I Am The Sun and He can Go Suck It

I Am The Sun and He can Go Suck It
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Grey's Anatomy Addicts in in no way affiliated with ABC TV, Shonda Rhimes or Grey's Anatomy. It is a personal blog containing news and gossip, my personal opinions and that of the fans. All photos have the correct attribution added.

Pen To Paper


Pen to Paper

My name is Janelle Coulton, but most people call me Jel. I am from Canberra, which is the capital city of Australia. I live on a rural property with my partner and my dogs and cat; not to mention the many possums that live on our roof, rabbits, foxes and kangaroos that run about our property.  

This collection of mostly amatuer blogs is my learning process and experimentation in becoming a freelance writer and earning a reasonable income from what I love to do. What is that cliche' that gets bounced around all the time? "Do what you love and then find someone to pay you to do what you love."  In any case, I have no choice (atleast I'm telling myself that as a form of motivation) as I no longer have a full-time job due to illness. Given I am not fit to work at this time; my focus is to concentrate on my first love; writing.

Most of my writing lately has been dedicated to my Grey's Anatomy Addicts blog, as I am a huge fan of this show. However, I enjoy writing about social issues, other celebrity happenings and my favourite musicians; i.e. Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and the Beatles. I am a huge lover of nature, animals, reading (most genres), playing guitar and music. I also a huge advocate for the legalisation of Gay marriage; as my daughter is gay and I have many gay friends. I am totally against divorce or separation unless there is abuse or addiction within the relationship, which is the reason for my many posts about relationships, marriage etcetera.

I welcome any feedback and advice from freelance writers who are gainfully employed. Life is so incredibly short and given that I am in my late fourties, it's time to get serious about doing what I love to do. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

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