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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Latest News On Grey’s Anatomy

When Grey’s Anatomy returns in September we are being told to “buckle our seatbelts.” According to popular website Wetpaint, Meredith and Derek are set to face some difficult challenges within their marriage. Rumours of Meredith dying have been denied by TVLine, however it would seem that the couple are at an impasse when it comes to the choices they are making regarding their careers.

Problems for Meredith and Derek

When we last saw Meredith and Derek, Meredith told Derek that she cannot move to Washington. She also told Derek that she feels as though he thinks his career is more important than hers. Does this ring true? I think it does. He did, after all break his promise to give her the time she needed to work on her research and cement her career in General Surgery when he accepted the offer to work on research for the President of the United States. You can understand his dilemma, but it was a shitty thing to do. Frankly, I can see their marriage becoming a long distance one in the not too distant future and a good story arc for both characters.

Shonda and Co are Already Working On Season 11

Even though Season 10 just finished in Mid May, Shonda and her writers have been at work planning Season 11. From what Shonda has said on Twitter, it looks as though the creative process has begun. She tweeted recently that she has a sinus infection and that she had, had a great day in the Grey’s Anatomy Writer’s Room.

Shonda also confirmed that the writers get all of June off. That's good to know, as you would think the the writers would need to rest and recharge their batteries and return fresh to begin creating the next season. Not much has been said about what is in store for Season 11, however once the writers and actors return to begin filming, which usually happens sometime in July, I am sure that we will hear more about where things are going for Season 11.

Meredith Has Another Sister

I am not going to say much about this, as it is a story that just does not make sense and does not please me at all. In short; I don’t relish the thought of watching Lexie 2.0. If Maggie Pierce (I think that’s her name) turns out to be Richard Webber’s daughter, and it’s pretty clear that she is, then it is a great story for his character. As for Meredith, we’ve seen it all before. I will elaborate on this story further on my blog when I have time as I have quite a lot to say about it.

Are you looking forward to Season 11? Hit the comments and let me know.


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Meredith And George’s Sexual Encounter - A Grey’s Anatomy Romantic Disaster

Sometimes no matter how much we love the characters on a TV Show like Grey's Anatomy; some scenes are difficult to watch.

What Have I Done to Deserve This? - Season 2, Episode 19 of Grey's Anatomy; Meredith and George had sex. From the very first episode in Season One; George O’Malley was crazy in love with Meredith Grey. George discovered a few weeks later that Meredith was in a relationship with Dr Derek Shepherd, the world renowned neurosurgeon, who was also their boss.

George’s love for Meredith remained true. He was there for her when Derek’s estranged and beautiful wife showed up in Seattle, and when Derek chose his wife and marriage, which broke Meredith’s heart, George stood by his friend. He never once tried to take advantage of her vulnerability; he was her friend, which was what Meredith needed at the time.

Unrequited Love Is a Horrible Feeling

Everyone at Seattle Grace knew that George was in love with Meredith, and this was a storyline that needed to get some kind of resolution. Everyone also knew that George was in denial about the fact that Meredith did not feel the same way. In a way George needed to face up to this denial and resolve his love for Meredith. He needed to face the fact that Meredith never saw him as anything more than a close friend.

Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey’s Anatomy chose to use an impulsive, sexual mistake to tell this story, much to the shock of many fans, but perhaps it was an experience that these two characters needed to have. Why it could not have happened with a mature conversation is probably because their maturity was sadly lacking. We need to remember what Callie said in Season 3, “Its high school with scalpels.” Grey’s Anatomy has been built on the premise that because of all the time these doctors spent studying at med school, that they were never able to develop their social skills and learn how to have healthy friendships and relationship that involve good communication.

The Sex Scene Made Fans Cringe

The sex between George and Meredith was the saddest, most pathetic sex scene I have ever seen on TV and that was the creator’s sole intention. It had to be sad and pathetic, or the story would not have been as effective. Afterwards, George felt angry and hurt and did not understand why Meredith had gone to bed with him if she didn’t really want to. Meredith tried to explain it to him, however his pain was too raw, and he moves out of Meredith’s house. Burke invites George to bunk on his sofa, and an unlikely friendship begins to develop between the two men.

