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Monday, September 30, 2013

Are You Sick Of The Death On Grey's Anatomy?

So fans what is the total body count on Grey's Anatomy? In terms of regular cast, it is actually only three, however if you count the two residents who died in the shooting, Henry (Teddy's husband), Denny Duquette and Mousy then the body count is eight. In nine and a bit years that may not seem like much, however had Katie Heigl returned and finished her contract, I will bet my next paycheck that Izzie would have bit the dust in the shooting finale of Season 6.

I think the reason that so many Grey's fans are upset about all the death and dying on Grey's Anatomy is because in one season and three episodes we lost Mark Sloan, Lexie Grey and Heather Brooks. Many Mark and Lexie fans were devastated by this loss and just recently we saw the death of Heather Brooks, who was the best intern on the show. This does not take into consideration that Meredith Grey has all but lost most of her family. Her mother, Ellis Grey, her pretend Mommy, Susan Grey and then her sister Lexie Grey. 

Enough already Shonda Rhimes, all of these people dying is becoming depressing and now that Sandra Oh has announced she will leave at the end of this season, I worry what Shonda will do with this. Ellen Pompeo recently said that Cristina Yang will go out with a bang. I hope that does not mean what I am worried it means. While many fans have said that cast departures left Shonda with no choice, Artsda on TWOP disagrees with this.

Artsda on TWOP had this to say about all the death on Grey's Anatomy. "She had lots of choices. Shonda's go to reaction to kill every character off is her choice. Lexie left and Mark left 2 episodes later. There's no way that Shonda could have written Lexie getting a job at a different hospital and then Mark moving to be with her?

Or George? He joined the army and was shipping out. Yet she still had to kill him and run him over with a bus.

It would be a miracle if Cristina lived and left Seattle Grace on her own.

Shonda makes her choices to screw over these actors and it does her show a disservice because they'll be nobody to return in a series finale like Audra did because she kills everyone off Grey's."

Sandra Oh has specifically said in her interview with the Hollywood Reporter that she does not want her character to be killed off as she would love to return for the series finale. All I know is that killing off characters on Grey's Anatomy does not work in order to get people to tune in. When the ratings first came out it looked as though Grey's Anatomy only managed to get 6.6 million viewers for the two hour season premiere, however later numbers showed that figure to be about 9 million, and the demographic was 3.4, which for a show in it's tenth season is pretty good, however I am expecting the numbers to drop in the next episode and I actually hope that they do drop, because perhaps Shonda Rhimes and ABC will get a clue that whatever they are doing is not working.

The Calzona and Owen/Cristina shippers are already mad about what is happening to their favorite couples and I am aware that this is fiction and just a TV show, but I can really see it dying a slow death after Season 10, so much so I am starting to think that Grey's should end after Season 10. If Shonda and ABC think they can keep the show going without the original cast, then they are seriously delusional. All I can say here is; enjoy Grey's Anatomy this season, because I seriously think that this will be the last season fans will be able to enjoy the show as there is too much doubt over who is going and who is staying. 

Do not misunderstand me, I totally loved the season premiere and thought it was better than the Season 8 and 9 premiere, however I have been reading forum posts and tweets from many dissatisfied fans out there who are sick and tired of seeing characters bite the dust. Heather Brooks did not have to die, she could have left for a while so the actress could do her new show and perhaps returned to Grey's Anatomy later if things did not work out for her new show. 

So now it's your turn; are you sick of the death on this show? Hit the comments with your thoughts.


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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Double Episode Premiere

Well I have to say these two episodes were a great start for Season 10 and this fills me with hope for another excellent season of Grey's Anatomy.

The first thing I am going to say is that Shonda Rhimes better get all or any thoughts of killing off Cristina Yang out of her head and find another way for that character to exit the show, I will not forgive this woman if she kills my favourite character. With Grey's Anatomy there is always foreshadowing in the writing way before we get to the story. The talk about life and death decisions involving Meredith, Cristina and Alex had me and I am betting many die hard Grey's fans more than a little nervous for Cristina Yang's fate at the end of Season 10. To my knowledge at the time of writing this; no other cast member is planning to leave after Season 10 and contract negotiation are well underway. It is my guess that the remaining cast will all sign on again simply because they are talking contracts. If any were serious about leaving as Sandra Oh is, then we would have heard about it by now.

