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Friday, June 1, 2012

Grey’s Anatomy Private Practice Cross-Over – Postmortem

Have You Seen Me Lately? – Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 Episode 15

Aired – 31 May 2012

Derek’s sister, Amelia paid Seattle Grace a visit last night to enlist the help of her fancy neurosurgeon brother to help her with an extremely tricky brain tumor. Amelia spends most of the episode calling her brother a jackass; with Lexie playing referee. In the end, Lexie is the one to convince Derek to stop worrying about his sister slipping back to her addiction and help her find a way to help her patient. She further points out that it was his idea to take on hopeless cases in the first place, and if it were any other patient he would still be looking at the scans and trying to find a way. This is enough to spur Derek into action and help his sister. For me Amelia, Derek and Lexie’s sparring was the highlight of ‘Have You Seen Me Lately?’


The disappointing part of this threesome was the absence of Meredith. It would have been great to see her bond with Derek’s sister, they are family after all. It also would have been great to see the four of them bond; Meredith, Amelia, Derek and Lexie.  However, Meredith was extremely busy trying to impress Callie in order to learn the secrets of Callie’s secret study method. But seriously, couldn’t they have had one scene together?

A Man’s Hand is Stuck in a Meat Grinder

Yikes; how friggin painful would that be? Those machines are designed to make mince meat from pork or beef or whatever. One would think his hand would have been minced in this contraption. And the patient was conscious, I really think I would have passed out way before the pain-killers were administered, simply from the sight of my bloody, messy hand. But hey; I pass out if I watch while a nurse takes my blood. I digress. Anyway, Callie tells Meredith that she is running the case and proceed to quiz her on what they should do. At first Meredith wants to amputate, but after more careful examination of the fingers poking out of the meat grinder, she reassess and tells Callie that she thinks the hand could possibly be saved.

The patient’s brothers' offer to take the machine apart, given they clean it everyday, Meredith agrees it’s a good idea. Once they get the machine apart, and see the bloody mess their brother’s hand is they both pass out on the floor. Didn’t you just love it when they requested the tools they needed and called out Stat! That was funny. Meredith almost puking while trying to save one of the patient’s fingers was a classic. As it turned out they were unable to save the thumb which lead to Meredith coming up with an idea of removing the man’s big toe to use as a replacement. Callie disagreed with her but only because Meredith had forgotten part of the research she had read. It turned out after getting the patient’s consent they removed his second toe and saved his hand. It was then that Callie agreed to coach Meredith and teach her the secret study method so she would pass the boards.

Cristina and Owen go to Couples Counselling

The two story arcs above were really the only interesting part of the episode for me apart from this one. Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh were perfect in these scenes however, I think the writers have forgotten one simple fact. Cristina did mention she didn’t want kid back in Season 6 – Sympathy for the Parents. Please Grey’s Anatomy writers, I’m begging you; get you shit together? It’s annoying. While I am not really invested in this couple and I do not ship any particular character or couple; Cristina Yang is my favourite and I’m really intrigued as to how Shonda expects to reunite this couple as it would seem to me they are in a no win situation.

Cristina’s “Be my frigging person!” outburst near broke my heart, because it really seems as much as Owen love her, he can’t see it from her point of view. I get that Cristina needs to learn to be more in tune with other’s feelings and that was quite likely one of the points to this storyline; but jeez it’s depressing. But I’m hanging in there because I do not think separation or divorce is their answer and as you will see in upcoming episodes, Cristina is of the same opinion and shuts Meredith down when she suggests the possibility of it.

Alex and the Pregnant Intern

Okay; I love Alex, he’s awesome and Justin Chamber is so underrated as an actor but, I did not warm to the pregnant intern, her heart condition and very premature, sick little baby. I think this story is going somewhere weird and I am really hoping that this intern is not Alex’s new love interest. Gotta say though, I loved Arizona in these scenes, especially her quote; “Karev, learn your freakin intern’s names.” And did you see how tiny that baby was? I don’t remember Sofia being that small at 23 weeks, but maybe she was and I missed it.

That’s a Wrap

So that’s the Grey’s Anatomy part of the cross-over and apart from Meredith being absent in the Lexie/Derek/Amelia scenes, I thought it pretty good for a cross-over event. Last season’s was hardly worth calling a cross-over; if you had blinked you would have missed Addison, we barely saw her.

Next week’s episode has a lot of McSteamy, if you believe the promos. We will meet the intern, Morgan’s finance, who is less than optimistic about the baby survival chances and Meredith will spend half the 42 minutes wondering what the heck is up with Cristina.

Anyway till next week; have your say in the comments or discuss #GreysAnatomy on Twitter or connect with Grey's Anatomy Addicts on Facebook.

You Break My Heart – Private Practice Season 5 Episode 15

Aired 31 May 2012

When it comes to Private Practice cross-overs, I have never really been a fan. But this one was awesome. I did not give a crap about what was going on in LA with the other’s; so I pretty much fast-forwarded through all of that before I wrote this review. As a huge fan of Charlotte and Amelia, there was little need to know what was up with Addy and the others. I’ve never liked Violet, or the marriage to Pete. Never should have happened. I adore Pete, he is a unique person, a caring doc and hot, hot, hot! And I love Benjamin Bratt (Jake) too, but that was from Law and Order. Anyway I digress again.

In short, and I don’t really want to rant on about the Private Practice part of this double episode, is because this is a Grey’s Anatomy blog and the only scenes I really enjoyed were with Derek and Amelia, Charlotte, Cooper and Mason, and Lexie’s role on the case. I am quite getting used to Lexie and Derek working together, so much so that I can’t see Meredith coming back to Neuro now. I am really pissed that Meredith was not a part of the cross-over. It would have been nice for her to be there. Amelia is Derek’s family and it would really be great to see them bond as sisters-in-law. Why wasn’t Meredith a part of this cross-over? Surely it was not because she was not needed in a medical sense? If that’s the writer’s excuse for not including her, then that is pretty weak. Meredith could have been included simply to support Derek, Amelia and Lexie; given the difficulty and length of the surgery. Anyway rant over.

The only other storyline that had me mildly interested was Sam’s sister Corrine and her bipolar situation. I found this story interesting as I spent almost a year at university studying mental illnesses and I am well aware how horrid and awful bipolar and other mental illness can be and how they affect the patient and their family and loved ones.

I am not a fan of Sam in the slightest, but I really feel for him at the moment and my prediction is that Sam has no idea what is ahead.

Anyway the best part of the episode for me was the way in which Derek supported Amelia and how much their relationship was healed from doing that surgery together. He helped her alleviate her doubts and he was so happy when Erica woke up after surgery. The best part was when they hugged and he said we have to publish. How awesome, a brother/sister article in a medical journal about how they removed an impossible tumor. Erica lives, which is a miracle and I have to say my heart was in my mouth the whole time. I really thought she was going to die.

You Break My Heart was for me the best cross-over Grey’s Anatomy have done so far, and I guess they do it to push the rating up over on Private Practice; whatever, it all worked for me. I loved it.

Anyway till next week; have your say in the comments or discuss #GreysAnatomy or #PrivatePractice on Twitter or connect with Grey's Anatomy Addicts on Facebook.

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