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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Isaiah Washington Talks About His New Movie And Grey's Anatomy

In a recent interview with Huffington Post, Isaiah Washington admitted that when he was fired from hit TV show, Grey's Anatomy; "Everything just fell apart."


He claimed that after the incident at the Golden Globe awards, he lost everything; he could not afford to engage the services of an agent or a publicist and he felt as though he could not continue. Isaiah Washington was fired from the hit series for using a gay slur, during an argument with another cast member.

It would seem as though things are now looking up for the actor as he has taken a role in the movie Blackbird. The movie is a coming of age story about an African American who is coming to terms with his sexuality. Isaiah told the Times that he feel incredibly blessed with how his career has turned out. He claims that he has worked with some of the most professional people in the industry, including Sandra Oh.

Isaiah seems to be very happy with his life and feels incredibly lucky.

The full article can be accessed at the link below:

Isaiah Washington talks to US Weekly 

So what do you think about Isaiah Washington's revelations and would you like to see him come back to Grey's Anatomy as Preston Burke? I know I would certainly love to see him back on the show, even if he happens to return after Sandra Oh leaves. Isaiah Washington is a very talented and charismatic actor and his return to Grey's would be a popular move with some fans.


However, given how he left the show, under a cloud of controversy, do you think the powers that be at ABC would ask him to come back. ABC are determined to keep Grey's Anatomy on the air as long as possible, so you never know, we may get lucky.

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  1. Well I can't help commenting on this blog now that I have seen Season 10. Isaiah Washington did return to Grey's Anatomy in episode 22, and he was a part of what spurred Cristina Yang to make the decision to leave Seattle. When I watched the episode, I was so surprised as I had not read any spoilers or watched previews so I was clueless that this was happening. However as soon as I heard his voice, my hear literally skipped a beat. Now, I am not really a believer of psychics, but I have always believed I do have this ability as there have been many things that I have predicted in my life and they have come true. This was one wish for me that came true anyway. It was great to see him on the screen again with Cristina and I am grateful to ABC for allowing it to happen. I also believe that this was Shonda's idea and she pushed for it to happen. When Isaiah Washington left Grey's Anatomy back in Season 3, I believed at the time that this was not Shonda's decision. Anyway, however she made this happen, it was great and the episode is up there as one of my favourites. It really made me feel as though my favourite character, Cristina Yang was moving onto much better things and this all came down to Preston Burke giving her what she absolutely needed to be the best as a heart surgeon, which has always been her first love.