Anyway, back to the premiere episode and what I thought of it. From the opening scenes, I knew that Dr Webber would survive and given that I accidentally saw something about a death on Twitter after the premiere had gone to air, once Richard Webber said (in his narration), that he was glad he was wearing his white doctors coat, I just knew it was going to be Heather who bit the dust. I found this sad as she was my favourite intern and I really don't care a lot about the others, so if ABC intend on keeping Grey's Anatomy going beyond Season 10, then the writers had better do something with these now, residents to make me care about them more, because right now, I could not give a crap about any of them.

When Izzie was mentioned in the life and death conversation by Alex, I really started hoping that the writers were foreshadowing her return, however she recently confirmed on Twitter that it is not her coming to Grey's. The only reason I would like to see Izzie return is to break up Alex and Jo as I do not like them, she is totally wrong for him; I literally cringe when they have scenes together. The actress who plays Jo is good and all but she is not right for Alex. 

While I love Debbie Allen who plays Jackson's mum, Catherine Avery, I did not like Catherine Avery in this episode and I have not enjoyed that character for a while now. If she had gotten her way, Dr Webber might still be in a coma or worse still, he could have died. Thank God he gave his medical proxy to Meredith, because when push came to shove, she made the right decision. Sure; the surgery could have gone badly, but Bailey knew if they did not get in there and find out what was making him so sick and weakening his heart, he would die and she was right. Meredith backed up her teacher and ordered the staff to book an OR. 

The couple who got married in the hospital because things were looking grim for one of them medically tells me we might see a Jackson/April wedding at the end of Season 10. However, April did surprise me when she accepted Matthews proposal, I really hoped that she would take some time to think about things and perhaps break up with Matthew. But she didn't and I am guessing there is more drama to come for this foursome; April, Jackson, Matthew and Stephanie. And another thing that surprised me was the interns all crying over Heather's death, and then when asked to think of nice things to say about Heather to her mother, they could not think of anything. The emotional reaction did not really match up with their inability to find happy and funny things to say about Heather. The only intern who really showed his true feelings was Shane, who sent her to her death in the first place. He is going to have a lot of guilt to work through.

Arizona and Callie's cheating story line was well handled. The fact that Callie blurted out that Az had cheated to the whole Grey Sloan Board was typical Callie behaviour; remember when she did that to Izzie when she found out about George cheating on her. I totally get Callie wanting some space to sort out her feelings, but I do not understand Arizona chasing her everywhere expecting her to talk and I certainly did not understand Cristina stepping in and asking Callie to let Arizona have five minutes with Sofia. It would have made more sense for Derek to step in given that he is a parent and Cristina is not. My guess is that Arizona will pull at Callie to work on the marriage and this is what will drive them to seek marriage counselling. I do not want to see a tug of war over their child; I would like to see them work out their issues. Even if this means they do not get back together and the marriage crumbles.

I think that my favourite parts of the episode were Cristina and Owen running off to the on call room to have sex not once, but twice. It reminded me of Season 5 and I totally loved Meredith directing traffic and running the hospital from a hospital bed. No one would get her a wheel chair so she could visit Richard, but she managed to get there anyway. That's why this show is called Grey's Anatomy. Well it's one reason anyway.

And lastly I just want to say that Shonda Rhimes and her talented writers can still deliver with this show after ten years. Keep up the great work and Ms Rhimes; remember what I said about Cristina Yang. I promise you that many Cristina fans will not be happy if you go in that direction.

So fans, are you happy to have Grey's Anatomy back on your TV? What did you think of the first two episodes? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Are You Ready For Grey's Anatomy Season 10?

Meredith, Cristina, Derek and all of our favorite doctors will be back on our screens in Season 10 in a matter of days.

If you wish to remain spoiler free for the premiere, then stop reading now!

So fans; do you have a wish list for Season 10? And do you think we have seen the last of Lauren, the home wrecker, Richard (the real chief of Grey+Sloan Memorial Hospital or is Heather Brooks going to leave the show in a body bag instead?

If the rumors getting around are correct, then Heather Brooks is sent on an errand, courtesy of Shane who is pissed at her for becoming Derek Shepherd's favorite intern, and apparently it is Heather who discover Richard, who has been electrocuted whilst turning the power back on in the hospital.


Shonda Rhimes recently posted a photo to her WhoSay account and then tweeted the word "crap" on Twitter, which was soon deleted, along with the picture of Richard at the 200th episode table read. The plot thickens, and it does make me wonder if Shonda is playing games with her fans. James Pickens Jnr was also photographed at the celebrations for the 200th episode, however even if the character of Richard does die, surely he would be invited to celebrate with the cast anyway. So I don't know what to think here.

In other news Shonda Rhimes has just welcomed another baby into her growing family, having recently adopted a daughter; news about the new arrival's name has not been released to my knowledge. So congratulations to Shonda on her new daughter, she must be one busy lady right now. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news sometime yesterday.

