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Monday, February 27, 2012

Take The Lead Season 8-3 - Grey's Anatomy Postmortem

Solo Surgeries and Competition Thrive on Grey's Anatomy

Meredith narrates: “You work, you study, you prepare. Months and years leading to one day, the day when you step up. On that day you have to be ready for everything, but there's one thing you can never quite prepare for. A day when you step down.”

The surgical residents rotate in as lead surgeons for the first time in this latest episode of Grey's. Competition thrives when Meredith suggests that the resident with the worst outcome of the day gets to teach skills labs for a month. No-one is keen to teach interns in the skills lab, so it seems like a good idea, although April does not seem to agree that it is such a hot idea. Is she crazy? This is the reason I am not happy with this character in the role of Chief resident. She should know that to get the residents on her side that she should be giving them what they want.



It was clear from the beginning that Meredith would rock her surgery, despite her doubting moments mostly because of Derek still behaving like an ass and Dr Webber's concern about Meredith and Derek not communicating. Meredith had one of the most difficult surgeries of the group, clipping an aneurysm in someone's brain can't be easy. Cristina's heart surgery probably ran a close second. Jackson had a cleft palate surgery on a young child, Alex had a bowel re-section and April had a knee replacement.

April was unable to perform her first solo surgery because she was unable to find a junior resident or intern to assist on Alex's sugery and has to do it herself. I question this because she was teaching a skills lab full of interns; surely one intern could have missed the skills lab to scrub in with Alex. In-fact Alex ordered April to do everything regarding his patient, but stopped short of getting her to do the procedure for him. He was meant to be operating on a kid, however he switched out of nervousness, because he knew he was too nervous to be operating on a kid. In the end the bowel patient had way too much damage and Alex was forced to close him up and let him go. April told him that he had done everythingcould do and that the patient's family may not understand, but she did. This was a nice side of April, but certainly not Chief resident material. It felt like the writers are setting us up for an April/Alex romance.

 Jackie Picture

Jackson think he's all that

Jackson is taken down a peg or too by Arizona, and in the end manages to let Arizona psyche him into agreeing to let Mark Sloan do the procedure. I had a feeling this "Gunther" thing would only last a week. Arizona could see that Jackson was in over his head, but Jackson ├žouldn't. Clearly when Jackson hands the procedure to his attending, he knew it too; just in time. I am not a Jackson Avery fan; so I was pretty hay to see Arizona taking him down and it felt deserved too, given the way he rudely turned his back on her while she was talking to him, even complimenting him. Arrogant yes; a great surgeon; well that remains to be seen.

OR 3; I Love OR 3.

Cristina's surgery was an absolute hoot. Her patient ended up presenting over-night with symptoms of appendicitis, which her interns did not diagnose because even though the patient complained of stomach pain, not one of them examined her abdomen. Cristina lectures them and send the patient to CT. Appendicitis is diagnosed and Cristina is keen to refer the patient to General surgery for the appy, however Teddy insists Cristina does the surgery, reminding Cristina that it's good to go back to the basics. Problem is Cristina does not remember all the steps to performing an appendectomy. Cristina knows she can rock a valve replacement, which is what she was originally doing, but an appy. She tracks down the interns in the skills lab and has them go over the procedure with her, however none of them can finish telling her all the steps and so in the OR later on Cristina gets stuck halfway through the procedure and yells at Teddy to shut up, please! A nurse has to instruct them how to finish, because Teddy can't remember either. This scene was so hilarious and I think Teddy and Cristina are going to be really good together this season and funny.

Changes Abound

"Your What?" Meredith asks referring to April's office

Owen and Cristina are a different story however; they have many things to discuss and they are not talking. What is it with these Grey's couples and their inability to communicate to each other.

Derek and Meredith aren't really talking either, although Meredith is trying, Derek is snappy and dismissive towards her. Seriously? Does he really think what happened is all her fault? While the food poisoning delayed Owen and Cristina having to talk, it was clear that Owen was planning to have a discussion. Did anyone else pick up on that? And then he threw up and that was that. Derek on the other hand behaved like an ass the entire day. At home Meredith insists they discuss it, Derek is worried he'll say things he can't take back. Meredith tells him to say it anyway. The only hope I saw in this argument was when Derek pointed at the "post it" and yelled at Meredith "Because I meant that, I promised I wouldn't run." My problem with Derek is that he is not being honest with his feelings. Saying that he does not trust Meredith at work is not enough, but at least they were able to come to some kind of compromise. Although I am not sure Derek should expect Meredith to compromise her career no matter how terrible her actions were. He knows his wife, he knows her surgical career means the world to her, however Meredith has also now become a mother, and that to her is just as important. So perhaps it is okay that she gives up neuro and moves onto another specialty. Because that's what this means. Meredith being off Dereks service means giving up on Neuro. Obivously if you are going for a neuro fellowship, you're not going to study under someone else if Derek Shepherd is in the same hospital. So make no mistake, this is definitely a sacrifice for Meredith.

I Lost Zola too (or did you forget that Derek?) 

Meredith did rock her surgery. She was calm and composed whilst explaining the procedure to her patient and honest when the patient asked how many she had done. Derek walked into the room and backed Meredith up saying she is the best they have and he will be there the whole time. Meredith thanked him and then asked if he had heard about Zola, he replied "No, Have you?" Meredith said, "No, I'll call again." Derek then snaps at her not to call, that they have called too much. It is then that Meredith asks, "What do you want to do if we don't get Zola back, do you want to stay together?" Derek again dismissively answers "We have surgery, let just focus on that!" No shit Derek; is what I would have said. In the OR Meredith is preparing to clip the aneurysm and pick up an angled 7mm clip, Derek says "No, use a straight one." Meredith refuses and proceeds to use the clip she has chosen saying "I'm looking right at it Derek." She proceeds to insert the clip and announces that it's holding, she then does what is called the matador move to check blood flow and it appears it is successful. After the surgery she is closing up the patients scalp, the scrub nurses and anethesiologist start clapping, Derek reluctantly joins in and Meredith rolls her eyes. I just love the eye acting on this show. Given her success in the OR, Derek really has no reason to not trust her at work, given that he knows she altered the trial for Adele and Richard. I still believe that if Alex had not spilled the beans, the writers would have gone with her fessing up the truth to Derek in the end anyway.

A Bright Shade of Grey

 Meredith; the Rock Star Surgeon

Chief Webber announces that he is stepping down as Chief of Surgery, news that upsets Bailey even more, and she make it her day's work to annoy Owen Hunt who is chosen to take Webber's place. I'm afraid we are not going to see a happy Bailey for some time. But I did hear a rumour that Ben is returning. I hope so because Bailey and Ben were good together.

Not a Happy Bailey, when is Ben coming back?

So another solid episode of Grey's. Shonda and her team are really putting their best feet forward this season. Next week we have a special episode focussing on the men of Grey's. should be interesting.

Meredith narrates: “Sometimes it happens in an instant. We step up, we see a path forward. We see a path and we take it, even when we have no idea where we're going.”

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