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Friday, March 22, 2013

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Finale - Shonda Please Do Not Kill Anyone

What do you predict for the Season 9 Finale of Grey's Anatomy? What do you think Shonda Rhimes has up her sleeve this year?

In an interview a few weeks ago, Shonda Rhimes was quoted as saying that there will not be any big disaster to take us out of Season 9. What she has got planned is anyone's guess. Then a couple of weeks later rumours surfaced about an earthquake on Grey's Anatomy and Shonda was very quick to deny this; however she has since denied it several times on Twitter, so it's looking like it was just a rumour.

If I had to hazard a guess on the outcome of the rest of the Season and more importantly what I think will happen in the final episode would most likely revolve around Derek and Meredith and the upcoming birth of their baby and this story arc will most likely be told with a lot of drama. My hope is that it is not another premature baby story; we just had that in Private Practice and not so long ago in Season 7 with Callie's baby. But it is safe to say that Meredith and Derek will be the main focal point of the finale. Something will be going on with them that will urge fans back for Season 10. 

What will happen with fan favorites Cristina and Owen? It is hoped we will get some kind of resolution about the baby story. The way it is unfolding now with Owen and Cristina in such a good place; it's wonderful to see; but what about their issues. This needs to be addressed or will these two love birds just get it on with each other until one of them meets someone suitable. Owen did say that he was ending the marriage because all they did was hurt each other, perhaps he intends to not go there again. And who says couples have to get married to be happy; I'm sure a believable story-line could be built around this premise. In the long run, any couple that marries on TV Dramas don't tend to stay happy for long, there is always something interfering with the course of true love. So maybe Cristina and Owen are better off?

There has been a lot of talk that some of the interns will be let go. This may not be a bad thing, but I'm not sure that Shonda has any plans to get rid of any interns. Her reason for having them there was for teaching stories and that would stop. By all means, get rid of intern Jo; and bring Caterina Scorsone on board. I would love an Amelia and Alex love story. That would be something awesome to keep me going through the winter (or summer as it would be in the US when Grey's goes on hiatus). This would be so great, but Shonda isn't listening to me. And I seriously don't expect her too, but from what I'm reading about Grey's around the traps; not many people want to see Alex with the intern Jo. I especially am against this as I wanted better for Alex. The intern, Jo is too immature. A few short episodes ago, she accused Alex of trying to sabotage her, let's not forget that. As for the interns being let go; if I had to choose one to stay and get a regular spot; I would say Mousy; I think her real name is Brooks. I'm not very keen on any of the other's, but if they stick around next season; who knows I may warm up to them.

While I am not a fan of the intern Jo and Alex ending up a couple; I will put up with it in the hope that Alex can get a decent story out of this pairing. Ever since Alex got interested in being a doctor to children I have loved Alex's character. Before that, I did not like him at all. Even when he was with Izzie, I was not into Alex; however I did not like Izzie either. And from the point of view of Alex getting some meaty, juicy story is worth putting up with Jo as his lover. I guess we don't have any control over Shonda's choices, so make the best of it I say. I would love to see Kate Walsh reprise her role of Addison at Grey Sloan Memorial and she can bring Benjamin Bratt, her hot husband Jake; that would be really great.

Another idea I have is that April and Jackson will re-unite. Their romances with the paramedic and intern are to me, a plot device. I do not like the fact that April did not fess up and tell Matthew the truth about her cashing in her V Card with Jackson, but oh well, it make for drama down the line and that's what it's all about. I've never been a big fan of April or Jackson, especially Jackson, and it's no secret I wish they had gone last season and not Mark Sloan or Lexie Grey. But the actress who play April is very good at what she does, and I think her character is confusing viewers now; what April is doing now, and the choices she makes are not true to April's character. Last season I took into account that the actress had a baby, however now, there is no excuse for wasting a terrific actress such as Sarah Drew. At least if Jackson and April are together then I can enjoy Sarah Drew's talent; as most scenes will feature both actors. So for that reason, I am hoping this couple do re-unite.

Callie and Arizona seems like they are in a good place, so I doubt anything awful will happen to them given all they've been through. As I wrote in my previous post; they finally get back to a sex-life on Grey's this week; so things are finally looking up for them. Arizona's lost leg story arc has been going most of the season, so it's fitting that they get back to a happy life and marriage given that Shonda has said that Callie and Arizona are made for each other.