Another weird little tit bit of information was Patrick Dempsey referring to a photo of Ellen Pompeo, himself and their onscreen son. He tweeted that this was the photo from when he first showed Meredith their son, which is somewhat weird as he showed her the baby before taking him up to the pediatric ward and there was a scene at the end of the Season Finale of Derek, Meredith, Zola and Bailey all gathered together in Meredith's hospital room, enjoying a special family moment. Unless it is a flashback; I really hope that Shonda does go down the road of the entire Season Finale being a dream of some sort; that would suck and be too soapy for my taste. Apparently, according to Shonda Rhimes' Twitter, Derek and Meredith's new baby boy is named Derek Bailey Shepherd. Not sure I like the fact they named bub after his father. I would have preferred Chris or Christopher, but Christopher Bailey Shepherd would be a mouthful and my guess is that Christopher is Derek's fathers' name. I have no evidence to support that claim, it is just a guess.

All I can say is all of this is very intriguing and despite the fact that I have this blog which I totally love writing as it is about my favorite show, Grey's Anatomy, I try to steer clear of spoilers for Season Premieres and Season Finals. Now I know Shonda Rhimes hates anyone calling her shows a "Guilty Pleasure" but I am very sorry Shonda; my words are a compliment. This blog is what I work on when I want a break from my online freelance writing jobs, and I get to write about something I totally love. "Guilty Pleasure" is not an insult to Shonda's shows, in fact I have watched all of Shonda Rhimes' shows and I adore all of them, however Grey's Anatomy is the best work Ms Rhimes has ever done. It run rings around Private Practice and Scandal, even though they are and were great shows in their own special way. I miss Private Practice, and I miss Kate Walsh and Benjamin Bratt (hot, sexy, sensitive, and hot!). Benjamin Bratt portrayed Jake Riley and he was only on Private Practice for two seasons, yet he was my McDreamy in that show. 

So what I was saying before I got side-tracked with 'guilty pleasures' and Benjamin Bratt, is that it is hard to update a Grey's blog when you avoid spoilers as much as I do, however I only usually do this at certain times during the season. I mean let's face it, we all knew Mark was a goner before last season even went to air, when he announced he was leaving in July, everyone figured he would be killed off. It was the only story that made sense for Mark Sloan and I commend Shonda for the effort she and her creative team put in to give McSteamy the exit he so deserved.

So what do we all think is going to happen with Calzona? Are they headed for splitsville? Perhaps this will be the season of breakups as a fan said to me recently. I have no doubt that Owen and Cristina will go their separate ways. Shonda and her writers made a mess of that story line, it just went on too long and it really would have been better if Owen and Cristina has broken up and stayed that way, because I am not looking forward to another season of sad, depressed Owen Hunt. 

Arizona's cheating with the hot doctor from last season cannot just be glossed over, Callie is going to have to deal with the fact that she has been cheated on a second time. What I would like to see is the two of them in therapy and Arizona in therapy alone, so she can figure out why she cheated and convey this to Callie and hopefully they can work out their issues. Some of the fans are stumped on why she would cheat, but I thing it was the fact the Callie made a promise in episode two, that she would not take the leg and in the end she had to, to save Arizona's life. It is the broken promise that is the issue here and it does not go back to Africa, or Callie bonking Mark in Season 7, resulting in a pregnancy. I feel as though they were in a good place up until the plane crash.

I miss scenes like this one

I am from Australia and I watch it online once it has gone to air in the US, legally of course. I do not know how to live stream and this is something I am going to learn so I can Tweet and Facebook live while the show is being aired in the US. I really think that I am just going to have to get over myself and read all the spoilers and news so that I can share these with my fans who follow this blog. For a hobby, I am not doing to bad at all, I started this blog last year and I have had around 36,000 visitors so far, and fans are starting to follow through Facebook and Twitter, which is really awesome, so thank you to everyone who reads my blog every time I update it, I really appreciate the support. This is what I love about Grey's Anatomy, it brings people together who get one another, and for people who do not watch the show, well they just don't get it; which is fine, each to their own. 

Anyway today is Sunday in Australia, so I have five days to wait until Friday at around 3pm, which is usually when I manage to find the episode to watch online. I have been counting the days until it starts in the US and I will be even more thrilled if the Australian TV Networks fast-track the show, so I can watch it live every week and Tweet my Australian fans. Anyway that gripe is for another blog post. Take it easy and enjoy Grey's Anatomy on Thursday night. It cannot come quick enough for me.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Isaiah Washington Talks About His New Movie And Grey's Anatomy

In a recent interview with Huffington Post, Isaiah Washington admitted that when he was fired from hit TV show, Grey's Anatomy; "Everything just fell apart."


