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Friday, August 30, 2013

Is Izzie Stevens Coming Back To Grey’s Anatomy?

Could it be Katie Heigl (Izzie) or is it Isaiah Washington (Dr Burke)? Many fans have their money on Kate Walsh (Addison) or Kim Raver (Teddy Altman).

If you follow some of the many Grey’s Anatomy fans on Twitter and Facebook, which I do, it would seem as though the popular choice for many fans is having Izzie Stevens come back to the show. After reading a Grey’s Anatomy Wetpaint article the other night; most of the comments expressed the wish that Izzie Stevens should return.

While that would not sit well with me, many Grey’s Anatomy fans loved the character of Izzie Stevens and would dearly love to see Alex and Izzie reunite. Given the way Katherine Heigl left Grey’s in Season Six, I don’t see why on earth Shonda Rhimes would invite her back. Heigl dissed the show on many occasions and this was seen by many people as extremely unprofessional. Heigl has earned herself a reputation as a bit of a drama queen, however this is not necessarily a bad thing. When you think about it, it is a bonus for the fans and show biz gossip lovers like me; when an actor from my favourite TV programs has a whinge; I quite enjoy finding out about the gossip from behind the scenes and I am guessing every other celebrity writer and journalist love this too.

What I would enjoy is seeing her return to bust up Alex and Jo; now while I want Alex to be happy, I am not happy about the pairing with Jo Wilson, the intern. If Izzie is to return then my hope is that the actor is asked to stay on as a regular, because even though I don’t like the character of Izzie Stevens, I adore Alex Karev and Izzie was the love of his life. I also felt as though there was unfinished business between them when she left in Season Six. This is probably because she was supposed to return and then refused to honor her contract with ABC and asked to be let go. The irony of this is; had she returned to see out the rest of the season, Shonda Rhimes probably would have killed her off in the hospital shooting in the Season Six Finale; as that was when her contract was up.

It does look to me as though Alex and Jo will be together for at least most of Season 10; so this is why I do not think this mystery character is Izzie Stevens. In my last blog I speculated that it could be Dr Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington), Dr Addison Montgomery Riley (Kate Walsh), Dr Teddy Altman (Kim Raver), and Izzie Stevens (Katie Heigl). I did not consider that it might be someone who had a recurring role. Dr Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsene) or Dr Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith) and when I think about all the recurring stars that have been on Grey’s Anatomy, well it could be just about anyone.

In his interview with Huffington Post, Kevin McKidd made it crystal clear that it was not going to be a ghost; so it will not be anyone who has died. Although there was talk on Twitter awhile ago about T R Knight reprising his role as George O’Malley and they could go down the road of mistaken identity and George was never hit by a bus in the first place. In fact a friend of mine on Twitter recently wrote some awesome fan fiction on how Shonda Rhimes could tell that story.

If it does happen to be Izzie Stevens who returns as the mystery person who has come back to stir up trouble, then it will probably make a good story but if I could choose I would love Isaiah Washington to return and reprise his role as Dr Burke, as I totally loved the character of Preston Burke and Isaiah Washington is one hell of an actor.

So, what do you think Grey’s fans? Is Dr Izzie Stevens returning to shake things up with Jolex? Hit the comments and have your say.

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  1. I doubt it.. .I loved Izzy but she is dead and tno one likes a dead ghost hanging around... Unless she had a twin sister surgeon in the fmaily named PRizzy - welll that might be fun.

  2. Izzie didn't die, unless we find out that the cancer killed her, that would rule out her return. George died, Mark died and Lexie died, but the actress who plays Izzie asked to be released from her contract and really bad mouthed the series, so I am pretty sure Shonda Rhimes will not want her back. My money is on Kate Walsh now, she seems like a favourite to return and Shonda loves Kate Walsh and has said a few times she wants Kate back on Grey's. I loved Addison Montgomery so bring it on, and that sexy Jake Riley too, Addie's hubby on Private Practice.

  3. I don't care why izzy left she played her part great please bring her back

  4. Can izzie come back pleaseeeeee. I think she's a better patner for Alex. They understand each other and she's a good doctor. Shonda Rimes pls bring her back for Alex forever.

  5. Hi, thanks for your comments and expressing your opinion, it is interesting how many people are in favour of bringing Katie Heigl back to Grey's Anatomy and I have to say that when you study how the ratings fell back in Season Six, it may leave one to conclude that those loses could be attributed to the fact that fans realised Izzie Stevens was no longer a character on Grey's Anatomy. I personally am not a fan of the character or actress, however in Season One and Two I did like her, her actions in breaking up George's marriage made me hate her and I was never able to warm to the character again. I guess it could draw good ratings if Shonda and co were to ask Katie to return, who knows?

  6. I loved Izzie please bring her back maybe come back with Alexs baby never knowing she was pregnant when she left

  7. Well that would make for an interesting story, but that kind of thing has been done to death on TV, so perhaps not. However, as I have said before I would prefer Izzie to Jo, even though I was never really an Izzie or Katherine Heigl fan, I liked Izzie and Alex as a couple.

  8. Bring Izzy & Yang back

  9. I'm all for bringing IZZY back.