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Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Spoiler Alert!" Grey's Anatomy - Cristina's Doing The Nasty, Nasty

The following post contains spoilers from the next episode of Grey's Anatomy; if you want to be spoiler free, then do not read any further.

Is it Cristina and Owen who are getting it on, or does Cristina have a new, sexy friend? As hard as it is to resist the temptation, I try to remain spoiler free. However this particular story had me intrigued, as I am a huge fan of Cristina Yang, and I'm wondering where this is going. I have not watched any video promos, and I usually don't watch them, as I find them to be very misleading. So now I am very excited to watch Grey's tomorrow night.

Vintage Sandra Oh and Kevin KcKidd in this scene; loved it 

In episode two; and in last weeks episode, I felt hopeful that maybe Owen and Cristina may find their way back to each other. The bathtub scene for me did redeem Owen a little in my eyes. Owen is capable of being the husband Cristina needs; that much was clear, however can Owen accept that Cristina does not want children, because if he can't then there is no hope for this couple. Shonda Rhimes may want to re-unite them but unless their reunion is believable then fans won't buy it. Well I won't anyway. 

In the spoilers released by Wetpaint; Cristina tells Meredith about this friend and also reveals that she does not like him. But how do we know she is talking about someone she's sleeping with? It would not be out of character for Cristina to have a one-night stand with someone she finds attractive; and it technically would not be adultery, however some fans may beg to differ. Owen and Cristina are separated, so it could be argued that she has every right to have a fling. Some would see this as cheating on Owen given that they are still married, and the fans that are hoping for Cristina and Owen to reunite will be furious once again. 

Is this the guy in the photo above that Cristina gets it on with? I hope not; he wouldn't be my pick. In any case I hope it's not true; only because it does not sit too well with my belief system, however we won't get into that. I'm not really fussed as to whether Cristina and Owen get back together, unless it happens in a realistic way that is true to them. And if Cristina finds a new lover then it just makes it harder for her and Owen to co-exist. 

I have read posts on Grey's Anatomy forums where fans have expressed an interest in seeing Avery and Yang get it on and some even feel that Shonda missed a really good opportunity to pair them up. And while we're on this subject, does anyone remember this scene cause I've been racking my brain for hours ever since I found the photo. It must have been at the party that they threw for Arizona's birthday in Season 6.

The promo video link to UTube is below; for anyone who would like to see it, I have also included the Canadian promo as sometimes they are better than the ABC videos:

Grey's Anatomy 9x04 Promo "I Saw Her Standing There" (HD)

Grey's Anatomy 9x04 Canadian Promo | "I Saw Her Standing There" [HD].

Classic Cristina Yang

So tell me; what do you want to see happen? Would you like CrisOwen back together, or divorced. Do you think they can resolve their issues? Or would you like to see both Owen and Cristina with different people. Sound off in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.

And in the meantime enjoy the episode on Thursday, or Tuesday if you live in Australia.

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