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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spoiler Alert - Dark Times for Cristina and Owen on Grey's Anatomy

Owen Admits He's a Cheat

I don't normally do this, however I think this latest occurence on Grey's Anatomy warrants writing this entry and if you so desire, we can discuss it via Facebook or Twitter or via this blog. If you don't want to know then stop reading as this blog is a spoiler for an episode yet to be seen in Australia and other parts of the world. The episode in question went to air in the US on Thursday, 15 March 2012 and US viewers will not see another new episode for three weeks. Viewers were left with yet another cliffhanger.

In a previous episode Cristina and Owen attend couples counselling

The night the "Shit hit the Fan"

In the final scene Owen tells Cristina that he's not cheating on her with Nurse Emily, but he did cheat on her. The shock on Cristina's face was priceless, and the acting was totally flawless. Those who are saying give this woman (Sandra Oh) an Emmy right, freaking now are so right. The best line of the episode goes to Cristina Yang when she says to Emily. "Do you think you could stop screwing my husband." Soooo Awesome! Emily quicky denies it and I think convinces Cristina that she is not involved with Owen. So I believe Owen's confession comes as a complete shock to Cristina, given that before he confesses he tells her he love hers, but that he loves her so much it hurts. Cristina says that she's relieved, until Owen says again that it hurts him to love her. She really did not see this coming.

Cristina Walks Off

Summer Glau and Sandra Oh

So now the big question is fans; who in the heck did Owen cheat with? Does he mean that he's been with another woman, or is he telling Cristina that he is cheating on her in some other way? You know how the writers are with their clever little plot twists. So that's worth considering. Can they get past this? Will Cristina forgive him? These are questions that I really hope are answered soon as the tension in this relationship has gone on all season, and in the US there are six episodes left until the finale.

Glau on Grey's

"Could you stop screwing my husband?"

For Cristina to confront Emily she must have been pretty convinced that Owen is cheating, however I knew at the start of the episode it was not the nurse; because if a man is cheating, he will not insist that the other woman work with his wife, which is what he does. Owen insists that Emily be allowed to work alonngside Cristina to convince Owen's patient's husband to terminate care on a brain dead patient. Cristina is in a hurry to get off the case, so she can chase Teddy for a cardio surgery, but Owen is having none of it; insisting that Cristina stick with the coma patient and show some compassion. Where does Owen get off saying that? Is he implying that Cristina has no compassion? Cristina just does not show compassion in the same way as other people do.  

A Happier Moment for CrisOwen

So if there is a someone that Owen has slept with, who is it? Not Teddy, that's not possible and if Shonda does that, I will scream. To have an affair going on between Teddy and Owen off screen when Teddy is supposed to hate Owen would piss off many fans. Some fans suggested April, I don't think so. But there are rumours that she will lose her cherry this season, so perhaps it's possible. Catherine Avery comes to mind, given she is such a flirt. Or perhaps no-one, perhaps Owen has realised he chose the wrong wife, and has not admitted this to Cristina.

A tense moment

Okay the other issue I want to get into is Meredith returning to Derek's service only to stuff up big time supervising Lexie and now Derek is barely speaking to Meredith and is so pissed at Lexie, that Lex spends the night at the hospital. If Shonda is trying to find a way to get Meredith back into Neuro, this did not work. It's obvious that any mistake Meredith makes will upset Derek and therefore affect their marriage. So maybe Meredith is better off where she is. Some fans have suggested Meredith may do fellowships in Neuro and General, some surgeons do specialise in multiple areas, such as Addison Montgomery, she is double-board certified or whatever. Meredith is talented enough to do whatever she chooses. She does not need to be on Derek Shepherd's service to shine, let her stand alone and shine all by herself.

Back to Neuro?

Derek and Meredith's neuro patient

Well that's my rant over and done with. I would love to hear from anyone who has an opinion on the fate of Crisowen. The latest whispers from Shondaland are that there is hope and I'm afraid that's all I can tell you.

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