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Sunday, March 25, 2012

“Put Me In Coach” – Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 - 7 Postmortem

The Importance of Teamwork

Australian Screening: 22 March 2012 - Screened in the United States 27 October 2011

Well another great episode of Grey's has been shown and in my humble opinion, it just gets better and better. More humour, a couple of bad-ass surgeries, and Cristina and Meredith's "You're my person." antics throughout the episode literally stole the show.

Cristina and Meredith

I have loved these two so far this season. Their friendship has been completely solid, no arguments, misunderstandings. Cris and Mer have totally been there for each other in just about every episode this year.

From laying in the outfield during a softball practise and almost getting pinged by a flying soft-ball to their outrageous drunken humour during the real game. Hilarious. I'm sure I'm not the only fan who believes that Grey's Anatomy will not survive with Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey.

Mer and Cris Pic

Cristina and Meredith, on their way to getting very drunk

The writers and creator of Grey's Anatomy would find it very difficult to develop a friendship with the other characters that would out rival Cris and Mer. There is no other character on the show that could be either character's person in the same way that Cristina and Meredith are each other's person. Owen is slowly becoming Derek's person, or is it the other way around. And I truly have a problem with this because if Owen's wants a person in the same way Cris and Mer have each other, then Cristina should be his person, and vice versa. Are these characters acting like each other's person. Not a chance and they are married. When you compare Owen and Cristina (Crisowen) and Meredith and Derek (MerDer) it is crystal clear that Derek and Meredith are each other's person; it's just different to the relationship that Cris and Mer share with each other. Anyway enough ranting. Lets get on with my postmortem review.

Alex Steps Up for Zola

The family court request copies of Zola's medical records in order to transfer the child's care to Seattle Presbyterian. Alex is livid that they want to take Zola away from her doctor's not to mention Meredith and Derek. Arizona tells him because Meredith and Derek work here at Seattle Grace there is a conflict of interest. Alex grabs the file and heads over the family court services to get some answers. After talking to many clerical people, he finally gets someone in the office to take a look at Zola's file. This leads him to the judge appointed to the case who is getting treatment for prostate cancer and is at the chemotherapy appointment at another hospital. Alex tracks him down and begs him to take a look at the case, explaining that two doctors are waiting to adopt her. As he is leaving the judge warns him that bribing a federal judge is a federal offence. Alex ignores him and leaves the room. So what happens now. Will Alex get into trouble? Will this stuff up the adoption? This all remains to be seen.


Alex contemplates what to do about Zola's file

Let's Play Ball

Owen organises a team building exercise in the form of a softball game for all the surgeons against neighboring hospital Seattle Pres. The team are on the field practising and practise is not going well. Mer and Cris would rather lay on the grass and chat, as outlined above until they are forced to "look alive" as Owen puts it when a flying ball almost hits them in the head. Cristina simply waves to Owen yelling "Hi Honey!" Cute. But I dón't see the cute back and forth banter saving their marriage. No sooner had they started practice everyone starts getting paged and it looks as though practice is finished, much to Owen's disappointment.

Sloan's new girlfriend

Sloan has a new girlfriend and their public displays of affection really have Lexie seeing the green-eyed monster watching them kiss and cuddle on the field while practising for the big game the next day. So it is a relief when Derek gets a page and orders Lex to come with him.

Derek Pulls Off Another Amazing Surgery

Derek has patient in the ER and when he arrives the young girl is having a seizure and her mother is holding her. It is revealed that the young teenager has nasty tumor that is causing the seizures. Derek tells the mother that they can remove some of the tumor to improve the symptoms but it would grow back. he suggests a procedure that has never been done that would enable him to remove the entire tumor. Because of the risk the mother refuses and Derek tells her there are many surgeons who can perform the less riskier procedure. The mother insists that Derek do the surgery. Derek leaves the room, leaving a stunned Lexie to try and explain his actions to the patient's mother. Owen confronts Derek wanting to know why he refused to do the easier surgery and Derek says that he is sick of the wait and see and hope for the best process. He does not want to operate unless he can cure the patient. Eventually after practising in the lab and proving that he can do the procedure, he goes to see the mother telling her he can get all of the tumor. She agrees and Derek performs the surgery successfully.

