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Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Free Falling" Australian 2012 Premiere of Grey's Anatomy - Postmortem

On Thursday night, Feb 9, 2012 at 8.30pm Grey's Anatomy returned to Australian TV screens in a single episode premiere. Not a double feature like everyone else was treated to on Grey's return to TV in the US and Canada; nope. Unfortunately Australian viewers will have to wait until next week to see what happens with Meredith, Cristina, Alex and all our other favourite medicos at Seattle Grace hospital.

Mer, Cristina, Zola
In any case having watched this episode fifty something times; okay that's not quite right but you get my drift; I am a die hard fan and I have watched all the DVDs at least ten times. Anyway this was a solid episode and strong enough to stand on it's own merit, just as "With You I'm Born Again" did last year. Normally when Grey's Anatomy returns, viewers get a double premiere, however last year in Season 7 nobody got the double feature, however in the US this year fans did get a double and Australian fans missed out.

Anyway enough bitching about that, let's review the episode and discuss what I loved and what I hated about it. To tell you the truth there was not much to hate. It was a great episode of Grey's. There were a few editing mistakes which I caught after watching it through a second time, but nothing too bad. I've seen worse. When they tried to cover up Jessica Capshaw's pregnant belly in Season 7; they failed dismally, there were several messed up shots where they did not cover her baby bump. However "Free Falling" was a pretty awesome return for Grey's.

Derek and Zola Pic

The sinkhole was one of this best medical emergency drama events I've seen on Grey's and the man who had to cut off his wife's leg....awesome. How terrible would that be. Can you imagine it? The sinkhole also turned out to be life imitating art or vice versa. Meredith and Derek's marriage is in trouble, Cristina and Owen are in trouble, Alex is hated by everyone. Seems like everybody's lives are going down the drain. So the sinkhole and the references to standing on solid ground were aptly used. Shonda and her writers never cease to amaze me with the disasters and medical cases they manage to come up with for the purpose of our actors being the amazing doctors they are supposed to be. The good old days of writing a medical case that fits in with the characters live, hopes and dreams is back. That is a formula that Grey's had lost in recent seasons, however it's back and I am so glad, because it works

Meredith getting fired had to be the shocker of the episode, not a surprise because we saw it in the previews, but shocker in the sense of "what the Heck is she gonna do now." Cristina's reaction is to bash the crap out of Alex Karev, and yell "Äre you Happy Now!" That had to be the funnist scene and what was even funnier was April could not separate them, Bailey had to grab Cristina and pull her away from Alex, and Alex (ignoring April, his Chief resident) gets into and ambulance and goes to the scene of the sinkhole to hideout and see if anyone needs help.

April is not chief resident material and never will be in my opinion. I dont see her as having stepped up either and I watch episode 14 last night and April is nowhere near what Dr Bailey was as Chief resident. And No; I do not expect her to be Bailey, but she whines and I can't stand whiners. Apart from that I like her, I think she can be funny and I feel Sarah Drew who portrays April has the ability to bring the funny. April Kepner has grown on me, I like her more now than I did in Season 6. I had little time for her then, but she has changed since her huge crush on McDreamy. Who else cracked up laughing when April yelled "I am your chief resident, you have to do what I say."

I Direct Your Attention

No-one is listening to April

Anyway moving on: no sooner does Alex get to the sinkhole site, Callie orders him back to the hospital, telling him; "It sucks that everyone hates you, but you can't hide out here." On his way to find a rig that is heading back he finds a young boy trapped under the dirt. Alex calls for help and with Owen's help they dig the boy out. They get him breathing again, release the pressure in his arms by slicing them.....ouch! And transport him back to hospital and straight into surgery. Alex save this kid's life in the OR, while Derek Shepherd fixes the boy's spinal injuries.

Owen-Derek Pic

Derek and Owen Still Sulking

Derek is very preoccupied with his anger at Meredith. When she breaks the news about getting fired, his response is "What did you think would happen?" and walks away. Later on Meredith is in the resident's lounge packing her stuff, still trying to come up with a plan. Derek confronts her about Janet the social worker. Meredith had bumped into her earlier and Janet looked suspicious when they daycare worker asked who was picking up Zola. Meredith said nothing except that her and Derek take turns in picking her up. Meredith says "I'll talk to her." and Derek snaps "No! You've said enough. I'll talk to her." He turns away and leaves. Hmmmm, yes McDreamy, you really think Meredith is to blame for this? Derek chose to hide out at the woods in his half built house. He broke the post it vows. So I'm pretty angry at his attitude; not to mention his attitude in future episodes. This angry side of Derek is here to stay for a while I'm afraid, but it does get better. Shonda will not split these two up.

Mer on the Move

"We'll figure something out." Cristina says, Meredith is
pondering this as she walks inside

As for Cristina and Owen, you will have to stay tuned as I don't know. They will come to a decision in the next episode and you're going to see Owen and Cristina go through a lot of drama in episodes to come. Cristina and Teddy are back on speaking terms. Teddy has decided to be positive and this leads to her telling Cristina that she's in a happy place and would like to teach if Cristina wants to learn. Cristina ends up getting a lesson in going back to the basics, and does not like it at all. So she spends most of the day trying to get free of Teddy, and these scenes really bring the funny back to Grey's. When Bailey pages Cristina 911, and all the other residents to have them do a Gunther, Cristina gets to escape for a bit; but what happens next teaches Cristina a valuable lesson. If you're wondering what a Gunther is, you'll have to watch "She's Gone" on Thurs, Feb 16, 2012.

Bailey and April

Lastly I will say that it was good to see Callie and Arizona in a good place and no Mark anywhere in sight. Mark was too busy giving Jackson a hard time. However Mark has released that he would like to pass on his knowledge and we will see this side of Mark in coming episodes too, which is good. It's nice to see there's more to Mark than being a Man-whore. If you are wondering about Lexie, dón't expect to see much of her in coming episodes; apparently the actress had some time off recently. However, we could have done without the sex scene with her and Jackson, I don't like this couple....I wish she would go back with Mark. So there's my rant. Hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for my postmortem on episode 2 - "She's Gone."

Best Quote: Probably Meredith's speech to Owen about Cristina's decision about children.

Best Scene: Cristina and Meredith outside the nursery when Cristina explains to Meredith that she does not want kids and she wishes Owen would get it and show up for her.

Funniest Scene: The fight between Alex and Cristina

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