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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shonda Rhimes Talks About Writing "Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal

Ms Rhimes and fellow Show-runner Colleagues teamed up for a Chat with The Hollywood Reporter.

Given that I am writer/blogger; I am alway fascinated to read about other successful writers and how they deal with things like writer's block, the never-ending creative process of writing a long running TV series or Novel, or whatever!

This interview was quite lengthy and because I am a Grey's fanatic, I chose to leave out most of the comments made by the other show-runners. However, the link to this article is post below for anyone who wishes to read theh entire article or watch the video.

Anyway the following is Shonda's part of the interview:

THR: How difficult is it to kill off a character?

Shonda Rhimes: Killing characters is never fun. I remember for Private Practice, trying to get in touch with [actor] Chris Lowell — it was the same thing. He was on a mountain in Africa. He was like, “Well, I’m in the most beautiful place in the world to hear that my character’s going to go.” And then he said: “OK. Can you at least just kill me in the worst way possible?” And I was like, “That I can do.”

THR: How difficult is it to keep these secrets?

Rhimes: We have fake sides [specific pages from the script in which an actor’s character appears]. The media will report something that’s going to happen on Grey’s Anatomy, and it’s completely wrong because we have an assistant who spends all of her time writing fake sides.

THR: Do you know how your show will end?

Rhimes: I knew how Grey’s Anatomy ended — if we had ended in season two or season four. But now we’re heading into season nine, and I have no idea. I have no plans. I’ve learned to let that go.

THR: Shonda, you’re very active on Twitter. Does that make your creative process easier or more difficult?

Rhimes: I don’t think that it affects it because by the time the audience is seeing something, we’re so far ahead and stuff has already happened beyond that, that it doesn’t actually affect what we’re doing. It’s sort of an exercise in torture. I sort of don’t know why I get on there. It’s a little like inviting people who hate you into your house to say mean things to you. Twitter is most useful for talking to the press because if I tweet something, reporters will pick it up and put it on paper. I don’t have to get on the phone. (Laughter.)

THR: Shonda, with three shows, how do you make sure each episode still has your imprint and tone?

Rhimes: If you spend time in the writers room, it usually comes through. You know, I feel like I spend some time downloading my brain, and then I have to go someplace else and download my brain there. But what’s worked is, on Grey’s, I’ve kept the same writers since basically season two. Those people know me inside and out: “Shonda’s not going to like that.” They answer their own questions a lot of the time. On Private, I’m still continuing to hone that skill. But on Scandal, it was great because I said, “I’m just going to plop myself down in this writers room like the old days.” And then everybody can come ask me questions about the other two shows.

Winter: Did you hire new people?

Rhimes: I took some people from different places. It was sort of like this very interesting dream team, and there were only five of us. We spent tons of time just planning everything out, and we had a blast doing it. We all went back to Grey’s Anatomy, but it was great.

Gilligan: Are you all in one complex for all three shows?

Rhimes: No. I’m on three different lots. I don’t know how it happened, but I do know that it requires the studio to pay for a driver for me. (Laughs.) So I’m not going to complain about it. That is the single greatest thing that’s ever happened. I was trying to do like two days here and two days there and one day here. That didn’t work; I probably hit two shows every day. They’re all on this side of town — Raleigh, Sunset Gower and Prospect — so it’s not so bad. I have a 3-month-old baby now, so I just said I was going to work from home and everyone had to come to me there! And they have this awesome editing system where you can edit from home. So that’s been good. Time management, I guess.

Rhimes: I’ll get the Private Practice script and I’ll get the Grey’s script, and I’ll be like, “These two patients are exactly the same, and look, they’re both saying the same thing.” But the writers don’t talk to one another! I’m the only common link, which means that I went from one writers room and pitched a story to another writers room, and pitched the same story but did not realize that I was doing it.

THR: You are all at the top of your game, careerwise. But is there something you haven’t done in your lives that you’d still like to do?

Rhimes: About once a year, I announce to my sisters that I’m going to get my master’s in library science. I’m very serious about it. The idea of being a librarian is like the happiest job I can think of. My sisters laugh at me every single time, and they’re like, “It’s not going to happen, let it go.” But one day I’m going to have a library in Vermont somewhere.

So Grey's Fan's, what did you think of that? I felt as though I was given some insight into where Shonda is coming from. Anyway feel free to comment below or via Twitter and Facebook.

Read the full article here: TheHollywoodReporter

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