Shonda Rhimes has said that there will be no big disaster in this years Season Finale and I am grateful for that revelation as last season's stories' were very emotional, angsty and sad. But to go out for a ninth season with no cliff-hanger or carrot to bring viewers back for Season 10, would not be a good idea either. Grey's fans have been switching off this show, slowly for the last four to five years, and ratings for a show in it's ninth season are very good, but if they don't improve a little, there's little doubt that Season 10 will be the series end.

So no earthquakes, bombs in bodies or plane crashes to take this season out. Just good old drama and emotion we hope. Even though Shonda has said there will be no big disaster to end Season Nine, her idea of disaster could be different to ours. She would need to have something up her sleeve to keep viewers tuning in; and I hope that she is still motivated to keep working on Grey's Anatomy as it would seem that she is more committed to Scandal then Grey's. You only need to consult her Twitter page to figure this out. There are way more tweets about Scandal than there are about Grey's Anatomy. But Scandal is a new show and needs more promotion than Grey's, so that side of it is understandable.

I just hope that the Season Finale can get me excited enough to watch again in September of this year. Because for the first time in nine years, I lost interest in this show. The last few episodes about the law suit and hospital sale were starting to annoy me, as none of it made sense in the end. Especially the last couple of episodes surrounding that. Now that they own the hospital now, can we please get back to surgery, scapels, and sex. I guess no matter what happens, I will watch and update my thoughts on this blog, however it was extremely difficult to watch the last four episodes; I had them on my hard-drive for weeks before getting around to watching. I usually watch online as soon as Grey's Anatomy has been shown in the US; normally on a Friday night here in Australia or perhaps earlier if I can find it.

I would love to see Grey's Anatomy go on beyond Season 10; but the chances of that are not good, given the feedback on some of this season and ratings. I would think Shonda would be bringing her A Game now, given that she has lost Private Practice. I don't think she would be wanting to lose Grey's next season. Scandal looks like getting a third season for now, but it's anyone's guess whether we will see Grey's Anatomy and Scandal beyond May 2014.

And to wrap up; in short, I will say as someone on Twitter said earlier; I just hope Shonda does not kill anyone in this season's finale. Quite frankly to not see any death for a while on Grey's Anatomy would be a relief.


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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Callie and Arizona Finally Bring The Romance Back on Grey's Anatomy

Spoiler Alert: If you don't want to know then don't read this; the following article is a spoiler for the next episode of Grey's Anatomy.

TV Line reported yesterday that Callie and Arizona finally get the sex back in their marriage on Grey's Anatomy; screening tonight on ABC in the United States. Fans in Australia will have to wait.

The article is below:

"This is the episode! Callie and Arizona need to have sex!"
That's exactly what Grey's Anatomy boss Shonda Rhimes said when she walked into the writers room earlier this year while prepping this Thursday's episode (9/8c on ABC). Why all the excitement? The married couple has had plenty of sex before, but Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) haven't done the deed ever since the latter became self-conscious about her amputated leg, but that will all change Thursday.

"The possibility of sex and intimacy on that level is coming back," Ramirez tells TVGuide.com. "Arizona's had a prosthetic with a flat foot this whole time and she's really insecure about that, but now she has a prosthetic that can wear heels and that, in turn, makes her feel more confident and more sexy."

Surprisingly, it's Arizona who will initiate their trip to sexytown, but it will still be a rocky road to get there during the hour. "When I spoke with amputees, I said, 'So what was the sex situation?'" Capshaw explains. "It moves at a glacial pace because it's a complete redefining of who you are in relation to your body. You are completely changed. To have that kind of amputation, it's like a house of cards. I love Arizona's spirit because she seems indefatigable, it seems like nothing can stop her, but with this, how do you get over this?"

That was exactly Rhimes' point of sending Arizona on this nearly season-long journey of rediscovering herself. "There was something very amazing about watching someone go through something like that," Rhimes says. "For someone to lose their leg and go through that challenge of finding their way back to feeling like themselves again and finding their way to feeling romantic and sexy again, to feeling like the person they were with their spouse again."

"Watching them try to figure out a way to cope has been interesting," Rhimes continues. "We have been really working hard on their story line. Sara and Jessica have been so game for whatever we've been throwing at them. We've been having a good time bringing them back together and really getting them past all their milestones because it's important. I think it's a lovely story about two people in love figuring out how to deal with what happens when one of them has been disabled."