George is sulking for weeks until the penny drops and he finally realises that Meredith never felt the same way as he did. Meredith also learnt that jumping straight into sex may not be a good way to have a relationship and decides to take up knitting and become celibate. Apart from the hot lovemaking in the exam room with Derek at the prom during Losing My Religion; the sex with George was Meredith’s last impulsive sexual encounter. Meredith loved George very much as a friend and was silly and immature enough to believe that George might be the one for her after all. Deep down, Meredith was in denial too.

George's Sensitive Side Wins Out

In the final episode of Season 2, Losing My Religion, George figures out that Meredith did not know any better. In the weeks that follow George bumps into Thatcher Grey; Meredith’s father and learns that Meredith had been to see him two weeks ago. George remembers Meredith’s sadness that night and realises that she was sad about how her father had abandoned her as a child. We start to see the beginning of understanding on his part, despite his hurt and humiliated feelings.

This tragic sex scene was a real account of what happens to two people who rush sex and it doesn’t work out; usually one or both people get hurt. However, in this case it almost ruined a great friendship and caused a lot of tension within George and Meredith’s circle of friends. We see situations like these on TV all the time where the sexual interlude doesn’t work, usually in a sitcom. However, it’s not often that the viewers are told the real story of how this situation can affect people.

A Story That Needed to be Told

As hard as this scene was to watch, it was brilliantly acted and written. The awkward sex scene was tragic to watch, but so well acted. The fall-out between George, Meredith and the other interns was a story Shonda wanted to tell, because its real life, it happens all the time. People fall in love with the wrong people and they do have inappropriate, uncomfortable and humiliating sex. While it was tragic to watch, it was necessary to see the drama, emotions and humour of this story being portrayed by these characters. What was also clearly being said is that life is short, and pining for the wrong person is not worth your time.

The Tragic End of George O'Malley

What did you think of this storyline? Sound off below or comment via Facebook or Twitter.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Grey's Anatomy Wish List For Season 11

Recently Grey's Anatomy Wetpaint published a wish list for Season 11 of Grey's Anatomy.  While I agree with some of their ideas, there are some I do not. Anyway, I thought I would share my opinion of their list.

Given there have been absolutely no spoilers about what we may see next season, all fans can do is speculate and hope that certain things will happen with our favourite medics. Wetpaint's list contains five wishes, but I have six - anyway lets get started.

Wetpaint's Wish List

1. They want the Meredith/Derek fight resolved as soon as possible. Okay, first of all; I don't believe it was a fight, what I saw was Meredith standing up for herself and what she wants for her career. I don't remember Derek disagreeing with her feelings, however I assume and hope that their discussion will continue come the end of September (an educated guess). I must watch the episode again.

My feelings about Meredith and Derek and the show in general is that I don't want to see a time jump. Pick it up where it ended, time jumps are not popular. I would also like a little bit of drama between Mer/Der and perhaps it might be interesting to see Meredith stay at Grey Sloan Memorial on her own and Derek go to Washington. This will hopefully give Meredith her change to shine, which I personally would love to see. Seeing Mer/Der deal with a long distance marriage might be interesting too. A little bit of drama and angst can be entertaining if the writing is good. Jeez! Who am I kidding, I just remembered who is giving orders to the writers on this show. I know, I know, that a little harsh, but it's kind of true, Grey's writers don't seem to be able to do subtle drama.

I guess what I am really saying is don't break them up and if the writers must do this, then be original about it. I don't want to see a repeat of a sulking, self-righteous and cranky Derek, the same Derek we saw in Season 8. The other wish I have here is that they focus on Meredith as the central character as much as possible, as it worked in the early days. I do realise that we cannot go back, but perhaps tapping into that formula just might pay off in more people tuning in. There are so many fans who love Meredith and Meredith and Derek as a couple (another reason why the writers cannot go too far if they separate them).

Meredith realises she cannot leave Seattle

2. Wetpaint would like Ms Maggie Pierce, new cardio attending and Richard Webber's long lost daughter to shake things up. 

As far as I am concerned this situation is bound to upset Meredith (which is fine) but I don't know if I can stand watching a repeat of Lexi/Meredith. Meredith has grown a lot since she first met Lexie and she had many issues with her father and her mother. This time around we might see her deal with it differently. A little angst and drama would be good for Mer/Der as they cannot be happy all the time, happiness all the time is just not realistic, but I find any kind of sister story-line repetitive. It worries me how they will handle it. However, if it is done in a different way and the focus of this story is on Richard, I think I will enjoy it more.