Derek explaining the surgery

Cristina Graduates and Teddy Gives her a Present

Callie and April have a difficult surgery too. A man whose hand was crushed during an accident. Callie and April set to work to rebuild his hand. They are midway through the surgery when the patient has heart complications. Cardio is paged and Cristina arrives, she orders April to crack the guys chest, which April does and Cristina talks April through the cardio crisis. Teddy arrives and wants to know why April was doing the graft and not Cristina, Cristina tells Teddy that April had it, that she was there. They perform the necessary surgery on the patient and leave the OR and Teddy tells Cristina to make a list, a bucket list of surgeries that she has always dreamed of performing. Cristina thinks Teddy is screwing with her, but Teddy says "No, today I saw a different Cristina, a Cristina who put the patient first and every bit as good, you've graduated, make a list." Cristina is overjoyed; she can't believe it.

"So you just let Kepner do the surgery, you don't even like Kepner"

Meredith Can't Put It Down

While researching data on eyelet cells Meredith finds out about the court wanting Zola's medical records. She goes to find Cristina, who again tells her to keep the faith. Meredith is out of patience and texts Janet, not getting a response. She tells Cristina she just can't crack this diatbetes trial thing, and Cristina tells her she better not let Bailey catch her. Meredith approaches Webber asking him if she can look at her mother's journals. He responds with "Ah Ha! I knew you couldn't put it down." Meredith tells him not to gloat and just tell her where her mother's journals are.


Meredith figures it out

When Meredith researches further and reads her mum's journals, she realises that her mother's hypothesis was wrong. She get caught by Bailey reading the journal, Bailey wants to know why Meredith has it. Meredith looks her dead in the eye and says "Because it's my mother's journal!" Later she is waiting in the mouse lab for Bailey and explains what she's found, she tells Bailey that she marked the page for her and leaves in a hurry, before Bailey can yell at her again.


Meredith and Bailey air their differences

The Big Game

Well the softball games turns out to be a disaster. Seattle Grace are getting thrashed; and it's Teddy's turn to pitch. From the first throw it is obvious Teddy cannot pitch despite thinking she can. Cut to Cristina and Meredith drunk in the outfield, when a flying ball again comes their way and Bailey runs up and catches it. This sparks a huge argument between Bailey and Meredith, which Webber is forced to break up. Webber tells Bailey to stop punishing Meredith and put her on the diabetes trial, he then tells Meredith to get out of the ridiculous pink scrubs and get back to the work she was born to do.

Mark and Julia

Owen sacks Teddy as pitcher and calls Derek to come pitch, Derek refuses and tells Lexie to grab her glove and come pitch. Poor Lexie unable to stomach watching Mark and Julia kissing on the playing field any longer hurls a fast ball that hits Julia right in the boobs. The captain of the Seattle Pres side is very angy and calls off the game. They leave and our docs all gather in the bleachers drinking and sparring about the game. Bailey gets up to leave and orders Meredith meet her in the lab on Monday morning. Derek receives a message from Janet and he tells Meredith that they are getting a court date about Zola. So the day ends on high note despite getting thrashed in softball.


Commiserating after the game, and MerDer finally get some good news

All in all another great episode, outrageously funny and full of the usual Grey's emotion and drama.

So what do you think? Will MerDer get Zola back? Do you want them to get her back or would you prefer to see Meredith get pregnant? Whatever happens I am hoping that MerDer's problems are behind them and if they are not coming back to Grey's for season 9, then their story ends on a happy note.

A very drunk Cristina

Good Stuff:  Meredith to Bailey: "Mind you own damned business!" Mer and Cris and their 'your my person' stuff on the softball field and at work.

Bad Stuff: There really wasn't any, except for Lexie's embarassing, immature jealous behaviour regarding Mark having moved on.

"You're my person"

Well that's it for this week. Please comment via Facebook or Twitter or sound off here if you so desire. Stay tuned for "Heart in a Box" next week.

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