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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Heart Shaped Box - Grey's Anatomy Season 8-8 - Postmortem

Be Inspired By The Miracle

Australian Screening: 12 April 2012.  US Screening: 03 November 2011.

This weeks episode was all about some of our favourite medics being inspired by the miracle of a live beating heart in a box. They decide what is really important and every character at Seattle Grace was faced with matters of the heart.

Clearly Teddy was the very first of the group to  understand the magic of heart in a box. She invites her husband Henry (Scott Foley) to watch the surgery from the gallery, telling Cristina that if Henry is going to watch a surgery then this is one to see. As they hook up the beating heart to the equipment within the box, Teddy orders Cristina to babysit the heart, she objects saying she'll arrange for an intern to monitor, but Teddy is having none of that. She tells Cristina to work on her list while she monitors Heart in a Box. It takes a speech from Dr Webber and some serious soul searching to get through to Cristina. She eventually comes up with a really great list. I have to say here that I am totally loving this mentor role that Dr Webber is taking on with the residents. Last week he was the referee for Meredith and Bailey's blow up on the softball field and it would seem that Bailey and Meredith have listened to Webber. This week he seems to be mentoring a few of the residents.

Hen and Ted

Jackson ditches a surgery because of the thing between Lexie and Mark, and after the softball in the boobs incident at the game; Jackson's fear has been confirmed and the last place he wants to be is in the OR with Mark. He decides after realising that he is sabotaging his career that he must break up with Lexie. Lexie has an epiphany of her own. While helping a patient finish her book so she will have the brain surgery she desperately needs, Lexie realises that she does not love Jackson and she is in love with Mark. Lexie says none of this out loud, but her reaction to her patient's choice of ending for her characters in the book really upsets her and it's clear she is relating the characters in the book to her own life.

The Men of Lexie Grey

George O'Malley's mum is admitted to the hospital due to a botched surgery at Seattle Presbyterian. Meredith and Bailey are on Mrs O'Malley's case. As it turns out the surgery is a simple repair caused by a mistake made during Mrs O'Malley's gall-bladder surgery. Meredith and Bailey are still slightly at odds with each other, however they made some headway during the surgery when Bailey admitted that George O'Malley was her favourite intern. Meredith agreed that George was the good one. If the writers of this episode wanted to tug at our heart-strings, then they did this beautifully. Meredith is also stressing out about having to go to court to get her kid back and doesn't know what she should wear. She tells Bailey that she is useless at the mummy stuff, but not useless as a surgeon. Bailey helps Meredith by suggesting she wear a sweater set to court. Meredith thanks her mentor, and the rift between them looks to be healed. Not all of the doctors saw the beating heart in the box, but it was obvious that they were inspired by it nonetheless.
Derek with his hopeless cases idea; and Mark deciding that teaching his resident is important to him.

The ending was a cliff-hanger. What is with Henry coughing up blood? Things do not look good for Teddy and Henry. If the promo for next week is anything to go by, it is assumed someone dies, as we hear Cristina calling time of death, however we don't see anything. But quite often these scenes are weeks away in a future episode. In any case coughing up blood is a serious medical complication, which usually does not end well for the patient. It also looks like Alex and Meredith get into an accident; so who knows what's going to happen next week and in future episodes.

Callie and Mrs. O

Heart in a Box

By the time the heart in a box surgery was over the whole hospital had heard about the miracle of the beating heart in the box being monitored by cardio-thorasic surgical resident; Cristina Yang. By the end of the day, Heart in a Box had received many visitors and admirers. Meredith and April join Cristina for lunch in the room with Heart in a Box. Cristina is still trying to figure out what Dr Webber meant when he told hershe was the key. Meredith asks Heart in a Box what is wrong with George O'Malley's mum, and the conversation turns to George. Alex's heartstrings start to ache, and he gets up and leaves, not wishing to talk about George, especially when it is revealed that George O'Malley was the heart in the elevator guy. April and Jackson are impressed. Jackson comments that it was "Bad Ass." All of a sudden Cristina gets it, and starts mumbling about the heart in the elevator surgery and the heart in a box. She goes to work on her list again.

When April tells the group that Heart in a Box give her the creeps, Cristina tells her not to talk about her that way. April thinks Cristina is nuts, and leaves the room. A bit later Jackson returns to sit and look at the heart in the box after Webber has told him that he is a fool for ditching the surgery with Mark. Jackson wants to know what is so special about Heart in a Box, so he asks Cristina and she explains that once you understand how much of a miracle it is that the heart in the box has never stopped beating, never stopped living, you will truly realise what's really important to you. Cristina shows Jackson her list and says "If I look at my list and that surgery is not half the miracle that Heart in a Box is, then it is not worth my time." Jackson stares at the box and tries to see what Cristina is seeing. After quietly watching the heart Jackson admits to himself that he and Lexie are over. When Lexie answers his page Jackson tells her they are over. Lexie tells him there is nothing going on with Mark, but Jackson insists there is and he will not sacrifice his career anymore and can Lexie really tell him that he should not choose Mark and his surgical career. Lexie is predictably silent. This scene did not leave me sad; in-fact it was a relief to see. Their farce of a relationship that has gone on for almost a year is over and now Lexie has to face her feelings for Mark.

Jackson and Alex Photo

In all honesty, this episode kind of dragged along a little. There no full on drama scenes, except for the brain surgery when Lexie's patient takes a turn for the worse and develops a brain bleed. Not to worry; the next couple of episodes will more than make up for it. Things really start to heat up next week.

Heart Shaped Box was well written and thought out and the intention to grab the viewers heart-strings was achieved with many of the characters. I especially loved the end where Alex admits that talking about George brings back memories of Izzie, and it makes him feel sad and depressed. The cliff-hanger with Henry was nicely done.

Best bits:  Bailey and Meredith talking about George. Meredith's quote: "He was the good one." was so true.
Alex's speech at Joe's bar at the end of the episode.

Worst bits: Henry coughing up blood; I have come to like Henry, but I think we all knew his days at Grey's Anatomy were numbered from the start.

Well that's it for this week. Still no word on the status of the six original's contracts' however some are predicting the Season 9 may be the last, as there are whispers that they have only been asked to sign for next season. Some are predicting that Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey will come back, as they have said they want to return. The big worry is if Sandra Oh and Justin Chambers will sign on again as they are extremely popular and many fans believe the show will suffer without them. The hope is that we have an answer before Season 8 wraps for the summer, which is only weeks away from happening. The last couple of episodes are being filmed now. Shonda Rhimes recently revealed that she has just finished writing the finale as of a few days ago and it's good to go.

I will update this site/blog as soon as I hear more news.

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