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Friday, October 26, 2012

Patrick Dempsey Interview With Ausiello - A Grey's Anatomy Movie?

Recently Michael Ausiello from TVLine caught up with Patrick Dempsey aka Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy.

Patrick Dempsey spoke about why he chose to renew his contract and how he would like to see the Series Final play out. Part of the interview is below, and you can read the full interview at: TVLine.com

TVLINE | You re-signed for two more years last May — how come?

Patrick: "Job security. You look at what’s going on in the world and how difficult it is to get a job. Actors who have been on other [hit] shows aren’t working. I’m like, you know what? Why not [stay]? It’s here. It’s still going. Everybody’s working really well together. The scheduling is working out this year. And it’s still amazingly popular. I had a long time where I wasn’t working. I was struggling. So why not? And the money’s good. I would be stupid to say no."

TVLINE | How do you think the show will end?

Patrick: "Gosh. I hope it’s not something traumatic like another plane crash or somebody getting run over by a bus. I think [life will] sort of just go on. I think it would just go out very simply — and leave it open for the movie." [Laughs]

I think there are many fans out there that are with Patrick on this topic. The drama and tragedy has all gotten a little too much for fans of Grey's Anatomy lately. As for the comment about a Grey's movie, well that would be interesting. 

Read the TVLine's full interview at the link below:

Michael Ausiello TVLine

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Spoiler Alert!" Grey's Anatomy - Cristina's Doing The Nasty, Nasty

The following post contains spoilers from the next episode of Grey's Anatomy; if you want to be spoiler free, then do not read any further.

Is it Cristina and Owen who are getting it on, or does Cristina have a new, sexy friend? As hard as it is to resist the temptation, I try to remain spoiler free. However this particular story had me intrigued, as I am a huge fan of Cristina Yang, and I'm wondering where this is going. I have not watched any video promos, and I usually don't watch them, as I find them to be very misleading. So now I am very excited to watch Grey's tomorrow night.

Vintage Sandra Oh and Kevin KcKidd in this scene; loved it 

In episode two; and in last weeks episode, I felt hopeful that maybe Owen and Cristina may find their way back to each other. The bathtub scene for me did redeem Owen a little in my eyes. Owen is capable of being the husband Cristina needs; that much was clear, however can Owen accept that Cristina does not want children, because if he can't then there is no hope for this couple. Shonda Rhimes may want to re-unite them but unless their reunion is believable then fans won't buy it. Well I won't anyway. 

In the spoilers released by Wetpaint; Cristina tells Meredith about this friend and also reveals that she does not like him. But how do we know she is talking about someone she's sleeping with? It would not be out of character for Cristina to have a one-night stand with someone she finds attractive; and it technically would not be adultery, however some fans may beg to differ. Owen and Cristina are separated, so it could be argued that she has every right to have a fling. Some would see this as cheating on Owen given that they are still married, and the fans that are hoping for Cristina and Owen to reunite will be furious once again. 

Is this the guy in the photo above that Cristina gets it on with? I hope not; he wouldn't be my pick. In any case I hope it's not true; only because it does not sit too well with my belief system, however we won't get into that. I'm not really fussed as to whether Cristina and Owen get back together, unless it happens in a realistic way that is true to them. And if Cristina finds a new lover then it just makes it harder for her and Owen to co-exist. 

I have read posts on Grey's Anatomy forums where fans have expressed an interest in seeing Avery and Yang get it on and some even feel that Shonda missed a really good opportunity to pair them up. And while we're on this subject, does anyone remember this scene cause I've been racking my brain for hours ever since I found the photo. It must have been at the party that they threw for Arizona's birthday in Season 6.

The promo video link to UTube is below; for anyone who would like to see it, I have also included the Canadian promo as sometimes they are better than the ABC videos:

Grey's Anatomy 9x04 Promo "I Saw Her Standing There" (HD)

Grey's Anatomy 9x04 Canadian Promo | "I Saw Her Standing There" [HD].

