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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 - Is Seattle Grace A Sinking Ship?

Warning: Spoilers! The following may contain spoilers from Grey's Anatomy. If you are from outside the US then this blog post is likely to be a spoiler. If you do not want to know, then don't read any further.

Well if you've stumbled onto my blog looking for something to read about Grey's Anatomy then you've come to the right place. Here is a catch up on the last three episodes; right before we get a new one on March 14, 2013.

In the last three episodes of Grey's Anatomy all the drama has been mostly discussion and arguments about the plane victims idea that perhaps they can save the hospital from being ruined and re-open the Emergency Room, which closed it doors a few weeks back.

When I last watched Grey's; April convinced Jackson to help her smuggle in a kid who was critically injured to the old ER. Most of the other's helped; and so began an idea that was voiced at the end by Callie, that they should buy Seattle Grace. Arizona seems opposed to the idea, and Cristina is not totally on board either, however when it becomes clear to these docs what Pegasus (the new buyers) will mean for their careers and the future of Seattle Grace, they begin to re-think. 

Further discussion eventuated between the five surviving doctors on whether they should buy Seattle Grace; Cristina showing the most resistance as she was concerned with how Owen would react; and did not like that fact that they had to keep secrets from him. The contract that Owen has with Pegasus who are the potential buyers of the hospital is to keep quiet about the negotiations. Therefore whatever Owen tells Cristina is essentially a breach of contract. They look for a way to get the information without involving Owen and succeed, but he is not happy when it is revealed what Cristina, Meredith, Derek, Callie and Arizona are up to and he is devastated when they resign from their jobs. They must do this to eliminate the conflict of interest. Furthermore one of interns finds out what Pegasus's real plan is for Seattle Grace and they are devastated. 

The real plan turns out to be that Pegasus intend on selling off all the assets that Seattle Grace has; so essentially the hospital is a sinking ship. However, Owen does not know this; the go between who is officiating the sale doesn't tell him. Meredith's intern contacts her and tells her what she has overheard. The doctors have found an investor and they meet with him to pitch their ideas for Seattle Grace and hope to seal the deal, however they are turned down.

Catherine Avery steps in and tell the docs that the Harper Avery foundation has decided to invest in the sale; Jackson is to be in charge. Not too many of the docs are happy with this. And it was recently revealed in a spoiler that Owen Hunt quits in the next episode. It's all very well for his mother to buy him a hospital, but does Jackson have the experience to run it and does he want to? He is busy being a surgeon; and working his way through a plastic's fellowship. It looks to me like more of his mother's interference because she wants Jackson to succeed and she was never happy about his career in plastics in the first place.

Secondly; since when did Jackson become an awesome surgeon and where is the attending surgeon that should be supervising his procedures. Someone else mentioned this on Spoiler TV a few weeks ago; and it's starting to bug me that Jackson seems to be in charge of his own plastics department and has no teacher or mentor. And his rudeness towards Arizona just belied belief. We are seeing Cristina largely doing surgery on her own, however she is an awesome surgeon and her teacher and supervising attending is somewhere in the hospital. We have met the man; but Jackson seems to have no-one.

What will these changes do to the relationships between the docs; will Owen be able to forgive Cristina for going behind his back or will the drama that is about to unfold be too much for them? Their relationship is in a good place again, the first time in almost three seasons, but will they stay together. The issues of children versus no children is still not resolved and it would be great for the many Cristina and Owen fans if this happens at the end of Season 9. Not another Season of angst for this couple. Enough already! 

It is clear that there will be a Season 10; given ratings and cast contracts. Grey's Anatomy has been rated as one of the many shows likely to get a pick up for next season, but beyond that is anyone's guess. With the original cast member's contracts' up for renewal again; it could come down to who goes and who stays at the end of Season 10. Or Season 10 could rate so badly that ABC can the series. The hope is it does well as I personally would not know what to do without my fix of Grey's Anatomy, but when stories start to suck and fans are getting upset, that's when it's clear that a show may need to end. It comes down to Shonda's talent and creativity and that of her writers'. Can they keep it fresh and interesting?

Bailey's reference to Seattle Grace as a sinking ship could well be on the money. Even though a deal has been made and the doctors can come back and run the hospital their way, no-one believes it will be as simple as that. With the ER rumored to be opening up again in episode 19; it looks as though things might go back to normal, however in a Grey's Anatomy world; normal is not possible.

So Thursday night cannot come quick enough for me. It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out. What do you think of Jackson now being in charge of Seattle Grace? And this is how I interpreted the episode. Perhaps you see it differently. Join me on Facebook or Twitter or sound off in the comments.

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