After watching the couple suffer through many challenges this season, Thursday's episode will be a breath of fresh air for fans of the MFEO couple. "It's very tender and it's very collaborative," Capshaw says. "Shonda has always been really lovely and really caring about creating an elegant, honest and earned relationship between these two. It's never been gratuitous. Their intimacy has always been really playful and fun and passionate and exciting. Their rekindling is in that same vein. I have to wear lingerie, so I'm a little nervous about that."

"Watch out, because Arizona is about to give us all some serious hotness," Ramirez adds with a laugh. "Some serious hotness from Jessica Capshaw. I think the fans will appreciate it."

Check out a sneak peek of Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy, airing at 9/8c on ABC on TV Line's Website

So what do all the Calzona fans think of this? It's about time is my analysis of this relationship, given fans were promised this for Valentine's Day or in the vicinity of that special day. It didn't happen because Shonda Rhimes messed up her dates for the episodes and when ABC would be showing them. Well Calzona fans, we are going to see some well overdue sex and romance with these girls tonight on Grey's and as huge fan of their relationship, I can't wait.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Remembering Grey's Anatomy: The Dead Denny Ghost Story

Probably one of the most unbelievable and controversial storylines portrayed on Grey's Anatomy; returning Denny from the dead was not popular with viewers. it was in-fact, in many fans opinions the worse story arc of Season 5.

On Grey Matter, the Grey’s Anatomy Writers’ Blog, Shonda Rhimes promised fans a ‘go for broke’ season. Season 5 was about raising the bar and writing the most emotional and exciting storylines ever. Season 5 was excellent; however it was not the best season. Season 2 and 3 take that honour in my humble opinion.

Denny and Izzie Were Popular

The pairing of Dr Isobel Stevens and Denny Duquette in Season 2 was a very popular storyline in Season 2. The fans fell in love with Denny (Jeffrey Dean-Morgan) and were very much hoping for a happy ending for this couple. However it was not to be, Denny died of complications related to his heart transplant surgery and a grieving Izzie quits her job at the hospital. Fans did not want Denny to die, however it was clear from the start Denny would die.

Denny and Izzie’s story began early in the season when Denny was first admitted to Seattle Grace for a heart transplant surgery. Unfortunately for Denny the heart surgery did not happen because of complications with the donor patient who was on life support at another hospital. Cristina Yang and Miranda Bailey had flown to this hospital to collect the organ, however when they arrived the patient had coded and heart was unusable. Denny was discharged and it seemed as though Izzie moved on with Alex and that was that.

A few months later Denny is admitted to hospital again; suffering from severe heart failure and needing urgent surgery to save his life. When Izzie sees Denny lying on a gurney in the ER, she is instantly by his side having forgotten all about Alex. Surgery was performed to install a device to give Denny’s heart a rest and to buy him some time before he could receive a transplant heart. Izzie barely leaves his side.

Izzie Cuts the LVAD Wire

A heart becomes available again for Denny Duquette at Mercy West Hospital and Dr Burke and Alex go in the helicopter to retrieve it. When they arrive, it is revealed there are two hearts available, both a match for Denny. Dr Burke’s patient has already coded and died on the table when they arrive, so Burke races to the OR next door where Dr Erica Hahn is retrieving the second heart. Burke orders her to stop and they meet with the Chief of Mercy West to discuss who is actually first in line for this heart.

It is revealed that Hahn’s patient is was clocked into the transplant list 17 seconds before Denny was; however if it is revealed that one patient is sicker and in more danger of dying than the other, then the more critical patient gets the heart. Izzie finds out that Denny is about to miss out on the transplant surgery again and she lies to Burke in order to get the heart.

Izzie realises that Denny needs to be critically ill to receive this heart, she cuts Denny’s LVAD wire. Denny ends up getting the heart, however he dies the next day due to complications resulting in a stroke that no-one could have prevented.

Izzie is devastated; Denny had proposed marriage an hour ago and now he’s going to the morgue. She cannot believe it. She resigns from the program, and tells the chief that it was her who cut the LVAD. “I thought I was a surgeon.” She says, tears rolling down her face; “But I’m not. I quit.” And she walks out the door.