Classic Cristina Yang

So tell me; what do you want to see happen? Would you like CrisOwen back together, or divorced. Do you think they can resolve their issues? Or would you like to see both Owen and Cristina with different people. Sound off in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.

And in the meantime enjoy the episode on Thursday, or Tuesday if you live in Australia.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Grey's Anatomy Spin Off; Private Practice Cancelled "Caution Contains Spoilers"

Shonda Rhimes' creation Private Practice will be ending as of Episode 13. Private Practice began as a spin-off of Grey's Anatomy and starred Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery Shepherd. Addison moves to LA to work with her friends after her reconciliation with Derek Shepherd falls apart. The following post contains spoilers for people who have not seen the first four episodes of the new Private Practice season. If you do not want to be spoiled, do not read any further.

We shouldn't be surprised at this news; Private Practice has not been doing well in the ratings for sometime now. The ratings have not been awful, however with Kate Walsh hanging up her scrubs as of episode 13, it was probably clear the show would not survive without the character of Addison Forbes Montgomery.

It is sad though. Sad for the actors now out of work. My hope is that some of them come to Grey's Anatomy. I would love to see Charlotte and Cooper; and Amelia. Addison and Jake would be great too. I could look at Jake all day long, what a total hottie. Addison got it right when she chose him. Anyway enough, I digress....One person I do not want to see and will not miss is Violet. I adore Amy Brenneman and she is one hell of an actress, but her character just grates on my nerves. And poor Pete, I feel so sorry for poor Pete; why did he have to die like that. So much unfinished business, he never told Violet why they broke up last year. I hope Shonda rectifies this, cause I really want to know why Pete all of a sudden could not imagine spending another twenty-five years or longer with Violet. It's like the thought of being married to her for that long terrified him. And I know Pete loved her. Was it because she ran off to do that book tour after her licence was suspended at the beginning of last season, and he never forgave her? However, not that Pete has died it's unlikely Violet will ever get those answers.

I'll miss those Grey's/Private crossovers

Anyway enough about Violet. Hope I never meet up with that character again. Send her over to Scandal and have her play a really, mean character. Perhaps she could be someone from Olivia's past and the two could have a huge bitch-slapping fight. That would be so funny and so awesome, and I would not put this kind of thing past Shonda Rhimes, the Queen of Drama and Devastating events....Hmmmmm okay, back to Private Practice and it's demise into the ABC archives and peoples DVR's and DVD collections. 

It is a shame to see the end of this show, even if the only reason it survived for as long as it did was because it followed Grey's Anatomy on a Thursday night and there were cross-over episodes. It is true that Private Practice had a following of people who were not fans or even Grey's Anatomy watchers, so it did build a solid fan base there for awhile. When it moved to Tuesday nights to accommodate Scandal the ratings were looking pretty ordinary. 

One of the Best Episodes of Season 5 - Amelia's Intervention

From Season 3 onwards, I felt that show was better, the stories were well told and more interesting, however by the time we got to the end of Season 5, I felt something was missing. I did not enjoy the whole baby storyline with Amelia, or Addison's dilemma of whether she should choose Sam or Jake. Private Practice is now four episodes into Season 6 and the positive of this is that they have time to wrap up everyone's story arcs. Having already seen a few episodes of Season 6; it is clear that Shonda and the writers have been preparing for the end. When Kate Walsh announced she was leaving in the summer hiatus, the network probably felt that it should end. After all this show was created especially for the character of Addison Montgomery and it didn't seem as though it could go on without this character. With Kate Walsh gone, ratings would be worse than they are now. Kate Walsh is a very popular actress and the reason why a lot of viewers watch this show. 

Pete's Bali Themed Wake

There are also references made to Mark Sloan's death on Grey's Anatomy; but by the time these episodes make it to Australian TV; many people may wonder what and who they are talking about; especially if they are not Grey's watchers. Having Private Practice follow Grey's always meant that the crossover episodes made sense; but now that it doesn't and may not run after Grey's in Australia will means some fans may be very confused.

