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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 - Six Possible Scenarios For Arizona Robbins

18 August 2012

As we get closer to the Season 9 Premiere, many fans, critics and writer's are speculating on the fate of the remaining five doctors. Given that nothing has been made public about Arizona; this has fans plenty worried.

The following article and picture is courtesy of Grey's Anatomy Wetpaint, a popular online blog that regularly publishes interesting information and gossip about Grey's characters and story arcs.

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Speculation: Six Post-Plane Crash Fates for Arizona

Arizona on the Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Finale
One of the biggest questions on manyGrey's Anatomy fans’ minds right now is what will happen toArizona Robbins(Jessica Capshaw) inSeason 9? She's the only character whose fate is still very up in the air, and showrunner Shonda Rhimes remainsfrustratingly crypticabout how the crash will affect her.

In an attempt to quell our fears that the worst will happen, we've been brainstorming the many different ways Arizona's story could go. Here's what we've come up with.

1. She dies: This one needs no explanation. All we can do is cross our fingers that it doesn't happen.

2. She loses her leg: The last time we saw her, Arizona had a bone sticking out of her leg. This would be a hugely dramatic twist, and would explain why Shonda Rhimes says that Arizona's fate has a big impact onCallie (Sara Ramirez), since having to help your wife through something like this is obviously pretty all-consuming.
3. She is permanently crippled: The slightly less dramatic version of her losing her leg. As anyone who watched House knows, a bad leg injury — especially if it leaves Arizona in constant pain — could have a major impact on her life.

4. She has to go through intense physical therapy: The more cheerful version of this same idea would be that Arizona spends a large chunk of the season dealing with physical therapy and being hindered by her injury, but eventually manages to get her leg working again.

5. Callie operates on her leg: This could go along with of one of the above options, but we still think it would be interesting if Callie ends up being the one to operate on Arizona for some reason (such as her being part of the rescue team). That could leave Callie with a lot of intense emotions that she has to deal with after the operation is over.

6. Arizona is just fine: Maybe Shonda is messing with us, and Arizona recovers quickly and easily. We kind of doubt it, though!

What do you think will happen to Arizona? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Wetpaint

If I had to hazard a guess at which scenario is the most likely it would be number two; Arizona losing her leg. However, this theory is not really based on anything other than information that was apparently leaked from the set the other day about Grey's Anatomy being on the look out for an female amputee for a guest role. While I try so very hard not to pay attention to spoilers and gossip, this one was kind of hard to ignore; especially after hearing that some of the production crews were forced delete pictures they tweeted and some of their twitter accounts were shut down. If you want to read more about this then the link to TWOP is below, however the link which a member of TWOP posted about this amputee casting is not longer working.

After reading those six possible scenarios; do you have a theory? Sound off in the comments, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Popular Grey's Anatomy Website, Grey's Gabble Is Up For Sale

The owner of Grey's Gabble posted this yesterday: 

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It will be very sad to see this site close down, which is why I'm posting this on behalf of the owner for anyone who may be interested in purchasing a really great Grey's Anatomy site which is full of great information, gossip and wonderful Grey's content.

Would you like to own and run one of the best Grey's Anatomy information sites on the internet? Please contact Sarah at the email address above.

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Source: Grey's Gabble is up for Sale

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No Intern Morgan In Season 9 Of Grey's Anatomy

I found this short article on Grey's Gabble; one of the most popular Grey's Anatomy sites out there; and speaking for myself I could not be happier that Morgan may not be around for Season 9. Anyway, the article originally from  Wetpaint.com  is posted below.

SPOILERISH: Intern Morgan in Season 9!

By flutistjosh | August 16, 2012

Heya Gabblers!
Check out this article below about Amanda Fuller (Intern Morgan) and why she might not be in Season 9

Poor Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) has had his ups and downs when it comes to relationships — both friendships and romances. His complicated relationship with Intern Morgan (Amanda Fuller) in Season 8 was no different.
Their relationship ended on a tragic note in Season 8, with Morgan’s preemie baby dying. But is there a chance they could reconnect in some manner in Season 9?
Maybe not, because Amanda Fuller has scored herself a big new gig! According to Entertainment Weekly, Amanda has been cast in the role of Tim Allen’s eldest daughter, Kristin Beth Baxter, on the ABC sitcom Last Man Standing. The role is actually a recasting — Kristin had previously been played by Alexandra Krosney.
Of course, this doesn’t exclude Amanda from continuing to guest star on Grey’s Anatomy, but it probably means she won’t be expanding her part any time soon.