Maggie reveals that her mother is Ellis Grey

3. Wetpaint do not want the writers and ABC to try to replace Cristina; wow, like that is possible.

I totally agree with this; I do think there is a need to add a new character or two, or perhaps if Amy sticks around, this would work. I have not made up my mind about Maggie yet as I've only seen her in two episodes, but I think she will be an interesting addition to the cast given the story potential with Richard. I will not be happy if one of the cast starts to act like Cristina in an attempt to capture the unique personality the show has lost. This would be so stupid. My hope is that Sandra comes back for a visit occasionally to visit Meredith and the others.

                                          "We need a dance party." Cristina Yang, right before she left

4. Wetpaint's fourth wish was that the Powers That Be bring Addison Montgomery back.

I am so on board with this. I love Addison and I loved the 2 seasons that she spent on the show, except when she first returned to take her husband back. I was definitely in the Meredith/Derek camp way back when that happened in Season 2, however it only took me one or two episodes to realise that Kate Walsh is a great actress. Addison is a likeable person and this character was a terrific addition to the show. If she comes back, she has to bring the hot husband, Jake. He is still one of the main reasons I miss Private Practice and I know, I say this every time I entertain the idea of Addison returning to the fold in my articles. I can't help myself.

In-fact having said that about Jake, Grey's Anatomy is really short on good looking men. We have Owen, Jackson, Derek and Alex and apart from Owen, the others are married or in a relationship. Is anyone out there missing Mark's presence on Grey's right about now. I have to wonder if Shonda regrets letting him go, or more to the point; killing off Mark Sloan. I know it would have been out of character for him to leave the hospital and his daughter, but she could have thought of something, surely. Actually, not really. it would not have been believable to see him leave Seattle, I am sadly aware of this. I also don't see his death and Lexie's death as them reuniting in heaven. Anyway, that's another matter and there's nothing Ms Rhimes or ABC can do about it now.

Mark and Derek riding the elevator

5. And Wetpaint's final wish is to work on building Jo and Stephanie's characters.

I can't agree with this wish either as I am not a fan of Jo, however Wetpaint might be onto something here, perhaps that is what is needed so that the viewers can get to know Jo a bit more and perhaps she will become more popular. I certainly do not like her with Alex, I cannot see or feel any chemistry between them. Frankly, I was more impressed with Stephanie this season than I was with Jo, especially when she figured out what Bailey had done with the young boy and the genetic engineered virus that saved his life. When she took the blame for Bailey, that really surprised me. Perhaps there is more to this girl than we know. 

I paid little attention to any of the interns when they turned up in Season 9. I simply did not care about them, they were all plot devices to me. But, I do feel that they let the right interns go this time. Last season when Mousy (Heather Brooks) was killed off in the premiere of Season 10, I was really disappointed and I never really forgave Shane for that, even though these thoughts were probably not rational on my part; oh well.

"Are you really on my service, again?"

And lastly my wish is that Cristina did not leave, but I am aware that the character was at a cross-roads with her career, her determination to succeed and her relationship with Owen. I believe now that Owen was a big reason why Cristina decided to take the job in Zurich. She knows that Owen will never move on while she is at Grey Sloan Memorial and if she stays, seeing him every day will make it impossible for her to move forward and find happiness with someone else. Cristina and Owen were never MFEO, despite the fact that Ms Rhimes said they were at one stage, I never believed that. I feel that their story was told to us for many reasons. Too many to go into right now. 

Many fans have said that her main reason for leaving was the fact that she can never win a Harper Avery while she works at Grey Sloan Memorial. As important as winning this award is to Cristina, I actually believe it was a minor reason for leaving. The offer to work in Zurich and eventually print 3D functioning hearts was just to good to turn down for a surgeon like Cristina. I also have no doubt that she will win a Harper Avery Award one of these days too.

Owen and Meredith working together with Cristina and Webber

All that is left to say is that Grey's Anatomy will be difficult to watch without Cristina, in-fact I think it will suck not seeing her kicking ass and taking names. I will miss her snarky comments and her banter with the other characters. Cristina always got the best lines. I don't know if I will ever get used to Cristina not being there. 

So we wait now for Season 11 and the first sign of any spoilers about what happens when Grey's Anatomy returns. Shondaland is usually pretty quiet until mid-August, however they might want to spend more money and time promoting Grey's before Season 11 starts, because without Cristina, ratings will fall. I just hope they prepare for that.