While I will miss Private Practice, it is good that they are ending it now and the characters stories will get some kind of closure. Nonetheless, I will miss my Jake, Coop, Charlotte and Amelia fix every week. Here's hoping these characters pop into Seattle Grace sometime in the future.


What do you all think of Private Practice being cancelled? Sound off in the comments area or link up with this site on Facebook or Twitter.

To read Shonda's statement about the cancellation of PP, the link is below.


Deadline Article

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 - 2: Remember The Time, Episode Review

 On Grey's Anatomy, in a series of flashbacks; we re-visit what our favourite medics went through out there lost in the woods for four days. Fans felt that this was unrealistic, however they were lost in thick bush-land and recently a plane crashed here in Queensland, and it took two full days to find that plane. I think it's possible. And it's TV, so we suspend reality to a point.

Twisted Sisters

Lost in the woods for four, long nights, trying to survive and keep each other alive. No food, very little water and unable to start a fire to keep warm; they managed to stay alive; just. We all know what became of Mark, however he was alive when they were rescued; thanks to Cristina. Animals fighting over Lexie's body, and Cristina desperately trying to keep bugs away from Arizona's leg, not to mention Mark who kept dying. Yet Cristina managed to keep them all alive and once they are rescued Cristina falls into a catatonic state. Hats off to Sandra Oh; when will the industry wake up and give this woman an Emmy? Cristina in the bath explaining to Owen what happened over those four days gave me chills and on watching it again for the fourth time to write this post; the chills were still there. She is flawless in every single scene.

Poor Lexie, but it's actually true that those events would take place in a real-life situation. I even found myself softening up a little towards Owen. He was so calm and patient; his obvious concern and love for his wife gave me hope that they might make it. Do many couples get past infidelity? And can they overcome the abortion and no children issue? Seems like a deal-breaker to me, but I also believe that if you really love your partner, you will move heaven and earth to make it work.

Mark died twice in two episodes and I cried both times

The episode told each characters story about the crash in a sequence of flashbacks; starting with Derek and Meredith, Cristina, Mark, and Arizona. It was a little confusing understanding the time-line and sequence of events, however it was so well filmed, written and acted; I can forgive this oversight. Mark dying again had me tearing up, which to me means Shonda Rhimes and Co did a fantastic job with this episode. I would even go as far to say it was the best Grey's episode in a long time. I am so hoping that we are back to the good old days of Grey's Anatomy; where every episode had me on the edge of my seat, feeling tense and anxious and very grateful for the funny one liners that were thrown in amongst the darkness.


It's certainly looking like an interesting story for Derek Shepherd with his hand. If you remember in the last episode his hand went numb during surgery, so we could see him doing something different this season. It was great to see Meredith by his side, encouraging him not to give up. However, it is only a matter of time before she breaks. This is typical Meredith, she runs around making sure everyone else is okay, and then falls apart. Remember after the shooting; it was halfway through the season before Meredith admitted that she was feeling traumatized too. It's also looking like Callie and Derek become close this season. Having lost their best friend Mark; I would not be surprised if they bonded over this.

Callie and Arizona's story is looking like being very interesting, given the situation with Arizona losing her leg and Callie giving Alex the order to do the amputation. Not sure that I really want to see Arizona blaming Alex for the rest of the season or Callie for that matter, but I doubt that this is where the writers are going. There is an opportunity here for the writers to show a different side to Arizona, as we really have not seen her dark side. And Alex; give the guy a break. No more dumping on Alex. He needs to find a good woman and settle down.

In concluding this review, I just want to add how much I loved April's "Come on Yang; I'm wide open. Hit me!" Or something along those lines. And not to be nit-picky, but why was April wearing resident scrubs? She is an attending; just not a board certified attending surgeon. Whether Owen fired her or not, she is still an attending. I don't know why, but mistakes like this really annoy me and I'm shocked that I haven't seen anyone on the TWOP board raise this issue. 