Izzie Blames Herself and the Guilt Never Lets Up

Denny shows up in Izzie mind in Season 5. She is treating a patient of Dr Hahn’s; the same patient whose heart she stole for Denny back in Season 2. At first Izzie thinks she’s going mad, she thinks that she’s imagining seeing Denny, but then he says “I’m here for you Izzie.” That would be enough to make anyone freak out, and Izzie does. She tells him to go away, that she’s moved on and that she will always love him, but Denny won’t go away, and he keeps saying: “I’m here for you Izzie.”

The biggest part of this story arc that viewers had trouble with was probably the dead Denny sex scenes. It was bad enough seeing Izzie talking to a dead guy, but to imagine that she’s having sex with him just seemed too unbelievable.

It is Revealed That Izzie Has Cancer

After a while Izzie realises that what’s happening is not right. In-fact Denny is trying to tell her something is up. However, poor Izzie is in a state of denial. While teaching the interns in the clinic she has them run the same tests they are running on patients, on her. Nothing comes up, so Izzie thinks all is okay, however it is revealed that Sadie mixed up some blood tests, and Izzie has to go back to the drawing board.

Izzie decides to name herself patient X and has the interns diagnose her from start to finish. The interns don’t know whose labs they are studying. They mess up a few times, but eventually diagnose Izzie with skin cancer, with the cancer being present in her liver, brain and skin, hence the reason she is imagining Denny being around.

Izzie Tells Cristina
In the resident’s lounge Izzie corners Cristina and says, “I need to tell you something.” However, they leave the lounge and go to the vent room where Izzie breaks the news. In the next episode Cristina is running around getting referrals to cancer doctor’s and discussing treatments with Izzie, when Izzie announces that she is not even sure if she wants treatment. Cristina is stunned and asks “Then why did you tell me?” Cristina assumed Izzie told her because she wanted medical help, not emotional support; Cristina tells her she should tell Meredith. Izzie refuses and warns Cristina not to tell anyone.

Later on in the OR; Cristina has her first solo surgery and she knows she cannot focus until she helps Izzie. She tells Alex and Bailey about Izzie’s condition and that she needs help. Later on she finds Izzie in the ambulance bay and tells her: “I want you to fight, because sometimes we win.” Izzie is admitted to the hospital and that scene of her getting into the hospital bed and talking to her friends sends me into tears every time I watch it.

Denny is Gone

Now that Izzie knows Denny has no reason to be there. Izzie is furious with him for not telling her. He says he didn’t know. Izzie tells him she chooses life and go away. As Izzie embarks on the biggest fight of her life, Denny is no longer needed, she has Alex, Meredith, George and Cristina. It is decided that Izzie needs brain surgery; however Derek is still hiding out in the woods having botched a surgery earlier that week. Meredith goes out to see him and talks him into coming back.

Izzie’s surgery goes smoothly however she is very sick and on a very high dose of chemotherapy. Denny re-appears on the day that Meredith and Derek are supposed to get married, Izzie knows full well there is another tumor in her brain. It is tiny and does not show up on a normal MRI. Derek maps her brain with an EEG to find it. At first he does not think he can do anything to save her life, that’s when he and Meredith decide to give their wedding to Izzie and Alex. However, the next day after staying up all night, Derek figures out how he can get the tumor, he discusses this with Izzie and tells her it’s quite risky, but it’s her only shot. Izzie keeps asking Denny what she should do, however it’s laughable, because we know she is talking to herself.

The Season 5 Finale

In the end she has the surgery and all is well, until the final episode of Season 5 when she flat-lines and at the very same time so does George. George and Izzie are at death’s door in the finale and four long months are ahead of the viewers before we find out who lives or dies.

However we all know George died and Izzie went on to stuff Alex around in Season 6. But this finale was probably one of the best, given the shocking storyline idea revolving around Denny coming back from the dead. Even though most of the viewers knew it was George who dies before Season 6 premiered, I didn’t, it was a surprise for me. Back then I didn’t surf the net looking for spoilers, I just waited until the show premiered in Australia.

Season 5 was good and it lived up to Shonda’s expectations. There were so many good story arcs. Cristina and Owen, the PTSD story, Meredith and Derek moving in together and their post it wedding, and Izzie’s cancer story arc was awesome. We saw Owen stabbing the pigs in the skills lab; the crazy interns’ appendectomy, and a death row patient that Meredith felt sorry for. Dead Denny kind of ruined it.


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