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Friday, June 21, 2013

Grey’s Anatomy Post-Mortem – Dissecting Season 9

Was Shonda’s Season of Romance Seriously Good Or Did It Suck?

Well I have mostly positive thoughts about Grey’s this season; which surprises me because earlier on when all the stories were centered on the law suit and the plane crash victims buying the hospital, Shonda and her writers had begun to lose me. For the first time ever in the nine years that I have been addicted to Grey’s Anatomy; I actually missed two or three episodes and took my sweet time in catching up. And the thing is; I’m not the only one.

Ratings Were Not As Strong As Last Year

Ratings were down this year; especially for the finale; which is a little worrying. While last years finale certainly had more hype surrounding it and promotion; I still feel that ratings should have been better as there were so many reasons why ratings should have been higher for this season’s finale. It’s pretty clear that some Mark and Lexie shippers and the individual fans of both these characters have ditched the show given the tragic way in which Mark and Lexie were written out last year. So attracting new viewers or even the old fans back is going to be difficult for the network now given the show is nine years old. The numbers are not terrible, just going down steadily. Grey’s Anatomy averaged a 4.1 in the demographic ratings which makes the show as the highest rating drama in the 18-49 demo this year. 

While Season 9 revolved mostly around the recovery of the plane crash victims and their loved ones; it was also a season of changes for just about every character. The only part of the season that became tedious for me was the legal stuff, the sale of the hospital and Alex and Jo (which I will discuss later on in this post). A lot of my dislike with those stories was that they weren’t convincing and this is probably because there were so many other ways that these arcs could have been played out.

Anyway let’s talk about the characters’ and their story arcs for this season.

Meredith and Derek

I think most fans will agree that we have to start with Meredith and Derek. Their stories began pretty much as predicted last year. Meredith was holding it all inside and trying to support everyone else, which is what she does. Things came to a head for her in episode five, where she finally broke and took a moment to let it sink in that she had lost her sister. Not long after this there is happy news about the pregnancy, and I could not have asked for a better outcome for these two.

Happy MerDer 

Derek’s sister came into town to donate a nerve for Derek’s hand surgery and he stubbornly refused the surgery at first. It was his sister who finally convinced him that he needed the surgery. When they found out the Meredith had the Alzheimer’s gene, it came as no surprise. The birth of ‘fetus’ who was later named “Bailey” was wonderful, but the drama of possibly losing Meredith was way overdone. We all knew Meredith was not dying; so I found it to be a little ridiculous.

Cristina and Owen

Wow, this couple have had quite a season. It began with Cristina working miles away at her new fellowship position at the Mayo clinic in Minnesota. She then returns after losing yet another mentor, Dr Thomas. His death told her that she needed Owen and her people and so back to Seattle she came. Owen filed for divorce partly due to the conflict of interest with the law suit and because he felt it was the right thing as he felt that they would just keep hurting each other.

Baby Issue Still Stands Between Crowen 

Cristina reveals that she wants Owen back and from then on we see Cristina really step up to be Owen’s person, which is what he asked her to be in counseling last season. However there is a case of two parents who are critically injured who have a ten year old boy, and it’s looking like this kid is about to become an orphan. Owen starts getting ideas about adopting the kid. It brings the baby dilemma into the lime light again and they realise they have to face this difference in needs and wants. Owen says he wants Cristina, but does not sound convincing. In the season finale Cristina walks away and Owen does not follow, therefore leaving fans wondering what will happen to them. More than two seasons of baby drama and it’s still unresolved. I have no comment here, except that I loved these characters this season and I love Cristina no matter what she does.

Arizona and Callie

Well this couple’s story threw everyone for a loop. No-one ever expected Arizona to cheat on Callie, at least until skanky Lauren showed up. And even when it happened in the penultimate episode, I still could not believe it. In the season finale, I totally got it and I am still trying to wrap my head around this. Bottom line is Arizona was in pain, emotional and mental pain, but she dealt with it in a very stupid and cruel way. I don’t believe she deliberately took revenge on her wife, like some are saying. But she made a terrible mistake acting on impulse like that. She and Callie need to go to marriage counseling for some serious therapy and finally deal with the ‘leg.’ Arizona is still blaming Callie for cutting off her leg, because they never dealt with it. What will happen here I wonder? I don’t think Lauren is going away anytime soon, since she deliberately revealed Arizona’s wedding ring pinned to her scrubs. So we may see more of Lauren trying to break up Callie and Arizona. Not sure I want to see that.

