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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Grey's Anatomy "She's Gone!" Season 8-2 Postmortem

Zola is Gone

Well, given that the last time we saw Grey's Anatomy, Meredith took Zola to "Lord" knows where? It is not really surprising that social services took Zola away. However, there was a lot more to it than that. Derek and Meredith are barely speaking, Meredith has disappeared off the grid. The Hospital board fired Meredith for tampering with Derek's alzhiemer's trial. All the comfort Derek could offer was "What did you think would happen?" Nice; Derek real nice! and things don't get any better with Derek and Meredith in this episode either. Yes, I know, I've kind of skipped to the end, but that's really the moment of "She's Gone" that will probably stick in everyone's mind until next week, especially the scene at the end between Meredith and Alex. Everytime I watch that scene it brings me to tears.

Derek Looking Stoic

Derek is so unattractive when he's being McAngry

Anyway when Meredith finally does turn up it is in an exam room with Zola and Alex, where Alex is pretending to give the baby a medical examination. Cristina brings Derek and Janet, the social worker to find them in the exam room. Alex rattles off a whole bunch of reasons why he called Meredith in with the baby, including blood tests regarding the baby's spida bifida condition and the shunt that Derek put in last season. Derek covers for Meredith by confirming the need for blood tests and when Janet leaves the room, he interrogates Meredith. The social worker is on the phone trying to keep Zola with Derek and Meredith however she fails and the agency choose to place Zola with another family until the placement can be re-evaluated. Derek storms off in his angry place once again and alex hangs around to comfort Meredith.

Mer and Daughter

Meredith Says Goodbye

The Gunther

Bailey and Callie get the "Gunther" started and as predicted, none of the residents could agree on where to start. The patient Bailey chose was the woman whose husband had to amputate her leg. As well as those injuries, this woman has obvious internal injuries. After what seems forever they get her to the OR, but still can't agree on where to start. Cristina takes over and slices open the woman's chest as it is obvious to Cristina that the patient has cardiac trauma. As Cristina begins to work on the patient's heart, the patient goes into cardiac arrest and Cristina calls for paddles to shock her. When this doesn't work she calls for one of eppy, and instructs Alex to massage the heart, as Cristina jobs the eppy into the patients heart she accidentally stabs Alex in the hand; Alex yells and is stunned for a few seconds, he then collapses to the floor. Cristina is on floor yelling "What Just happened." it seems as though Alex has now gone into cardiac arrest. Cristina shocks Alex's heart with the paddles and he wakes up yelling. "You crazy bitch, you almost killed me!" Talk about fall off the couch laughing, that was the funniest scene I've seen in a while.

Callie and Bailey PictureCristina, April and Alex

Callie and Bailey hoping the residents find their groove soon

Jackson is the Gunther, Surprise! Surprise!

And meanwhile whilst this is all going on Jackson Avery steps in and takes over and he along with April's help end up finishing the surgery. Bailey and Teddy try to step in, however Jackson tells them he has it and that could they please not get in the way. When Teddy questions Cristina about Alex, Cristina trys to make an excuse regarding the eppy revealing a heart condition Alex never knew about, but she comes clean and says "I was moving too fast and I made a mistake." Teddy quips back with "Ya Think?" I loved it, and stay tuned guys because these two are really entertaining this season. They have some great scenes together. Dont miss "Take the Lead" next week; their scenes together are awesome.

Cristina then runs off to answer a strange page she has received from Meredith who is in a very odd location with Baby Zola. When Meredith says to Cristina that she thinks she stole a baby, Cristina says no you didn't, she's your baby. She tells Meredith that she will fix it and arranges for Alex to meet Meredith in an exam room with the baby. Not before Alex yells at her again, telling her she has to forgive him. That was funny too. At least the three originals are friends again.

Male Bonding Time

"The level of insanity in my wife's behaviour defies imagination." Really Derek?

Derek spends the majority of the afternoon fixated on where Meredith has run off to with Zola. So much that he is unable to focus on anything, including talking to patient about his son's injuries, they are half-way through a conversation and Derek rudely leaves the room. Arizona apologizes to the patient and helps him into a wheelchair so he can see his son. Unfortunately we are going to see this side of Derek for quite a while yet. It's funny, it's almost as if the writers want us to dislike him, so as to prepare for Patrick Dempsey possibly not being on Grey's Anatomy next season. Could that be possible? Actually given that contract negotiations are happening and Patrick has gone public with his wishes to stay on Grey's providing the network and creators find a way work within Patrick's racing schedule. And Ellen Pompeo looks like staying. She is over the moon at how much the fans want the show to continue, and she has always said she will stay if that's what the fan's want. So I'm confident that Patrick and Ellen will be there for Season 9.

Cristina and Alex

Yang Checks Alex's Heart with EKG

After all the excitement of the Gunther and Alex has done his favour for Meredith and Derek, Cristina takes him off the run the EKG to make sure all is okay with his heart. These two have made up in their own way, and it was good to see.

Henry turns up in the ER much to Teddy surprise and delight and announces that Chief Webber is going to put the thing in him; meaning he is getting his eyelet cell device for his diabetes. Seems strange that the Chief has called Henry in two weeks early, but I knew from the moment he started hounding Bailey to come watch Henry's surgery that he was up to something. All Henry's tests are run and everything comes back fine, and he is off to the OR. The Chief hands the sterile bowl to Bailey and tells her to place the device. She is shocked, and argues with him but she does it. He then goes to the chairman of the board and tells him the Meredith did not mess with the trial, that he altered the drugs and placebos in the alzhiemers trial, and Meredith covered for him. Meredith gets her job back.

Kiss From Teddy

Chief Webber calls Henry in for the Diabetes Trial Surgery

I did not like this story at first, it seemed like a cop out to get her, her job back. But later on I figured the Chief obviously blames himself, and he did put pressure on both her and Derek to put Adele in the trial in the first place. But if that happened in real life, Meredith would be in real danger of going to jail. Obviously it's fiction, I get that. I just would have appreciated some realism here. But I like the Chief's father attitude towards Meredith, he is the Dad she never had and I think it's nice. Meredith will never find closeness with Thatcher Grey, so Chief Webber is the closest to a Dad that she will ever get.

Alex and Meredith Photo

Alex Comforts Meredith, After Derek has Angrily Walked Away

Cristina and Owen Get the Abortion

And to finish up this blog; I must say a few words about Cristina and Owen's situation at the end of "She's Gone" Owen accompanying Cristina to get the abortion sure surprised me, and this story will play out for most of the season folks. The tension and anxiety that it creates in Cristina and Owen's marriage slowly seeps through the cracks in just about every episode leading up until the one where Owen explodes, just be warned; Shonda is ripping the band aid off this one as slowly as possible. If you think Shonda is dragging out Meredith and Derek not being on good terms as yet, well you ain't seen nothing yet. Derek is McAss for a bit longer and I'm not sure if Cristina and Owen's marriage will survive.

I so hope that Sandra Oh renews her contract, as she is definitely the best acting talent on Grey's. Some of the scenes you will see her play in the coming episodes are the probably some of her best work. She is awesome.

Highlights: Cristina and Alex in the OR, "You Crazy Bitch! You almost killed me!"
Lowlights: April as Chief resident. It's not working for me, However Sarah Drew is capable of Great comedy acting and I think they should "Bring it!"

Stay tuned!        

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