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Sunday, March 4, 2012

What Is It About Men? Grey's Anatomy Season 8-4 - Postmortem

Life from the Point of View of the Grey's Men? Not This Time

The reviews of this episode were not great. Many viewers were hoping to get to know their favourite male characters on a more intimate level. This was not the case; many fans were disappointed and found the episode very cliche'.

The Men of Bailey Square Off!
                      I Missed You Man

Derek tries to referee a dispute between Ben and Eli; not realising that Ben is unaware of Eli and Baileys' interludes'. Big Ooops.

Well the critics were highly unimpressed with this episode, but the upside was that is did provide a nice change of pace. Watching some of our Grey's men strutting around at Derek's deck hammering and sawing through their frustrations with their relationships, lives and careers was a nice perve factor.

Skanky Undies Scene

Hands up if you liked the Jackson and Alex scene where Jackson covers for Alex over the skanky undies April found amongst her washing? I thought it was horrible; and totally out of character for Alex and Jackson. Normally Alex would just own up to the fact that he had a one night stand and claimed responsibility for the underwear and Jackson would have dropped Alex right in it. However, on a more positive note, I quite enjoyed the friendship that started to develop between Alex and Jackson, and I have to say it's about time these two became allies. Dr Webber taking it upon himself to mentor the two residents might have had quite a bit to do with that.

It was obvious that "What is it About Men" was not directed toward Calzona fan's, as these fans were left out at the very begining of the episode, when we saw Mark hustle Callie and Arizona out of the door to some sort of medical conference; assuring them that he and Sofia would be fine. But I will say that the scenes of Mark caring for Sofia and worrying over her when she rolled off the sofa were darling. It was lovely to see Mark in the 'father' role. I am also hoping that his interest in teaching his residents is here to stay, as it is a side of Mark we have never seen since he first came to Seattle back in Season 2.

Jason George Returns!                   Eli Returns!


Ben watches in a jealous rage, while Bailey and Eli flirt

Ben is None too Happy About Bailey and Eli

Ben returns to find that Bailey has moved on with Eli, a nurse. He is not a happy man. During an altercation with Eli regarding one of his residents who stuffed up an epidural, Derek intervenes and stops the argument. Derek spills the beans about Bailey and Eli; quite innocently believing that Ben knew about Eli, Ben has no idea and is annoyed at Derek for dropping a bomb like that. Derek invites him to his deck to hammer out his emotions.

Derek was unfortunately a complete disappointment in this episode yet again. Instead of talking out his issues with Meredith, he is off to the woods every morning and night, before and after work respectively, buiding the deck for the dream house and encouraging all the other men to do the same thing, Derek plays counsellor and helping him build his deck is the guys therapy tool. Cliche' or what?

When is Derek Going to Confront his Demons?

Derek is as we know still angry with Meredith for messing up the trial; and now it seems he is frustrated with her for leaving his service and still wanting to discuss neuro cases with him. He is also losing his patience with Alex who is not one bit interested in Neuro, and is on Derek's service simply to log his OR hours. Derek confides to Owen, and Mark that he and Meredith are going through a rough time and he just doesn't know what is going to happen, which made me feel as though he is breaking the "post it" vows. Derek is running away to the dream house and burying his pain in bulding the deck, instead of contronting his hurt feelings and talking to Meredith about them. Last week he told Meredith that he promised he would not run, and when he made those "post it" vows that he meant them. Well it does not look like that to me. And he is quite happy to blame Meredith for everything that has happened. It takes to two to mess up a marriage.

Mark and Derek Image

Mark asks Derek if Dr Webber mentioned him when he resigned as Chief

Alex is pissed with Derek for not understanding that his focus is Peds and that part of passing the boards is to log OR time in other specialties. He calls Derek a douche bag in front of Dr Webber, and then quickly apologises. Webber explains that Alex has to live up to the likes of Meredith Grey, Derek's wife who in Derek's opinion was a perfect co-worker and interested in Neuro. At the same time Jackson is complaining because Mark Sloan will not give him a chance to show what he can do as a surgeon. This almost leads to Jackson considering changing over to Derek's service and giving Neuro a try as a speciality, simply because Derek lets Jackson perform a procedure on his own. This gets up Mark's nose; big time!

Richard Runnin' It

"This is my Zombie Nurse!"

The Human Stampede

One of the highlights of this episode was the comic book convention where there was a human stampede. All kinds of colorful characters came into the ER, Dr Who fan's, storm troopers, a hobbit and a zombie nurse. Dr Webber was very fast in claiming her as his patient, having not had much time in the OR since the fifth year residents are performing most of the surgeries. However; he soon discovers that his Zombie Nurse has nothing but fake injuries and has simply been knocked unconcious.

The Hobbit Takes a Shine to April

Whilst treating the Hobbit, Alex realises his patient has the hots for April. He tries to encourage him to say hello, and even offers to give him April's number, but the Hobbit is very shy and refuses. Alex finds that he has six broken toes and minor bruising, he has his patient's feet taped up and give him some crutches.


"I'll throw in some crutches. You don't look very steady on your feet."

