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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Warning! Spoilers!" Did The New Grey's Anatomy Writer Just Tweet A Spoiler?

This Blog Post Contains Spoilers from the Season 8 finale, if you are spoiler free, then do not read on any further.

Could This Mean Arizona Will Be Back?

First of all: Great news about Shondaland getting a new writer. Let's hope Dan Bucatinsky can breathe the life (no pun intended) back into Grey's Anatomy and give this show the storylines it has been missing for a long time. Excellent drama and emotion, less tragedy and depression and lots more dark, funny, hilarious humour and great music of course. Not that I've ever had a problem with the music; it's always been awesome.

Arizona to Cristina: "Where's Lexie?"

Many Grey's fans are shippers of a couple or characters, but I don't really ship anyone. I have a few favourites, but most of the cast are great, entertaining and great actors in their own way. Truly though; Grey's could really do without Jackson and April, the two characters are not that popular and dropping those two actors would open up opportunities for better storylines for the more popular characters.


       McSteamy and McDreamy                   Mark pops Cristina shoulder back in, Ouch!

Having said that; I do not mean more Derek and Meredith, or more Callie and Arizona, or Cristina and Owen. With all due respect to the shippers of certain couples, it is impossible to give the fans of certain characters/couples enough of what they are craving, and I think this is why Shonda says that she tries to put aside what the fans suggest. However in all fairness, I'm sure she reads the feedback and make some decisions based on that.

So back to this tweet that I discovered on Twitter a few hours ago. Grey's has a new writer who seems absolutely over the moon about joining ABC and Shonda's team and can't wait to get to work. Jessica Capshaw's "YAY" in response to Dan's tweet set off some alarm bells for me. And also gave me reason to believe that all will be well with Arizona come next season. However, I'm not getting ahead of myself or reading too much into this tweet; I just thought that my fellow Grey's Anatomy fans would appreciate this info. Scroll down to read Jessica Capshaw's Twitter.

Arizona looks great compared to the Season Finale

"I am not interested in dying."

Interesting that Dan also mentions that he is joining the team tomorrow, does that mean it's back to work for Shonda already? I know they don't start filming episodes until July, however it makes complete sense that the creator, and writers would have to get a head start putting together the next season. Hmmmm; September seems like such a long time to wait. Crap!

RIP Lexie (Little Grey), we'll miss you

Read Jessica Capshaw's Tweet:

Source: http://twitter.com/jessicacapshaw

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