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Friday, August 23, 2013

Who Is The Mystery Character Returning To Grey's Anatomy?

Recently Kevin McKidd spilled that a mystery character from the past will return to Grey's Anatomy in Episode 8 of Season 10. This secret and previous character on Grey's will be a big part of the Winter Hiatus cliffhanger. Who do you think it is? 

Below are the questions Huffington Post recently put to McKidd.

Huff Post: "Any details about Episode 8?"

McKidd: "They say there's a big build-up to a pretty amazing cliffhanger for the 12th episode before we take our hiatus. A key character comes back in Episode 8 that plays into the cliffhanger in Episode 12."

Huff Post: "Key character -- you mean someone from "Grey's" past?"
"Yep. "Grey's" past-slash-present. Comes back. That's all I'm saying ... no ghosts though! [Laughs.]"

Pretty short and sweet, but this about covers what Kevin McKidd has to say about this returning character. The interview can be read here.

So who are you laying bets on to return? It certainly will not be anyone who has deceased, as the ghost story never went down too well. But for those characters still living who have left the show, it leaves the door open for a few to return.

I am also betting that many fans would love to see Izzie ride into town and steal Alex away from Jo. But, this would not float my boat, not unless she was planning on staying for a while. And didn't Katie Heigl just get signed to do a new TV series somewhere? I loved Izzie in the early days, however this character became annoying right about the time she slept with George. 

While I would adore seeing Isaiah Washington back as Dr Burke, I doubt this will happen. My bet is that it might be Kim Raver or Kate Walsh, and seeing either one of these ladies back on my screen would be pretty awesome. Sandra Oh and Kim Raver had great chemistry and it would be good to see Cristina Yang and Teddy Altman in action again. That being said; this would not sit too well with the Crowen shippers. While my gut says Teddy, it could also be Addison and this would be great too. Many Grey's fans love Kate Walsh.

So hit the comments or connect with me on Facebook or Twitter and tell me what you all think about this secret and mysterious character. I gotta be honest here, this news has made me even more excited for Season 10 and I did not think that was possible as I am going crazy waiting as it is.

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  1. Amelia Sheperd, anyone?

    The actress seems avaliable and she's the kind of character who could come in and help fill Cristina's void.

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  3. Hi and thanks for visiting, I would love to see Amelia on Grey's too and it's not a bad prediction, could be her, but I am just wondering what kind of trouble she would stir up if the character is supposed to be right in the middle of a big cliffhanger. Anyway, I appreciate the thoughts and if you would like to stay up to date on new posts then you can subscribe via email below.

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  5. I just think it will be dr. lauren boswell, the homewrecker. Or maybe teddy. As much as I hope it could be Izzie or some of the other older character, McKidd said he/she will come back from "past/present", so frome the recent past. Izzie and the others left the show too long ago. Even though, if I could decide who was to return, she would be my pick. Her exit was the worst ever, and mostly Heigl's fault. Shonda won't give her a chance again, and maybe Katherine too is now over it. But with Christina leaving, it could be a good move to try and keep the show alive.

  6. Hi Anonymous, thanks for visiting today and I welcome your input. I do not think it will be Lauren as Shonda said they had no plans to bring the actress back, however Shonda also tells porkies to throw her fans off the trail. I think the front runners are definitely Kate Walsh (Addie) or Kim Raver (Teddy). I'm not sure Shonda would have Katie Heigl back on Grey's for the simple reason that she openly dissed the show and walked out before her contract was up. It might even be a previous recurring character, but we can speculate all day and that's is why I love writing this blog as I can put my thoughts out there and share it with other Grey's fans.

    Thanks again for your comments and I hope you enjoyed the site.


  7. This is so annoying I have watched episode 8 of Greys Anatomy and no one has come back. The only one that I have noticed is Ben Warren Miranda Bailey's new husband but he came on episode 7. So what episode is the key character coming back???

  8. Hi, and thanks for reading my blog. I am sorry I have not posted much lately, but I have to be honest, I am not really enjoying this season that much. I did however; enjoy the most recent episode about Callie's law suit. It was very much about Callie accepting that no matter how hard she tried, there was no saving Arizona's leg. I am hoping they can go on from there and sort out their marriage.

    I too am wondering who in heck this is unless the cliffhanger has to do with Bailey and it is Ben who Kevin McKidd was talking about in that interview. I just cannot figure it out, unless it has not happened yet.

    I am still wondering if Teddy might make an appearance, but only because Kevin McKidd said something along the lines of "someone that he used to know" I am not sure who he said this too, but I think I saw it on Facebook somewhere. Anyway I am going to go check out the TWOP site and see if anyone has picked up any clues from reading the casting sides.

    Thanks also for your comment and if I find out anything I will post it here; so check back with this site.

  9. Yeah, I am returning to this blog post to update on what I think. I actually believe that is was Ben that Kevin McKidd was talking about, however I also believe that McKidd was teasing us and lead us astray about when it would happen, however he was talking about Isaiah Washington. When he did that interview he would have already filmed scenes for the first three or four episodes at least, as they had been back at work for a month. I am not sure how long it takes for them to film one episode, however my point is that Shonda pitches the Season Finale before she even starts writing the premiere. So it was well known amongst the cast and crew that Isaiah Washington was coming back for Cristina's farewell.

    Ben did have a major story arc with Baileys OCD however that was resolved by the time we got to episode 12. Where McKidd says Past - Slash - Present is interesting as I think he meant two characters, not just one. The past was referring to Preston Burke, who we know turned up in episode 22. He was playing word games with us, however I never would have figured it out until now, given I have the benefit of hindsight. Its so hard to read between the lines with the actors when they are interviewed as they are sworn to secrecy in the first place and they are careful not to give up any info. I never dreamed in a million years that Washington would return, however I did write a blog about his new movie and his happiness about where his career was going and did express my wish that he would return. It would seem as though I got my wish.