Really gonna to miss McSteamy

So after episode two, I have to say this is a great start; especially for a show that is into it's ninth year. But I'm not getting excited just yet; Season 8 started out really well too, but in all fairness; these two episodes kicked ass over the Season 8 premiere.

What did you think? Sound off on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments box and follow my blog for regular updates on Grey's Anatomy.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Spoiler Alert" McDreamy's Sister Visits On Grey's Anatomy

It was recently reported on Zimbio.com/TV that Derek's sister will visit Seattle Grace. Now it is not clear which sister will be visiting, however we do know it will be one of the two sisters that viewers are yet to meet. Kathleen; the psychiatrist, or the unnamed sister that has been referred to in previous scenes.

The role is being played by Neve Campbell who is most well known for her role on Party of Five. We have met Amelia (played by Caterina Scorsone) and Nancy (played by Embeth Davitz), so this will be one of Derek Shepherd's sisters' we have not been seen on Grey's Anatomy. It is highly likely given Derek's serious hand injury that it will be Kathleen, the psychiatrist that comes to visit, as Derek needs all the support he can get at the present moment.

Derek has also lost two people that were very close to him. Lexie who was his sister in law, and resident at work and Derek was close to her as a brother in law, mentor and co-worker. Derek also lost Mark who was like a brother to Derek. During their childhood Mark spent a lot of time with Derek's family because Mark's family were never around. Mark and Derek were best friends and brothers. Even Derek's mother gave Mark some motherly advice on her visit to Seattle Grace in Season 5.

So Dr Derek Shepherd has a lot to deal with. He may possibly never operate again; he has lost his sister in law and a man who was like his brother. So it stands to reason that he would need a lot of support and who better than his psychiatrist sister? This is looking like a very interesting storyline for Derek Shepherd and Patrick Dempsey, the actor who plays him, however I'm not getting my hopes up just yet.

Update: 21 October 2012; New broke last night that Private Practice has been cancelled. Could we see a Shepherd family reunion with Amelia visiting Derek too? Caterina Scorsone is a very talented actress, so it would be surprising if ABC and Shonda Rhimes choose not to negotiate a contract with her. She could be Seattle Grace's new bad-ass neuro-surgeon if Derek's hand really is out of commission. I guess we can speculate all day. What do you think about this idea? Have your say in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter.


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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Scandal; Shonda Rhime's New Show Screens in Australia

American Political Drama, Scandal Premieres in Australia

What can I say about this show? Shonda Rhimes, creator and brainchild of Grey's Anatomy is behind Scandal and it is written and directed by the same crew who make Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Unfortunately Scandal is not the monumental hit that Grey's was in it's hey-day.

That's not to say it is not a good show. It is a very good show, the premise is a solid idea. Would we love to have someone come along and cover for us, when we get in to trouble. A white-knight who will move heaven and earth to protect us and our secrets. That's the pitch that this show is trying to sell; along with actress:  Olivia Pope, who is played by Kerry Washington is what the creators refers to as a "Gladiator" in a white hat, she and her team of fixers are hired when there is a crisis that needs to go away. At the same time there is a whole other back story of intrigue and mystery going on about some of the characters. 

In the Season 1 Finale, viewers were left wondering who this mystery woman is who calls herself Quinn Perkins? Quinn (a lawyer) came to work for Olivia in the first episode, and in episode 7 it is revealed that she is not who she appears to be. Season 1 is only seven episodes long and ABC in the US have renewed this series for a second season, however it is not clear how many episodes have been ordered, however it is assumed it will be between 10 and 13.

Olivia Pope and her fixers

Grey's Anatomy fans have been the most critical of this show, as many feel it is Shonda's main focus and over the years the writing on Grey's Anatomy has suffered a downward spiral. Many fans believe this comes down to Rhimes focusing all of her energy on her other two shows; both of which have not done well in the ratings. Scandal might succeed if all the sappy cliches disappeared from the scripts, and the focus was on what these fixers actually do and it's still hopeful that we will see this in Season 2, however at the moment many fans find the show frustrating as we are not learning enough about what these characters do and how they do it.