Calzona's Troubles Are Just Beginning 

Alex and Jo

While I love seeing Alex in a happy place I am worried where this story is going to go. It is about time Alex found love. He has not really truly loved someone since Izzie and she was better for Alex than this intern is. Izzie may have left him when all he did was worry about her pushing herself so soon after having cancer treatments and the like, however she did come back and wanted to repair their marriage. When Alex told her to go, I understood it; but I really felt that she was the one for him. Jo Wilson is not and she worries me. The assault on her ex boyfriend is a worry, she seems to have issues and I think Alex has had enough crazy. And why are the writers shoving that storyline under the rug? Or are we going to revisit it next season?

April Jackson and Matthew

While I like April and Matthew, I prefer her with Jackson. They look good together and they are best friends in every sense of the word. Jackson is more tolerable when he has scenes with April. Matthew has already figured out the she has something going on with Jackson, so that relationship’s days’ are numbered. Then it will likely be more of the same with her and Jackson. I hope not actually, I hope they get married. Jackson is in love with April, but he just could not handle the crazy way she carried on when she thought they were pregnant. He had decided he would marry her if it were they were pregnant and that’s when Jackson realised he was in love with her and could not deal with the crazy. She just does not get it and I think he believes she is not ready for marriage. But now that she got engaged to Matthew, he is likely having second thoughts.

Miranda Bailey

What to say about Miranda Bailey? She had quite an interesting year. He subsequent melt down over the infection to her patients surprised many fans. She married her darling Ben, which was lovely; although I thought that she was going to make a run for it early on in the piece. At the end of the season when she came through for Meredith and saved her life was awesome and brought her out of her funk, however I could have slapped her when she burst into tears before telling Derek and Cristina that Meredith was okay. No self respecting doctor does that; the first thing you say to a patients family is that the patient is fine. That was the writers’ attempt at creating more drama. We know Bailey has been upset, we know she would have felt overwhelmed operating on Meredith. We are not stupid, we get it. I know, it‘s TV; suspend my belief before I watch, but seriously it annoyed me.

Bailey Gets Her Ben 

The Interns

I can’t really say much here as I cannot make up my minds about them. I do like Heather and Leah. I just heard recently that they have all been offered regular contracts, so this tells me they are here to stay. The show needs them. Meredith, Cristina and the gang have to have someone to teach. That’s the whole point of the show. But does this mean that they will become the next Meredith, Alex, Cristina, Izzie and George. Are they grooming these guys so that the show can go on without the main stars? Grey’s Anatomy would not last past five episodes if there was no Derek, Meredith or Cristina. Anyway I don’t think that’s what they are doing. In any case I would love to see more of Heather and Leah, so bring it on. The others I don’t really care for.

Richard Webber

I’ve saved the best for last. Richard had an extremely interesting year and a heart breaking one too. His wife Adele passed on, and he spent months feeling guilty that he was not there. He stopped seeing Katherine Avery and she got concerned. Meredith dragged him back into an OR in the hope he would start to snap out of his funk. He was supportive of everyone this season, like a father figure is how it felt to me. So I really hope he is not dead, Bailey will be devastated and I don’t want to see that. Meredith will be devastated and I definitely don’t want to see her lose another part of her family and let’s face it Richard might as well be her father.

So that’s my wrap on the characters and their stories this season. As far as rating this season, I would go as far as saying that is was better than Season Seven or Eight and I thought Season Eight was pretty good. I’ve never been one to compare, but Season 7 was ruined with the Callie, Arizona, Mark baby story. Season 8 was fabulous, until the plane crash happened. Season 9 was really awesome, except for the law suit/hospital purchase. And as far as the Season of Romance, I felt that Shonda did give us the romance promised.

RIP Mark Sloan 

So fans, what do you think about Season 9? I would love to hear your opinion.

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