Now it's your turn, hit the comments and tell me what your wishes are for Season 11 or join me on Facebook and Twitter by using the links below:

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Grey's Anatomy Recaps

I don't know about you, but for me as a fan of Grey's Anatomy and a dedicated viewer for the last ten Seasons, I have always enjoyed reading reviews and recaps of the episodes. I often go back to certain websites and read old ones from the earlier seasons. Since the popular website Television Without Pity (TWOP) forums closed down last Saturday, I knew that I was going to miss reading everyone's comments and opinions regarding the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy and I also wondered who was going to continue writing recaps of the latest episode. The writer over at TWOP, due to illness only managed to write the Season 10 recaps up until We Gotta Get Out Of This Place, Season 10-16. Lauren S was the primary writer of the recaps at TWOP, however in the beginning there were a few writers that contributed to the episode recaps and they are really fantastic reading.

What I loved about the recap writers was that they took the time to write an extensive review/recap of the episode. They were entertaining and funny and when the owners of TWOP eventually delete them, I will miss going back for a read through. The recaps were quite lengthy to read, which did not bother me, however there was also a shortened format for readers and fans of Grey's Anatomy who were in a hurry and did not have time to read the entire, comprehensive recap. When the TWOP Forums shut down a few days ago, they left the recaps there, however the writers cannot add to them and the readers cannot make comments anymore as the page has been archived as read only. It is my belief that eventually they will be gone for good. Although some of the moderators at TWOP said that they are staying. 

Anyway; I have been thinking for a while that I should start doing this here at this site. There are some reviews of Grey's Anatomy here, however reviews and recaps are not something I write on a regular basis, mainly because I am busy with other writing projects. My plan would be to start working from Season One during the hiatus and when Grey's Anatomy returns in September, I will begin recapping and reviewing each episode. I haven't quite made up my mind on just how I will do this so that all the recaps/reviews are in order, but it will probably mean a second blog that links to this one.

I would really appreciate some feedback from my readers on this as it something I would really love to do. I believe that a lot of Grey's Anatomy fans would enjoy being able to have a special place to go and read about their favourite episodes and the latest episode and also have the freedom to comment or start a discussion. One of the members from the TWOP forums has started a new forum, which looks like it could become popular so I am also thinking about linking each recap to the appropriate thread over on their forum so that readers can go and join in the discussion.

Lastly, if you love to write about Grey's Anatomy and writing recaps/reviews of old episodes really appeals to you, then let me know by sending me an email. It would be great if my regular readers also wanted to contribute, I would love that. So let me know what you think. Email me or use the comments box or you can catch me on social media at the links below.

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Cristina and Owen on Grey's Anatomy - The Final Two Seasons


Cristina and Owen have many devoted fans, none of which were looking forward to seeing them say goodbye to each other in the Season 10 Finale. Their story; particularly the last two years has seen Cristina and Owen have many ups and downs. Did the creator of Grey's Anatomy; Shonda Rhimes succeed in closing their story in a way the fans would have been happy with? 

