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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Grey's Anatomy Spin Off; Private Practice Cancelled "Caution Contains Spoilers"

Shonda Rhimes' creation Private Practice will be ending as of Episode 13. Private Practice began as a spin-off of Grey's Anatomy and starred Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery Shepherd. Addison moves to LA to work with her friends after her reconciliation with Derek Shepherd falls apart. The following post contains spoilers for people who have not seen the first four episodes of the new Private Practice season. If you do not want to be spoiled, do not read any further.

We shouldn't be surprised at this news; Private Practice has not been doing well in the ratings for sometime now. The ratings have not been awful, however with Kate Walsh hanging up her scrubs as of episode 13, it was probably clear the show would not survive without the character of Addison Forbes Montgomery.

It is sad though. Sad for the actors now out of work. My hope is that some of them come to Grey's Anatomy. I would love to see Charlotte and Cooper; and Amelia. Addison and Jake would be great too. I could look at Jake all day long, what a total hottie. Addison got it right when she chose him. Anyway enough, I digress....One person I do not want to see and will not miss is Violet. I adore Amy Brenneman and she is one hell of an actress, but her character just grates on my nerves. And poor Pete, I feel so sorry for poor Pete; why did he have to die like that. So much unfinished business, he never told Violet why they broke up last year. I hope Shonda rectifies this, cause I really want to know why Pete all of a sudden could not imagine spending another twenty-five years or longer with Violet. It's like the thought of being married to her for that long terrified him. And I know Pete loved her. Was it because she ran off to do that book tour after her licence was suspended at the beginning of last season, and he never forgave her? However, not that Pete has died it's unlikely Violet will ever get those answers.

I'll miss those Grey's/Private crossovers

Anyway enough about Violet. Hope I never meet up with that character again. Send her over to Scandal and have her play a really, mean character. Perhaps she could be someone from Olivia's past and the two could have a huge bitch-slapping fight. That would be so funny and so awesome, and I would not put this kind of thing past Shonda Rhimes, the Queen of Drama and Devastating events....Hmmmmm okay, back to Private Practice and it's demise into the ABC archives and peoples DVR's and DVD collections. 

It is a shame to see the end of this show, even if the only reason it survived for as long as it did was because it followed Grey's Anatomy on a Thursday night and there were cross-over episodes. It is true that Private Practice had a following of people who were not fans or even Grey's Anatomy watchers, so it did build a solid fan base there for awhile. When it moved to Tuesday nights to accommodate Scandal the ratings were looking pretty ordinary. 

One of the Best Episodes of Season 5 - Amelia's Intervention

From Season 3 onwards, I felt that show was better, the stories were well told and more interesting, however by the time we got to the end of Season 5, I felt something was missing. I did not enjoy the whole baby storyline with Amelia, or Addison's dilemma of whether she should choose Sam or Jake. Private Practice is now four episodes into Season 6 and the positive of this is that they have time to wrap up everyone's story arcs. Having already seen a few episodes of Season 6; it is clear that Shonda and the writers have been preparing for the end. When Kate Walsh announced she was leaving in the summer hiatus, the network probably felt that it should end. After all this show was created especially for the character of Addison Montgomery and it didn't seem as though it could go on without this character. With Kate Walsh gone, ratings would be worse than they are now. Kate Walsh is a very popular actress and the reason why a lot of viewers watch this show. 

Pete's Bali Themed Wake

There are also references made to Mark Sloan's death on Grey's Anatomy; but by the time these episodes make it to Australian TV; many people may wonder what and who they are talking about; especially if they are not Grey's watchers. Having Private Practice follow Grey's always meant that the crossover episodes made sense; but now that it doesn't and may not run after Grey's in Australia will means some fans may be very confused.

While I will miss Private Practice, it is good that they are ending it now and the characters stories will get some kind of closure. Nonetheless, I will miss my Jake, Coop, Charlotte and Amelia fix every week. Here's hoping these characters pop into Seattle Grace sometime in the future.


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To read Shonda's statement about the cancellation of PP, the link is below.


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