He claimed that after the incident at the Golden Globe awards, he lost everything; he could not afford to engage the services of an agent or a publicist and he felt as though he could not continue. Isaiah Washington was fired from the hit series for using a gay slur, during an argument with another cast member.

It would seem as though things are now looking up for the actor as he has taken a role in the movie Blackbird. The movie is a coming of age story about an African American who is coming to terms with his sexuality. Isaiah told the Times that he feel incredibly blessed with how his career has turned out. He claims that he has worked with some of the most professional people in the industry, including Sandra Oh.

Isaiah seems to be very happy with his life and feels incredibly lucky.

The full article can be accessed at the link below:

Isaiah Washington talks to US Weekly 

So what do you think about Isaiah Washington's revelations and would you like to see him come back to Grey's Anatomy as Preston Burke? I know I would certainly love to see him back on the show, even if he happens to return after Sandra Oh leaves. Isaiah Washington is a very talented and charismatic actor and his return to Grey's would be a popular move with some fans.


However, given how he left the show, under a cloud of controversy, do you think the powers that be at ABC would ask him to come back. ABC are determined to keep Grey's Anatomy on the air as long as possible, so you never know, we may get lucky.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Is Izzie Stevens Coming Back To Grey’s Anatomy?

Could it be Katie Heigl (Izzie) or is it Isaiah Washington (Dr Burke)? Many fans have their money on Kate Walsh (Addison) or Kim Raver (Teddy Altman).

If you follow some of the many Grey’s Anatomy fans on Twitter and Facebook, which I do, it would seem as though the popular choice for many fans is having Izzie Stevens come back to the show. After reading a Grey’s Anatomy Wetpaint article the other night; most of the comments expressed the wish that Izzie Stevens should return.

While that would not sit well with me, many Grey’s Anatomy fans loved the character of Izzie Stevens and would dearly love to see Alex and Izzie reunite. Given the way Katherine Heigl left Grey’s in Season Six, I don’t see why on earth Shonda Rhimes would invite her back. Heigl dissed the show on many occasions and this was seen by many people as extremely unprofessional. Heigl has earned herself a reputation as a bit of a drama queen, however this is not necessarily a bad thing. When you think about it, it is a bonus for the fans and show biz gossip lovers like me; when an actor from my favourite TV programs has a whinge; I quite enjoy finding out about the gossip from behind the scenes and I am guessing every other celebrity writer and journalist love this too.

What I would enjoy is seeing her return to bust up Alex and Jo; now while I want Alex to be happy, I am not happy about the pairing with Jo Wilson, the intern. If Izzie is to return then my hope is that the actor is asked to stay on as a regular, because even though I don’t like the character of Izzie Stevens, I adore Alex Karev and Izzie was the love of his life. I also felt as though there was unfinished business between them when she left in Season Six. This is probably because she was supposed to return and then refused to honor her contract with ABC and asked to be let go. The irony of this is; had she returned to see out the rest of the season, Shonda Rhimes probably would have killed her off in the hospital shooting in the Season Six Finale; as that was when her contract was up.

It does look to me as though Alex and Jo will be together for at least most of Season 10; so this is why I do not think this mystery character is Izzie Stevens. In my last blog I speculated that it could be Dr Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington), Dr Addison Montgomery Riley (Kate Walsh), Dr Teddy Altman (Kim Raver), and Izzie Stevens (Katie Heigl). I did not consider that it might be someone who had a recurring role. Dr Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsene) or Dr Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith) and when I think about all the recurring stars that have been on Grey’s Anatomy, well it could be just about anyone.

In his interview with Huffington Post, Kevin McKidd made it crystal clear that it was not going to be a ghost; so it will not be anyone who has died. Although there was talk on Twitter awhile ago about T R Knight reprising his role as George O’Malley and they could go down the road of mistaken identity and George was never hit by a bus in the first place. In fact a friend of mine on Twitter recently wrote some awesome fan fiction on how Shonda Rhimes could tell that story.

If it does happen to be Izzie Stevens who returns as the mystery person who has come back to stir up trouble, then it will probably make a good story but if I could choose I would love Isaiah Washington to return and reprise his role as Dr Burke, as I totally loved the character of Preston Burke and Isaiah Washington is one hell of an actor.

So, what do you think Grey’s fans? Is Dr Izzie Stevens returning to shake things up with Jolex? Hit the comments and have your say.

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