This article does give the impression that we won't be seeing Amanda Fuller as Intern Morgan next season as she has been cast in another role, however as Flutistjosh from Grey's Gabble points out, she may well come in as a guest star. However, I don't see where she would fit into the story and I do not want to see her with Alex.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Actor Isaiah Washington Still Watches Grey's Anatomy

Sandra Oh's former Grey's Anatomy co-star Isaiah Washington - who played Cristina's teacher and 
almost husband Dr. Preston Burke  - appeared on CNN Newsroom today where he discussed his 
new book and the big controversy that he was involved in on Grey's Anatomy a few years ago 
which lead to his dismissal.

In the interview he says that he has been invited back to the show since he left and he briefly 
mentions that still "peeks in" to watch Grey's Anatomy because he adores Sandra Oh. 
You can watch the interview here

Sandra Oh has never commented on the controversy publicly other than leaving a cryptic remark in Marie Claire
but when asked in an interview if she was sad to see Isaiah Washington go, she said this:

Sandra Oh: How do I say this? For me, it’s been very difficult because I found our storyline very rich. 
I found it a complicated relationship and I'm sad to see that relationship storyline to have gone. It’s sad.

Would you have liked to see Preston Burke back on Grey's Anatomy to stir things up? 

Article courtesy of SandraOhNews

Despite all the drama that happened during Season 3 with Isaiah Washington, T R Knight and Katherine Heigl, I would love to see Burke come back to Grey's Anatomy as I loved the character of Preston Burke. As for Burke and Cristina, I think Owen and Cristina make a better couple, simply because Burke expected things from Cristina that she just could not give him and I'm not sure Burke would have agreed to Marriage counselling; see photo below:

Owen and Cristina in Therapy

I am also not surprised that Washington still watches the show to see his former co-star; as Sandra Oh is such an amazing and talented actress. She never ceases to entertain.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 Rant and Rave – Part II

A few weeks ago I posted part I of my postmortem on Season 8 of Grey’s Anatomy. Now that the Season Finale has aired in most countries; I will continue my ranting. Read part II here: 
Grey's Anatomy Season 8, Rant and Rave Part I

The second part of Season 8 began with the If/Then episode. Shonda Rhimes created an alternate universe with Meredith as the central character. This was a success; as far as doing something different, which is what was done with the musical episode last season. I personally loved the music episode, however many fans complained. At end of the episode it was clear to me that the real story on Grey’s Anatomy is the way if should be, not the story in Meredith’s dream for the If/Then episode. And we now know that Lexie coding in the ER and Mark carrying her into the ER was definitely foreshadowing her fate.

A Shiny Happy Meredith

In actual fact, if you think back to the first episode of Season 8 when Lexie is walking down the stairs in the opening scenes, giving the same speech to the new interns, that Richard Webber gave in the very first episode. Obviously we had no idea what was to come, however it is pretty clear that most viewers were expecting it to be Lexie when it came out that someone would die in the Season Finale.

Mark finds Lexie, critically injured and near death

After the If/Then episode, we had a Valentine’s Day episode which was mostly romantic, upbeat, emotional, funny and sad as we could see that Cristina and Owen marriage was falling apart. In the next episode we see them in therapy trying desperately to fix things. Derek and his sister Amelia are arguing over a patient and Meredith is kicking ass fixing a guys fingers that got trapped in a meat grinder. These episodes were pretty great in my opinion. My only criticism was that the writers forgot that Cristina had made it clear to Owen late in Season 6 that she did not want children.

