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I Am The Sun and He can Go Suck It
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Upcoming US Grey's Anatomy Events - Correction

It would seem that the information posted recently from SandraOhNew.com was an error. My apologies for this and hopefully now I have the correct information:


MAR 15 | Grey's Anatomy: 8.17 One Step Too Far - US Airdate
MAR 18 | The Songs Beneath The Show - Grey's Anatomy Event
MAR 22 | Grey's Anatomy: Repeat - US Airdate
MAR 29 | Grey's Anatomy: Repeat - US Airdate


TBA | Grey's Anatomy: 8.18 The Lion Sleeps Tonight
TBA | Grey's Anatomy: 8.19 Heart Of A Child

Unfortunately we will not be seeing an episode of Grey's Anatomy on March 22 or March 29, 2012 after all. We will most likely have to wait until after the Easter Holidays. I'm guessing the 12 April is most likely when we will see The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

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