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Monday, September 30, 2013

Are You Sick Of The Death On Grey's Anatomy?

So fans what is the total body count on Grey's Anatomy? In terms of regular cast, it is actually only three, however if you count the two residents who died in the shooting, Henry (Teddy's husband), Denny Duquette and Mousy then the body count is eight. In nine and a bit years that may not seem like much, however had Katie Heigl returned and finished her contract, I will bet my next paycheck that Izzie would have bit the dust in the shooting finale of Season 6.

I think the reason that so many Grey's fans are upset about all the death and dying on Grey's Anatomy is because in one season and three episodes we lost Mark Sloan, Lexie Grey and Heather Brooks. Many Mark and Lexie fans were devastated by this loss and just recently we saw the death of Heather Brooks, who was the best intern on the show. This does not take into consideration that Meredith Grey has all but lost most of her family. Her mother, Ellis Grey, her pretend Mommy, Susan Grey and then her sister Lexie Grey. 

Enough already Shonda Rhimes, all of these people dying is becoming depressing and now that Sandra Oh has announced she will leave at the end of this season, I worry what Shonda will do with this. Ellen Pompeo recently said that Cristina Yang will go out with a bang. I hope that does not mean what I am worried it means. While many fans have said that cast departures left Shonda with no choice, Artsda on TWOP disagrees with this.

Artsda on TWOP had this to say about all the death on Grey's Anatomy. "She had lots of choices. Shonda's go to reaction to kill every character off is her choice. Lexie left and Mark left 2 episodes later. There's no way that Shonda could have written Lexie getting a job at a different hospital and then Mark moving to be with her?

Or George? He joined the army and was shipping out. Yet she still had to kill him and run him over with a bus.

It would be a miracle if Cristina lived and left Seattle Grace on her own.

Shonda makes her choices to screw over these actors and it does her show a disservice because they'll be nobody to return in a series finale like Audra did because she kills everyone off Grey's."

Sandra Oh has specifically said in her interview with the Hollywood Reporter that she does not want her character to be killed off as she would love to return for the series finale. All I know is that killing off characters on Grey's Anatomy does not work in order to get people to tune in. When the ratings first came out it looked as though Grey's Anatomy only managed to get 6.6 million viewers for the two hour season premiere, however later numbers showed that figure to be about 9 million, and the demographic was 3.4, which for a show in it's tenth season is pretty good, however I am expecting the numbers to drop in the next episode and I actually hope that they do drop, because perhaps Shonda Rhimes and ABC will get a clue that whatever they are doing is not working.

The Calzona and Owen/Cristina shippers are already mad about what is happening to their favorite couples and I am aware that this is fiction and just a TV show, but I can really see it dying a slow death after Season 10, so much so I am starting to think that Grey's should end after Season 10. If Shonda and ABC think they can keep the show going without the original cast, then they are seriously delusional. All I can say here is; enjoy Grey's Anatomy this season, because I seriously think that this will be the last season fans will be able to enjoy the show as there is too much doubt over who is going and who is staying. 

Do not misunderstand me, I totally loved the season premiere and thought it was better than the Season 8 and 9 premiere, however I have been reading forum posts and tweets from many dissatisfied fans out there who are sick and tired of seeing characters bite the dust. Heather Brooks did not have to die, she could have left for a while so the actress could do her new show and perhaps returned to Grey's Anatomy later if things did not work out for her new show. 

So now it's your turn; are you sick of the death on this show? Hit the comments with your thoughts.


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  1. I do not likt the direction that the show is taking. The Premier was good, but the last episode was boring and predictable. Meredith and Derek have gone from hot and interesting to sleep deprived and pablum covered. I have no interest in seeing that.

  2. I was not over the moon about the previous episode either, so much so I don't plan to write a review, however I am looking forward to the big party they have planned for next week and given that it is the 200th episode of Grey's Anatomy, I do have high hopes it will be good.

  3. Seconded... stop killing people. Seattle Grace is clearly the most cursed hospital in the world, as their own staff just keep on bloody dying!!

  4. I stopped watching around the time with the new interns and "Medusa" it felt like i was watching an accident with a mob of people, everybody had PTSD, was dying or had a depression or just had some major thing - if every hospital was staffed by people like that the patiients would be at risk. In terms of emotional jerking around one might just watch a gorefest or slasherflick..

  5. I want people to die! I miss insane crazy drama that just doesn't happen in real life! People getting shot, hit by busses, dying in car accidents etc I don't like the settling in and having kids... blah it's now just normal life drama I would see if I turned off the tv...

  6. I see what you are saying, and the unrealistic drama is why a lot of us tune in to escape the realities of life. I just feel as though too many of the characters on Grey's have died and sometimes the writers will create drama for the sake of drama. It is possible to write exciting and interesting stories without the death and the doom and gloom. I totally agree that if all I was seeing were happy marriage and everything working out for each character, that would become boring. Thanks for your feedback.

  7. I watch the old shows, but haven't watched the newer shows since season 11. The writing used to be so smart, funny, touching, heartwarming, and at times sad. Season 11 was dark and dreary. I tuned in a couple time since, but it hasn't changed at all. Killing off all those characters just completely turned me off.

  8. And Shonda is still doing this Anonymous. She bloody well killed Derek and proved me wrong at the same time. The show is now in its 13th season and is still grabbing 2.5 demo ratings in the early numbers, I'm not sure what the final numbers are, so Grey's could last for another ten years (though I doubt it will). I still watch, but I have to admit since Sandra Oh left, it has not been the same for me. I was not bothered by Derek's departure, but I pissed at how it was written. What a total disrespect for the fans and the actor who had spent eleven years as Meredith Grey, the show's namesake's leading man. The episode when Derek died was terrible and a total disrespect to the character, who was probably the 2nd most important character on the show. I will still watch and pass the news and gossip to the fans on my blog when I can, but I really cannot get excited over this show anymore. I have yet to watch the first two episodes, and I never watch live when the Australian networks fast track it from the US. A few years I could not wait to see Grey's every Thursday, now I catch up with it when I can.

  9. I can't remember when but like 3 years before Derek was killed off he said in an interview that he wouldn't be on the show much longer. He knew he wanted to quit greys anatomy so it didn't surprise me about his death. I don't think heather should've died. She should've just left the hospital to go somewhere else. I've loved the show and always will. It has changed a lot. But I love watching it. And would rather it go on 10 more years then end