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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Grey's Anatomy: Season 8-16 Postmortem

If Only You Were Lonely

This episode was probably one of my least favourites; and it's where I started wondering if the writing was going to suffer as it did at the business end of Season 7. I don't know what it is, but I felt depressed after watching this episode. Is it Cristina and Owen's problems? That tiny, preemie baby whom has very little chance of survival or Adele's deteriorating alzhiemers.

The basic premise of the episode being about the things that we think, feel and do when we are feeling lonely. If that was the point Shonda was trying to make, then it worked for me anyway.

So Cristina thinks Owen is having an affair because he is so distant and seems to be friendly with a certain nurse. Watching Cristina follow the nurse around and basically obsess about Owen was depressing to watch and just not Cristina at all. When she tells her patient that he is making up stuff in his head about his barista flirting with him; I figured she had realised thae she was doing the same thing, but later when we see her rifling through Owen's computer, phone bill, clothing etcetera it seemed like she was still convinced of Owen's infidelity.

Dr Webber wakes up to the fire alarm sounding in his house and Adele almost setting the house on fire. He cops a pretty nasty burn whilst putting out the fire and ends up in the ER to have it treated. Meredith takes care of him and suggests Rose Ridge; the care facility where her mother was. Webber takes Adele to look at the place; and she says it's nice but to small for them. Webber decides they can manage at home. He later arrives home to find her throwing things at her carer, who I assume was her carer (that was not explained). Adele is shocked when she sees she has hurt her husband and insists that she should go to live at Rose Ridge.

Adele and Richard Webber

Lexie's happiness at being assigned to Peds was short-lived when she discovered she was on intern Morgan's baby's case and the said baby was only 14.3 ounces. However she does her best to maintain her positive attitude. Things start to fall to pieces with the baby when he starts to have a lot of trouble with his lungs. The father wants to cease treatment, however Morgan will not consider doing that when there is so much they can do. Seemed a bit rough him just walking out on his son; which is essentially what he did, even if Morgan told him he could go. Look as though it will be Alex's job to hold her up throughout this crisis, because she has no-one.

Karev is There

Teddy's research grant for stem cell hearts came through thanks to Owen's input. I wonder if they will make up anytime soon. They are both lonely; Teddy's missing her husband and Owen is so distant from Cristina, it would be nice to see them renew their friendship. What I would sooooo hate is if Teddy and Owen end up together. But given Teddy's reaction to Owen's offer of help in the OR, I don't think we will see them as friends anytime soon.

Derek was kind of in the background this week, mostly seen with Zola, which I never gettired of seeing. Patrick Dempsey has amazing chemistry with babies, he is great with them. Not surprising I guess, cause he has kids and he would be more than comfortable interacting with babies and children. Anyway I guess he had a race coming up when this episode was filmed, because we didn't see him that much.

I loved Mark trying to set up Jackson; but hated Jackson's ridiculous reason for turning him down. I get he may have loved Lexie to pieces, but when you break up with someone you try to move on, even if it is going on a boring date with someone you might not click with. Having a night out with friends is a great way to relieve tension and stress. Nuts!

NICU Gathering

So there you have it, probably not the best, comprehensive review I have ever written, but as I said before, something about this episode left me feeling flat. I'm hoping this was a one off and next week will be better. The previews look good. Meredith and Derek working together again should make for interesting viewing. Let's hope.

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