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Friday, October 19, 2012

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 - 2: Remember The Time, Episode Review

 On Grey's Anatomy, in a series of flashbacks; we re-visit what our favourite medics went through out there lost in the woods for four days. Fans felt that this was unrealistic, however they were lost in thick bush-land and recently a plane crashed here in Queensland, and it took two full days to find that plane. I think it's possible. And it's TV, so we suspend reality to a point.

Twisted Sisters

Lost in the woods for four, long nights, trying to survive and keep each other alive. No food, very little water and unable to start a fire to keep warm; they managed to stay alive; just. We all know what became of Mark, however he was alive when they were rescued; thanks to Cristina. Animals fighting over Lexie's body, and Cristina desperately trying to keep bugs away from Arizona's leg, not to mention Mark who kept dying. Yet Cristina managed to keep them all alive and once they are rescued Cristina falls into a catatonic state. Hats off to Sandra Oh; when will the industry wake up and give this woman an Emmy? Cristina in the bath explaining to Owen what happened over those four days gave me chills and on watching it again for the fourth time to write this post; the chills were still there. She is flawless in every single scene.

Poor Lexie, but it's actually true that those events would take place in a real-life situation. I even found myself softening up a little towards Owen. He was so calm and patient; his obvious concern and love for his wife gave me hope that they might make it. Do many couples get past infidelity? And can they overcome the abortion and no children issue? Seems like a deal-breaker to me, but I also believe that if you really love your partner, you will move heaven and earth to make it work.

Mark died twice in two episodes and I cried both times

The episode told each characters story about the crash in a sequence of flashbacks; starting with Derek and Meredith, Cristina, Mark, and Arizona. It was a little confusing understanding the time-line and sequence of events, however it was so well filmed, written and acted; I can forgive this oversight. Mark dying again had me tearing up, which to me means Shonda Rhimes and Co did a fantastic job with this episode. I would even go as far to say it was the best Grey's episode in a long time. I am so hoping that we are back to the good old days of Grey's Anatomy; where every episode had me on the edge of my seat, feeling tense and anxious and very grateful for the funny one liners that were thrown in amongst the darkness.


It's certainly looking like an interesting story for Derek Shepherd with his hand. If you remember in the last episode his hand went numb during surgery, so we could see him doing something different this season. It was great to see Meredith by his side, encouraging him not to give up. However, it is only a matter of time before she breaks. This is typical Meredith, she runs around making sure everyone else is okay, and then falls apart. Remember after the shooting; it was halfway through the season before Meredith admitted that she was feeling traumatized too. It's also looking like Callie and Derek become close this season. Having lost their best friend Mark; I would not be surprised if they bonded over this.

Callie and Arizona's story is looking like being very interesting, given the situation with Arizona losing her leg and Callie giving Alex the order to do the amputation. Not sure that I really want to see Arizona blaming Alex for the rest of the season or Callie for that matter, but I doubt that this is where the writers are going. There is an opportunity here for the writers to show a different side to Arizona, as we really have not seen her dark side. And Alex; give the guy a break. No more dumping on Alex. He needs to find a good woman and settle down.

In concluding this review, I just want to add how much I loved April's "Come on Yang; I'm wide open. Hit me!" Or something along those lines. And not to be nit-picky, but why was April wearing resident scrubs? She is an attending; just not a board certified attending surgeon. Whether Owen fired her or not, she is still an attending. I don't know why, but mistakes like this really annoy me and I'm shocked that I haven't seen anyone on the TWOP board raise this issue. 

Really gonna to miss McSteamy

So after episode two, I have to say this is a great start; especially for a show that is into it's ninth year. But I'm not getting excited just yet; Season 8 started out really well too, but in all fairness; these two episodes kicked ass over the Season 8 premiere.

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