The Hobbit turns up in the ER again the next day complaining of chest pains, however he is faking because he knows Alex will have to admit him at least for a few hours and run tests. Alex knows full well his patient is hoping that April will talk to him.

A very loud, big man is admitted to the ER, along with a lady who points at the man and accuses him of throwing a beer bottle at her. He starts yelling at the girl and April walks up to the man and orders him back in the gurney. She gets him to a bed and is trying to examine him, when he starts to push her away and get out of bed, April threatens to restrain him, however she is unable to subdue the man and he jumps out of bed and runs riot in the ER punching nurses, interns, other patients and the Hobbit who jumps infront of him and tries to stop him from hurting anyone else. Owen Hunt is paged, and he races to the ER telling a scrub nurse to prepare an OR for a broken jaw and possible concussion.

Owen Takes Matter Into His Own Hands

Owen storms into the ER and punches this man fair in the jaw knocking him out cold. He is taken straight to CT, Derek is asked by Owen to check the scans for concussion or a brain bleed. Derek clears the scan and the man is transported to the OR to have his broken jaw repaired. I had no problem with any of this, Owen thumping the guy may well have saved dozens of injuries from occurring, however I do believe his frustration with his marriage and the abortion issue has come crashing down and up until now I have felt sorry for this guy. But now I don't.

When Owen walked into that patient's room after the surgery and gave him the speech about how he had stopped several injuries when he hit him and that he felt good about it was all fine; but when he grabbed that patient's jaw, and said "If you want to sue, then you sue." Well that was cruel and I felt sick. I am seriously wondering whether Cristina should be with him.

Hunt, Sloan and Webber

Mark tells Owen "You're not the Sheriff."

It would seem to me that Mark did not agree with what Owen did, if his comment above is anything to go by, but I bet Mark has no idea what Owen did when he walked into the patient's room.  My point is that Mark was the only one who seemed to think Owen should take responsibility for his actions. And when they are out at the deck that night, and Owen is mouthing off about how this guy is going to sue and that legal want him to apologise to the man, Derek says nothing. Seems to me that the Grey's men feel violence can solve some issues.     

That Has Got to Hurt

Alex rushes the Hobbit patient who is now critical to surgery.

Alex pages Dr Webber to bring him in on a trauma surgery, however Webber insists Alex take the lead on this surgery as he and Jackson need to start feeling the joy of being at the top of the resident food chain. Webber gets the scrub nurse to put some music on and starts dancing around the OR, he tells Alex to get started and he will go scrub. It works, finally Alex starts seeing the joy. The mentor role is a good direction for Webber's character. I am quite enjoying it.

Later on Webber proofreads Alex's paper on the African children that he brought to Seattle last year, and Alex is shocked when he sees most of his paper is covered with red pen. He complains to Jackson, who invites him out to Shepherd's deck. Alex now has the chance to apologise to Derek and explain where he's coming from. Which he does. It is during this time that Marks shows up with Sofia in his arms and starts yelling at Derek for stealing Jackson away from him. This scene was funny; especially when Ben comments that they are discussing who's taking Jackson to the Prom. Mark and Derek make up, and Jackson tells Mark that he wants to learn from him and that he digs plastics. So all's well that ends well.


Ohhh That Smile

Hmmmm; Derek is thinking it might be a smart move to steal Jackson away from Mark

Dr. J. Avery

Jackson is in quite a dilemma; two world class surgeons want him. "Oh, what to do?"

Mark, Derek and Jackson discuss the surgery on a patient's spine who has rather severe injuries and has lost his ear. Fortunately for the patient, his friend went back to the convention and was able to locate the missing ear, so Mark is confident it will be able to be sown back on the man's body and saved.

Talking Amongst Themselves            
Whilst in discussions with his attending's, Jackson is concerned that the ear may not be viable for long and suggests that they insert the man's ear inside his abdomen until they have performed the spinal surgery and can get to sewing the ear back on. Mark and Derek both agree that it is a fantastic idea. However once in the OR, Mark insists on performing the procedure to put the ear in the stomach, even though Jackson knows he can do it. It is then that Derek invites him to help repair the patient's spine. Marks gets upset, because Jackson is working with Derek and cannot see what Mark is doing.

Later on during the ear replacement surgery, Jackson confesses to Mark that he may have to scrub out of surgery a little early the next day as Derek has asked him to take the lead on an important Neuro procedure. It is then that Marks realises he needs to give Jackson a chance and hand him the instruments, telling him to sew the man's ear back on and not to screw it up. He questions Jackson about how he came to be talking to Derek and Jackson fessed up about the deck. That's how Mark's ends up out there giving Derek what for.  

Sloan Off Duty

Mark is Daddy and Mommy to Sofia this week.

I totally loved the scenes with Sofia, and when she rolls off the Sofa and Mark turns up at the hospital in a panic, and demands that Alex run every test in the book was so awesome. It all turns out fine, just Mark being a typical, panicky father.

Dr. M. Grey

Meredith Grey doing what she does best

So all in all it was an okay episode. But I have to admit, I really missed Meredith and Cristina, those two really make the show and it just was not the same without them. Which makes me think that if Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo do not sign new contracts for Season 9 and beyond then I don't think this show can survive.


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