CrisOwen 's Marriage is in Trouble

The next three episodes were disappointing. Cristina was running around convinced her husband was cheating, and as a viewer I could not believe this would happen. However the focus on Alex and his pregnant intern was a great story arc, however I did not want to see them pair up. The story about the tiny, premature baby was depressing but the focus on Alex was great for a change. When Owen admitted he had cheated in the next episode; One Step Too Far. This is where I felt Shonda and her writer had gone a step too far, because I could not see Cristina and Owen coming back from this and I also felt that it was not in Owen’s character to cheat. Seeing Meredith back in Neuro was great and also showed that she is better off in General surgery, as she would always be in Derek’s shadow as a Neuro-fellow.

Cristina believes this Nurse is sleeping with Owen

These few episodes were where I felt the writing fell apart a little, however not as tragically as it did in Season 7 with the Mark, Callie and Arizona triangle. I don’t know one person who liked that story arc. In Support System I thoroughly enjoyed the exchange between Cristina and Owen where they lock themselves in their house and call in sick with the intention of trying to repair the damage to their marriage. Mark taking over as Chief of Surgery in Owen’s absence was a hoot; and he actually did a great job albeit annoying to some. It will be so sad to see him go. His scene with Dr Webber was a classic and it was obvious when Chief Sloan entered that OR that Webber would win that one.

Cristina suspects; but doesn't know yet

By episode 20; The Girl with No Name the quality of the writing improved and when the residents were flying all over the country for interviews at various hospitals, which is what happens in fifth year residency, rumours started circulating that death was coming to Seattle Grace. The two episodes dealing with the board exams that residents take to become board certified surgeons were really excellent. I loved Alex’s dedication to little Tommy and his inability to switch off and let Arizona handle things. Alex was determined to save that tiny baby, but to no avail. And the end result was that we the viewer assumed that he would fail his boards. However it’s April who fails, which is a surprise; but her meltdown during the exam must have freaked out the proctors.


Moment of Truth

By the time the penultimate episode went to air, the buzz was well and truly alive amongst critics, fans and entertainment writers about the big death that was to come. Fans were terrified it might be Derek who dies as Patrick Dempsey had talked about leaving a few times in the last twelve months. Meredith had been offered a spot at the Brigham, which is the best General surgery program in the US, and Derek had decided they were moving to Boston. Just days before the finale went to air, it was revealed that all original actors on the show had inked new deals, so this ruined the suspense of what was to come in the Season 8 finale.


About to Board the Plane to Idaho

However, regardless of that; it was entertaining and thrilling, heartbreaking and sad. Even though many fans, including myself were pretty sure Lexie would be the one who died, it didn’t ruin the emotion the actors portrayed throughout every scene. Even the scene between Owen and Teddy made me cry and I’ve never really been a fan of Teddy, which surprised me.


All in all this season was great compared to Season 7 which fell apart with the dreaded love triangle we won’t mention again. However, there is still room for improvement. With three cast members leaving, two of them are already gone, and one is going soon, it is mine and many fans hope that remaining characters can get a decent story and not have it cut short. For a while now there have been too many regular cast members and not enough time is dedicated to certain storylines. Many fans would love to see more of the basics of Grey’s Anatomy, like it was in Season 1,2 and 3, and definitely more of the funny. Grey’s is fabulous because of the comedy, the quirk, dark humour, the music and the emotional storylines. The tragic, dramatic, shocking stories work to a point; however I think Grey’s has seen enough tragedy.

So that’s my take on Season 8 of Grey’s Anatomy. Tell me what you think by sounding off in the comments box or you can connect via Grey’s Anatomy Addicts on Facebook or Twitter.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

RIP Lexie Grey - Remembering Grey's Anatomy Star Chyler Leigh as "Little Grey"

Today's blog post is dedicated to the memory of Lexie Grey (Little Grey) and shows Chyler Leigh's most memorable moments on Grey's Anatomy. I have posted pictures of Lexie's best story arcs on Grey's, and written about these moments to remind fans of what a wonderful character Chyler Leigh played for five years on Grey's. To some of you who read my blog this might seem a bit late in coming, however for my Australian readers and fellow fans of Grey's, I thought you might appreciate a little reminiscing about Lexie's time on Grey's Anatomy.