Creating a love affair between the main character and the US President is not going to win viewers, especially when other characters in Rhimes' other shows are portrayed as terrible people if they commit adultery. Take the character of Addison Montgomery when she was in Grey's Anatomy, she was not forgiven for cheating on Derek Shepherd and more recently on Private Practice she was beating herself up for being a cheater. Olivia Pope's love affair with the President should not get a pass either and how many times have we seen that story done on TV, hardly original. However, the portrayal of how these Gladiators go about their business and help their clients is interesting and it's my guess that the fans want to see these stories unfold.

Scandal is a great show with the material to go on for a few seasons, however if the focus does not shift to building the back-story of the characters and explaining to the audience how and why they do what they do; the ABC network in the US will axe this series after Season 2. It's very difficult to decide whether to get invested in a show that could end without a resolution. However if you are looking for something different that is a mystery, thriller, drama all rolled into one and are not to hung up on how it will end; then you may like Scandal

Season 1 begins airing in Australia on Monday; 15 October 2012. The Seven Network will not be fast-tracking Season 2; Scandal will probably return to Australia with Season 2 in February 2013.

Update 10 Oct 2012: The US network ABC have ordered another 13 episodes of Scandal for Season 2. It is possible that more episodes might be ordered depending on how the ratings are, however if recent numbers are anything to go by; Scandal, Season 2 has not premiered well in terms of ratings in total viewers and has not done well in the advertising demographic this show targets. And given that it follows Grey's Anatomy; on a Thursday night in the US it really should be doing better. 

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

What Happened Out There? - Grey's Anatomy: Remember The Time - Season 9 - 2

Australian Airdate: Tuesday 09 October 2012, @ 9.45pm

Stranded In The Woods - Grey's Anatomy Returns To The Crash Site

After the confusing time-jump of last week's episode of Grey's, viewers will be taken back through the two month aftermath of what happened out there in the woods. We find out how the doctors coped with their injuries, and we also find out a little more about the reason Mark Sloan fell into a coma.

Remember the Time will largely be remembered by most die hard Grey's fans as one of the best episodes over. All the actors in the episode really brought their A game and there is some impressive acting by Sandra Oh (Cristina), Sara Ramirez (Callie), Ellen Pompeo (Meredith), Patrick Dempsey (Derek) and Eric Dane (Mark). 

The only criticism I had with this episode was figuring out where they were at time-wise, however this has always been one of "Shondaland's" failings. The time-line fairy at Grey's Anatomy has always been questionable.

Anyway enough said; I wouldn't want to spoil it for the Aussie viewers. I will be back with my review later in the week.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Premiere - Going, Going, Gone - Review

RIP Mark "McSteamy" Sloan

The lead up to the Season Premiere last week was fraught with a lot of talk about who would make it out of the crash and who would not. However, when Grey's Anatomy went to air in Australia last night, we began with a time-jump three months into the future. 

Mere-Der Love

Viewers all over Twitter and forums last week and last night were confused to say the least given the huge cliff-hanger left by the plane crash in the Season 8 Finale and many fans would have expected the show to pick up where we left off, where our favourite doctors were still stuck out there in the woods. Given that after the finale last season, Shonda made a big deal of the fact that they are still out there, you would think she would start off the season with what happened out in the forest. Now Shonda gave an interview in July explaining the time-jump of three months and that episode 2 would go back to what happened out there. However if you are a fan who does not read spoilers, articles and interviews about your favourite show then watching the premiere would have left you feeling confused. At least when I sit down with my daughter in 10 days time to watch the first two episodes, I can explain to her what's going on.

