurse. At the dinner party she admits to Henry that her and Eli broke up. Owen arrives at the party and tells Teddy that Cristina is stuck at the hospital. The realisation that children will never be possible in his life is hitting home and watching Cristina with Zola must have really hurt him.

"You don't cook."

Cristina Cooks Owen Breakfast, But Owen wants something else. In a matter of seconds they are on the kitchen floor doing their thing. This happened at the beginning of the episode and my first thought was 'Oh! This is how they are going to deal with the abortion issue.' If the previews of next week are anything to go by then I just answered my own question. There is going to be no dealing with their marriage issues any time soon. This storyline is probably going to drag out for most of the season.

Incy Whincy Spider

The end of the episode was cute. Meredith and Derek singing to Zola and the scene in the elevator where they are holding hands. That to me signalled hope; I think they are in a much better place now. Let's hope McAss reverts back to McDreamy next week. I have so wanted to smack him the last few weeks. Next week expect to see more of Lexie and Meredith in pink scrubs. The coming episode is called "Poker Face." and it wón't be what you expect at all. Anyway enough said, I do not want to spoil it for the viewers who do not read the spoilers on the US websites.

All in all this was a great episode. I really hope we get to see more of Debbie Allen as Jackson's mum; some fans are saying she should be Chief of Surgery; that could work, she would make an excellent Chief. Owen Hunt is not cutting it as far as I'm concerned and I think the new job is pulling him away from his marriage a little, which is what he needs to address now; but that's not going to happen. This rift is going to blow up in Cristina and Owen's face.

Highlights:  Meredith's scene when she found out Zola was OK, and broke down. Cristina to Alex: "How small are your balls."
Mark: "That's the pinkest penis I've ever seen." April's reaction was priceless

Is there a Ben/Bailey reunion in the cards?

Lowlights: Derek (about Meredith) "I know I should be with her, but I can't look at her, this is all her fault." Really Derek; all her fault? Take a chill pill.
Cristina playing with Zola, and being totally oblivious to how Owen must have felt watching this.

Till next week.

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