Introducing Lexie Grey as part of the Grey's Anatomy cast was a genius move on Shonda Rhimes part; I loved the character and her interactions with Meredith as she tried get close to her half sister, who gave her such a hard time. Meredith did not want to deal with the fact that Lexie got the father she should have had and that she even had a sister. And then Shonda decided that McSteamy (biggest manwhore in Seattle, probably) should be paired up with Lexie. This was another genius move as the chemistry between these two actors was electric.
Their relationship began in Season 5 and was kept secret from everyone except Callie, because Derek, on Meredith's say so had told Mark to stay away from Little Grey. Derek's exact words were "Little Sloan does not enter Little Grey." A classic Grey's line.

Remember this conversation?

Sadly in the finale of Grey's Anatomy which has just gone to air in Australia; Lexie Grey succumbs to her massive injuries and her final words to Mark were "Meant to be." Chyler Leigh's portayal of Lexie's death scene was one of the finest death scenes I have ever witnessed. It's such a shame that she did not win an Emmy award for these scenes. Shonda described Mark and Lexie's outcome as bittersweet leading up to the finale in the US, however I found it downright tragic and sad. 


         The moment before Lexie passes                         Mark; pleading for Lexie to hang on

These scenes were some of the saddest Grey's Anatomy in the eight years I've been watching the series. I re-watched the episode on Australian TV the other night and cried like a baby again, even though I'd already watched it before it was just as sad. For me it was not about knowing who died in the Finale, it was how the actors portrayed the scenes and for me this episode was sadder than the shooting episode in Season 6.

Lexie attempts to share herself with Meredith

In Season four Lexie arrived to begin her residency at Seattle Grace which was never her original plan. She had gone to Harvard to study medicine and planned a residency at Massachusetts General Hospital. However, her mother had died in the previous season and she needed to stay close to her father (who in his grief had blamed and slapped Meredith over his wife's death). Lexie decided to use the opportunity to at least get to know her older sister. This did not go to plan, and made for a very interesting storyline between Meredith and Lexie.
In the photo below, Derek realises that Lexie is the girl he flirted with in the bar on the night of Burke's bachelor party, he later tells Meredith who tensely replies "I'm the girl in the Bar!" By the end of Season four; Meredith moves towards getting to know Lexie; however it is a long, slow process that takes time. 


"You're the girl in the bar."                                       Lexie thinks she's in love with George

For a while Lexie seemed to have a thing for George (see photo above), however it becomes very clear that George does not see it that way. In-fact it is not clear where George's heart belonged. For my mind, I don't think George ever really stopped loving Meredith. Just my opinion. Towards the middle of Season 5 Lexie realises she is attracted to Mark Sloan and after working with him for the day on a case; she goes to his hotel room and takes off all her clothes, saying "Teach me" over and over again. They fall into bed together and the Mark/Lexie romance is born. When Addison returns to Seattle Grace she is surprised at Mark's choice, however she says nothing to Derek or Meredith.

Lexie seduces Mark - You Go Girl

This was the beginning of one of the hottest romances on TV. Slexie or Mexie as they were dubbed by fans and bloggers, they became extremely popular with Grey's fans and when they broke up in Season 6 fans were on the edge of their seats wanting this couple to re-unite. Their scenes together were dynamite because the couple had a beautiful chemistry, it wasn't all about seeing McSteamy without a shirt on, although I'm sure many fans are going to miss that.


Remember when?

The above photo was the scene when Mark and Lexie were having a wild passionate interlude in the on call room and she broke him. Callie and Owen were paged, and Mark was rushed into surgery to have his privates repaired. This was one funny Slexie story arc. All the interns found out about it and were gossiping in the gallery about Sloan's surgery when Lexie becomes upset and tells them it's not their business. Sadie catches on that it was Lexie who was with Sloan and decides to become her ally and help her keep her secret from Derek and Meredith. Sadie tell the interns it was her who broke Sloan.