Given that Sandra Oh has called time on her role as Cristina Yang on Grey's Anatomy it is not likely that we will see Cristina and Owen resolve their issues and get a happy ending. Let's go over the background of their marriage during the last two seasons.
During Season 8 Cristina and Owen struggled with the reality of Cristina not wanting children. Having become accidentally pregnant in the Season 7 Finale; Cristina decided a termination was her only option. Her first mistake was to make the decision without really discussing it with Owen. When Meredith begged Owen not to punish his wife for not wanting a baby; he sought her out to talk, which ended with Owen agreeing to accompany Cristina to the clinic to have the termination. He then spent the next four months stewing about the baby that would never be. He did not talk about these feelings to Cristina.
Not long after Teddy's husband, Henry died (Teddy was Cristina's mentor and Cristina was the surgeon on Henry's case) Cristina elected to help Teddy steal a surgery from a fellow surgeon; as Teddy felt this surgeon was not qualified enough to perform the surgery. Owen has already ordered them to both go home and get some sleep, as they had been on duty for too long. He finds out that they went behind his back and is furious and this is what leads to Owen yelling at Cristina in Meredith’s kitchen, that Cristina had killed their baby. The entire hospital now knew their business, as Meredith had everyone over to celebrate Zola’s first birthday.
The surprising part about this exchange was that Cristina thought that she and Owen should put the abortion in the past and forget about it. Owen screaming at her was over the line. And Cristina can't really expect Owen to forget it, she should at least acknowledge his pain. Not long after this they went to couples counseling and things did not go well; this was the day that Owen got drunk and cheated; and later told Cristina who now believes that Owen cheated to even the score. In the closing episodes of Season 8, Cristina had decided she was leaving as she had been offered many fellowships at some of the best hospitals. She felt that the marriage was done.
In an interview just before Season 9 premiered in the US with Access Hollywood, Kevin McKidd said that he is expecting Christina and Owen to reunite in Season 9. However; he also says that he has no idea what’s in store for the couple. McKidd was quoted as saying that:“I think they’re gonna be OK. Nobody’s telling me, but I do think they’re the most complicated, in a way, of the couples, and the most tortured of the couples a lot of the time. On paper, they should not work as a couple, and that’s what I love about how they have written Christina and Owen — that they really get inside the heads of these two characters and sort of go, ‘Why are these people even together?’ And when they are, there’s a chemistry there that seems to work. And they struggle on and I do think they’re going to be happy and good for each other.” Sounds optimistic, but will their story be believable? And most die hard Grey's fans are worried about this. It would seem as though one of them needs to give up what they want in order to have a happy marriage.
It does seem like their problems are deal-breakers. If your partner wants kids and you don't, then getting married is really not a good idea. The problem with Cristina and Owen is way past the whole 'who did what to whom' scenario. They really need to figure out if there is a compromise to be made. It hardly seems like anything will be resolved with Cristina in Minnesota doing her fellowship, and Owen staying in Seattle. Cristina chose to leave despite the plane crash and Meredith begging her to stay. When Cristina left Owen also begged her to stay, however he needs to decide if he can live a life without kids, and Cristina needs to really think carefully about whether she may want a baby some day. Personally from what I've seen of her character, it's unlikely she will want to stop her career and have kids and if you listen to the many fans, not many of them want to see Cristina bend for Owen and give him children.
My interpretation of events at the end of Season 8 and what we saw in Season 9, is that Cristina and Owen will realize that they need to be each other persons' first and foremost and this happened in Season 9, and it was wonderful to see. During those counselling sessions in Season 8, Owen said to Cristina that she should be his person, and Cristina said the same thing. That was the clue that Shonda gave us about how they will reunite. She also said it could take all season on her Twitter page. So fans took this as more rough times for the Cristina and Owen fans. Another clue was when Cristina told Meredith that Owen was her person, and Derek told Meredith that she needs make decisions with him and not Cristina.
As for the cheating, well Cristina knew nothing about that until a while after the counseling session; in fact it happened that same day. Owen’s bad judgement in sleeping with another woman was hard to comprehend given their circumstances. The marriage is falling to pieces and he goes and does that! However this does happen in many marriages where couples are miles apart yet still live together and sleep together. They are not intimate, this is obvious, they are barely communicating, and are both miserable and lost. However; whether Owens’ actions can be forgiven is a different story. It would seem as though Cristina wants to forgive him; however when she realizes that he may have done it to even the score, she does seem to change her attitude. It was the cheating that really threw the Cristina and Owen shippers for a loop and it seemed like drama for the sake of drama. Cheating seemed to be out of character for Owen. And didn't they have enough drama already.
Their problems were made worse and it’s a mystery why Shonda sent Owen’s character down this path. Some fans who once liked Owen, do not like him anymore; and now to work at redeeming Owen in the eyes of the fans, seems like just more work than the writers ever should have had to take on. Many women hate cheaters, and have had their partners cheat on them, so most women in this boat would not forgive this type of behavior from their man. Until the cheating happened Cristina had no reason to distrust Owen. Now the trust in the marriage is gone too. Shonda may well have a message she is trying to send viewers via the cheating story, but I'm damned if I know what that is. Season 10 is over and Cristina is gone; and I still don't understand the point of having Owen cheat.
In Season 9 Shonda did manage to redeem Owen, at least in my opinion. He would not and could not stop blaming himself for putting his wife and the others on that plane and we see him deal with this and at the root of it all he was probably feeling awful about losing the love of his life. Cristina and Owen end up getting a divorce as Owen feels as though Cristina is done with the marriage, however he also realizes that if he and Cristina are divorced, then there will be no conflict of interest concerning the law suit.
On the day they are to sign the papers, she tells Owen that she wanted to try again, they go ahead and make the divorce official to remove their conflict of interest and Owen also believes that signing the papers means that they will not hurt each other anymore. They then seal this promise with a kiss and some hot sex. What I loved about this was Cristina's realization that Owen is indeed her person and so is Meredith, but in a different way. This was the break through I was hoping to see from Cristina. The friendship she has with Meredith is special, however it cannot take the place of her husband or marriage or in any way dictate what goes on in her marriage. I saw Meredith and Cristina really come to terms with this in Season 9 and it's about time.

