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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Meredith And George’s Sexual Encounter - A Grey’s Anatomy Romantic Disaster

Sometimes no matter how much we love the characters on a TV Show like Grey's Anatomy; some scenes are difficult to watch.

What Have I Done to Deserve This? - Season 2, Episode 19 of Grey's Anatomy; Meredith and George had sex. From the very first episode in Season One; George O’Malley was crazy in love with Meredith Grey. George discovered a few weeks later that Meredith was in a relationship with Dr Derek Shepherd, the world renowned neurosurgeon, who was also their boss.

George’s love for Meredith remained true. He was there for her when Derek’s estranged and beautiful wife showed up in Seattle, and when Derek chose his wife and marriage, which broke Meredith’s heart, George stood by his friend. He never once tried to take advantage of her vulnerability; he was her friend, which was what Meredith needed at the time.

Unrequited Love Is a Horrible Feeling

Everyone at Seattle Grace knew that George was in love with Meredith, and this was a storyline that needed to get some kind of resolution. Everyone also knew that George was in denial about the fact that Meredith did not feel the same way. In a way George needed to face up to this denial and resolve his love for Meredith. He needed to face the fact that Meredith never saw him as anything more than a close friend.

Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey’s Anatomy chose to use an impulsive, sexual mistake to tell this story, much to the shock of many fans, but perhaps it was an experience that these two characters needed to have. Why it could not have happened with a mature conversation is probably because their maturity was sadly lacking. We need to remember what Callie said in Season 3, “Its high school with scalpels.” Grey’s Anatomy has been built on the premise that because of all the time these doctors spent studying at med school, that they were never able to develop their social skills and learn how to have healthy friendships and relationship that involve good communication.

The Sex Scene Made Fans Cringe

The sex between George and Meredith was the saddest, most pathetic sex scene I have ever seen on TV and that was the creator’s sole intention. It had to be sad and pathetic, or the story would not have been as effective. Afterwards, George felt angry and hurt and did not understand why Meredith had gone to bed with him if she didn’t really want to. Meredith tried to explain it to him, however his pain was too raw, and he moves out of Meredith’s house. Burke invites George to bunk on his sofa, and an unlikely friendship begins to develop between the two men.

George is sulking for weeks until the penny drops and he finally realises that Meredith never felt the same way as he did. Meredith also learnt that jumping straight into sex may not be a good way to have a relationship and decides to take up knitting and become celibate. Apart from the hot lovemaking in the exam room with Derek at the prom during Losing My Religion; the sex with George was Meredith’s last impulsive sexual encounter. Meredith loved George very much as a friend and was silly and immature enough to believe that George might be the one for her after all. Deep down, Meredith was in denial too.

George's Sensitive Side Wins Out

In the final episode of Season 2, Losing My Religion, George figures out that Meredith did not know any better. In the weeks that follow George bumps into Thatcher Grey; Meredith’s father and learns that Meredith had been to see him two weeks ago. George remembers Meredith’s sadness that night and realises that she was sad about how her father had abandoned her as a child. We start to see the beginning of understanding on his part, despite his hurt and humiliated feelings.

This tragic sex scene was a real account of what happens to two people who rush sex and it doesn’t work out; usually one or both people get hurt. However, in this case it almost ruined a great friendship and caused a lot of tension within George and Meredith’s circle of friends. We see situations like these on TV all the time where the sexual interlude doesn’t work, usually in a sitcom. However, it’s not often that the viewers are told the real story of how this situation can affect people.

A Story That Needed to be Told

As hard as this scene was to watch, it was brilliantly acted and written. The awkward sex scene was tragic to watch, but so well acted. The fall-out between George, Meredith and the other interns was a story Shonda wanted to tell, because its real life, it happens all the time. People fall in love with the wrong people and they do have inappropriate, uncomfortable and humiliating sex. While it was tragic to watch, it was necessary to see the drama, emotions and humour of this story being portrayed by these characters. What was also clearly being said is that life is short, and pining for the wrong person is not worth your time.

The Tragic End of George O'Malley

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