The Lovers Re-unite

In Season 6, much to the anger of many fans; Mark and Lexie break up. Mark's 18 year old daughter Sloan comes to town and announces that she is pregnant. Mark invites her to stay with him and Lexie and later on tells her that they will all raise the baby together, without consulting Lexie. Mark assumes that Lexie will go along with it because she is in love with him, and they are in a relationship and living together. Lexie is furious and dumps Mark. Mark heads off to LA to get Addison to do a tricky surgery on Sloan's baby and ends up in bed with Addison; but only because he is sad about being dumped by Lexie. 

When Mark returns to Seattle he tells Lexie that he slept with Addison and he is lonely without her and wants her back. Lexie is relieved because she did something really stupid and slept with Alex. Mark is furious and storms off refusing to talk to her. It takes them a year to re-unite and this happens right about the time Mark finds out that Callie is having his baby. Mark and Lexie are back together for no more than a few weeks when Lexie finds out Callie is carrying Mark's child and storms out of Mark's life again. Unfortunately they never properly re-united as a couple again and many Slexie fans were furious about this.

Lexie realises Mark is moving on


Lexie declares her undying love for Mark

Tragically, just days before Lexies dies, she confesses her love for Mark in a heartfelt speech. She tells Mark over and over that she loves him and has always loved him. Mark is silent, he doesn't say a word. Just when it looks as though he is about to respond, Julia walks up to them and the conversation that they were about to have is cut short. Days later when they are preparing to board the plane to go help with the conjoined twins in Idaho; Marks tells Lexie he has not forgotten or ignored her words. It isn't until the plane crash happens that Mark tells Lexie of his true feelings and tells her that she cannot die because they have to get married and have children. Mark tells they are meant to be and at that moment Lexie murmurs "Meant to be" and passes away. To be blunt, I don't ever want to watch that episode again as I know I will cry and cry. But it was great TV, I was riveted to my seat while watching the episode. Now I am waiting with bated breath to see if our hearts will be broken all over again when Eric Dane leaves. Will Mark Sloan die and join his beloved Lexie in eternity or will Mark leave Seattle Grace? 


Meredith crying when she learns Lexie is dead

When Meredith returns to find Lexie has died, she is a basket case, which was to be expected; it will be interesting to see how Lexie's death will affect many of the docs at Seattle Grace.
At this stage in the pic above, Meredith still has not found Derek and thinks he may be dead, however they do find him, and apart from severe damage to his hand and arm he seems to be okay.

The character of Lexie Grey had a surprising impact on many Grey's Anatomy fans. For the most part I love the character, however in the beginning of Season 8 she did start to annoy me with her obsession with Mark. I now see this as Shonda trying to portray someone struggling to come to terms with what they have lost in life and whether to fight to get it back and on reflection I think Shonda told Lexie's story in a realistic way. Throughout Season 8 it seemed that Mark was happy with Julia, however every now and then it was obvious that he still loved Lexie and always would, which gave Slexie fans hope. Towards the end of the season I loved Derek's brotherly advice and attitude towards his sister in law and loved how their relationship was written and I felt that Derek really helped Lexie realise that she needed to tell Mark the truth about her feelings no matter what. Lexie rose to the occasion and grew up, told Mark the truth and was prepared to move on with life whatever the outcome; no regrets. This was probably the saddest part of their story, Lexie confesses all her feelings, only to learn of Mark's love for her right before she died. 


Addison and Mark were hot, but not as electric as Lexie and Mark

Lexie was a beloved character whose quirky nature and lexipedia brilliance will be missed. I am certain her death will affect many of the other characters at Seattle Grace. It won't be the same to turn on the TV in around 7 weeks time and not see her roaming the halls of Seattle Grace, however we will have to get used to not seeing a few characters around next season, as  Kim Raver who plays Teddy has already left and Eric Dane leaves sometime early into Season 9. So things will certainly be different come the last week in September 2012.

The Famous McSteamy

Last but no least, I had to post this fabulously sexy photo of Eric Dane when Mark emerges from the shower only to find Addison's husband Derek sitting on the bed beside her. I'll never forget him saying, "This is awkward." 

Will you miss Lexie, Teddy and Mark, feel free to sound off in the comments.
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RIP Lexie Grey

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