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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sandra Oh Is Leaving Grey's Anatomy

What Will Grey+Sloan Memorial Be Like Without Cristina Yang?

Well it's happened; I don't think anyone expected to hear this news so soon, but what we all feared about original cast members leaving has come to light today via the Hollywood Reporter and other online news services.

Sandra Oh will be hanging up her stethoscope at the end of Season 10. An emotional Sandra broke the news to her cast mates at the table read for the 200th episode and shortly after that she released the news to the media.

Sandra Oh has also told Shonda Rhimes that she would love to return and be a part of the series final, so it is hoped that Rhimes will not kill off the character. I for one, will be furious if she does. Shondaland Source wrote earlier today that; "Paul Lee at ABC TV did warn us, he did say that some originals had mentioned wanting to move on."  I am not surprised by this news, but I am questioning whether I can watch Grey's without Cristina Yang. Sandra Oh is by far, the most talented actress on the show and one of the reasons I watch every week, so while it will be terrible to see her leave, the actress wants to pursue other options. I have no doubt that Sandra will have her pick of job offers, given her remarkable talent. It is likely however; that she may return to theatre acting.

Chandra Wilson has also done a lot of theatre work too, and it would not surprise me to see her leave after ten seasons too, anyway I hope not. In-fact I really think the more original cast they can keep on the show, the better the show will do in the ratings. They really should bring Kate Walsh back as a recurring star or perhaps she could be a regular. And she can bring that handsome husband of hers too; Jake from Private Practice is a hottie.

Anyway back to Sandra Oh's departure. Kevin McKidd has been asked to stay on, so this obviously means they are not going to reconcile their marriage. While that is sad for the couple, it's likely the best thing from the point of view of the story. This couple were written into a corner, and neither one of them are able to give up their respective dreams. Cristina knew this at the end of Season 9, when she cut Owen loose to chase his dream and find true happiness. So it would seem that Cristina will leave Seattle on her own and hopefully this will leave the door open for her to return once in a while. She did say she wanted in on the Series Final, so who knows, Shonda might be able to get her to guest star, like she did with Kate Walsh, even after Kate left to do Shonda's other show: Private Practice.

Sandra Oh has had an interesting run playing the role of Cristina and what a fabulous role it is, the character of Cristina Yang would have to be one of the best characters ever created for a TV show. Sandra's amazing talent of being able to portray emotional scenes and pull of the comedy when needed just blows the mind. It makes a blogger and Grey's Anatomy fan wonder just who will bring the funny and snarky comments in Season 11? That will depend also on whether I watch after Season 10. In all honesty, I am not sure that I will be able to watch Grey's without Cristina. It just won't be the same.

So Grey's Addicts; what do you think about this? Are you worried that more cast members will leave? Do you think Grey's will still be great without the character of Cristina Yang? I will tell you one thing, my DVD's will be getting one Hell of a work out after Season 10 is finished.

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