The only way for Cristina and Owen to make it, is for one of them to give in regarding children. Owen would need to sacrifice being a father or Cristina would need to give in and have a child. I don't see it happening as you cannot fight what you truly believe and want. At the close of Season 9, Owen finds himself taking care of a ten year old boy whose family are both badly injured and unconscious. Cristina sees how much Owen cares for this child and realizes that he needs to be a father. She decides to end things in the Season 9 Finale.  Season 10 returned, and within the second episode, Owen and Cristina are in bed together. They elect to both start dating, which helps them both keep away from each other and work on what they individually want out of life. Owen meets Emma, a surgeon from another Seattle hospital and she seems to be just what Owen needs.
A few months into their relationship they are talking moving in together. Cristina turns up at Owens trailer to congratulate him on moving in with Emma, and give him a bottle of wine she stole from Derek. Of course they end up in bed and they are very aware of what happened, so there is no reading into things, at least on Cristina's part. Emma shows up a the hospital to talk to Owen about what kind of house they are looking for and to have the conversation about kids, when Owen hears that she intends to quit work to devote herself to her kids, something changes and he decides that Emma is not the person for him. The weeks and months roll on and Cristina and Owen are able to behave as friends without jumping into bed every time. When Cristina is nominated for a Harper Avery, things change again. Due to politics, Cristina loses the award and it is during the days when her loss has sunk in that she realizes that things have to change.
The night after the ceremony, she returns to Seattle and gets back to work. Meredith talks her into going to Switzerland to give a talk about her research. What she doesn't know is the trip to Zurich to give her lecture will dictate what she does next with her career. To her surprise and shock, Dr Preston Burke appears and asks questions regarding her work, he then invites her to see what he is working on. When Cristina finally confesses to Burke what it is she wants to do, he tells her to come and work in Zurich. He is leaving and could not think of a better person to run the hospital he is at. The people who own the hospital have tonnes of money that they put towards research for complicated medical experiments, surgeries and treatments. It's the chance of a lifetime. Meredith meet Cristina at the airport and as soon as she look into Cristina's eyes, she knows and says "You're leaving."

So for Owen and Cristina the dream of being together is over for them and over for their fans, unless Cristina comes back one day or Shonda gives Sandra Oh her own show in Zurich. In the Season 10 Finale, Cristina has been putting off leaving for weeks, feeling as though she is not finished. She gets drunk with Meredith the night before, and wakes up late, in the morning with Owen. Perfect ways for her to say goodbye to the love of her life, and her soul-mate and person, Meredith.
She arrives at the hospital later on and schedules a heart transplant surgery for one of her patients who has been waiting on a heart. It is the same family she was treating with the three kids who all had bad hearts. The new attending starts trying to boss Cristina around, telling her she cannot do the surgery, but Cristina is having none of it. In the end Meredith talks her into letting the new attending do the surgery and get to the airport before she misses the plane and puts it off for another day. She agrees and Meredith gets her into a taxi. I won't say anymore, so as not to totally spoil it for anyone who has not seen it, but when the taxi pulls away, it is not the last time we see Cristina.
As for her and Owen, their goodbye is simple, bittersweet and sad. I guess if there was a happy ending to their story, it is that they are great friends, who love and care for each other dearly. Hopefully for Owen, with Cristina gone, he can find the woman he needs in his life. When the news broke last year that Sandra Oh was bowing out and shortly after Kevin McKidd confirmed he would like to stay, fans knew that Cristina and Owen were not destined to re-unite. As far as endings go, I felt that Shonda Rhimes did a beautiful job of wrapping up Cristina and Owen's relationship and Cristina's many years working at what began as Seattle Grace and is now Grey Sloan Memorial.
Were you in tears when Cristina left? Were you hoping that she would suddenly change her mind or Owen would quit as Chief and go with her? I would love to know what you were thinking during Cristina's final episode. Hit the comments with your thoughts or follow me on Facebook or Twitter.


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