Still On the Hunt

Owen Hunt looking very lost

Anyway, apart from the first few moments of confusion, overall the premiere was pretty good. The tribute to Mark in his dying moments when they took him off life support was lovely. Mark had a living will requesting that if after 30 days there was no hope of recovery then all life sustaining procedures had to be ceased. The video that was supposed to be Derek's wedding to Addison was a little laughable given Patrick and Eric's ages, however Shonda did her best. It was funny given that I remember Eric Dane in Charmed and he did not look like that and that was less than 10 years ago, not 18 years ago as the 1994 date suggested. However it was one of the nicer tributes for a character that I've seen on a drama series in a long time. That being said, many fans are criticising George's send off, and I cannot understand why. And I also heard something ridiculous about Shonda Rhimes getting death threats on Twitter after McSteamy died on Grey's Anatomy. It's very hard to understand how a person could rationally do that; I mean it's a TV show.

Getting a Lesson

McSteamy and Avery; the Plastic's Posse

Mark Sloan will be missed terribly on this show. His smile, his humour and not forgetting that the man was hot! Many long time Grey's fans will miss seeing Mark's steamy love scenes. And it does not matter how hard Shonda tries with her other sexy cast members; McSteamy was one of a kind. 

While most of the episode was centered around Mark's death. We were also introduced to new interns who Meredith Grey has managed to terrify, so much so that she has been dubbed Medusa (which I loved). Some fans saw the nickname as an insult, but I don't. It would also seem that Meredith and Cristina are having issues with flying; neither have been able to get on a plane. It's hard to imagine how this would feel. Cristina is at Mayo clinic and it would appear that she is unhappy there, so let's hope that means she comes back to Seattle. If not for Meredith and Alex, but for her marriage. Pictures and sneak peeks would have us believe otherwise. Photos from episode three show Cristina still at the Mayo clinic. I think that it's only a matter of time before she returns. 

Shades of Meredith Grey

Medusa aka Meredith Grey kick ass Attending

Patrick Dempsey and Sara Ramirez totally knocked their acting for six. I thought every one of their scenes were terrific. And towards the end when Mark died; Patrick and Sara really brought it; it was not overdone, and totally believable. It's looking like these two will be friends this season although it probably is a little too early to make that kind of prediction. I do think that Derek won't be operating for a while, if ever. He may end up teaching which has been alluded to in the spoilers and would give Patrick Dempsey the time off to race or work on movies. I think we will see him in most episodes, however we just may not have as much Derek on our screens as before. This may not make the MerDer shippers happy; but quality is better than quantity and if Patrick and Ellen get some decent stories this season, then fans should be satisfied. 

Calliope Torres Photo

Callie Torres has a hard road ahead

Alex and Jackson look like they are staying. When the show opened it looked like Alex was set to go to John's Hopkin's as planned last season, however after he met the new peds attending, it was clear Alex had a change of heart. At the end of the day at the airport; Alex decided to stay and found Meredith in the bar talking to Cristina on her Ipad. He apologised, and all was well. Alex asked Cristina to tell Owen he is staying at Seattle, Cristina is very confused until Alex explains that he saw Owen at the airport. Next we see Owen and April leading a pig out of a barn. Geez Shonda I didn't even miss her until that scene; not once did I wonder where she was, yet I missed Teddy and Lexie. I kept hoping to see Lexie pop up in one of the Mark flashbacks, but I guess they could not use any footage or photos of Lexie for legal reasons.

And lastly can I just mention "Booty Call Bailey" I did not like this. It's almost as if Shonda has stripped Bailey of her hard-core surgeon persona to this new person who the interns make fun of. I hope Bailey brings back the Nazi very soon. Don't get me wrong here; Bailey can have a fiance' and a love life; but Bailey running around in and out of on-call rooms just goes against the reputation she built for seven seasons. 

All in all it was a great episode, probably not as good as last year's premiere; but good. I still wonder whether showing what happened out in the woods in the first episode would have been better. I guess I can't know that until I watch on Friday afternoon or on Tues night here in Australia.

What did you think of the premiere of the ninth season of Grey's Anatomy? Is it time the show was put to bed or is it just getting better? Sound off in the comments or have your say on Facebook or Twitter.

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