I Am The Sun and He can Go Suck It

I Am The Sun and He can Go Suck It
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dr Derek Shepherd AKA McDreamy

McDreamy's Life Catches Up With Him in "Who's Zoomin Who?"

Today this entry is dedicated to Dr Derek Shepherd aka "McDreamy" - played by Patrick Dempsey and his many, many fans and there are millions of them. What is it about McDreamy that makes him so popular. Obviously he's drop dead georgeous, however it's his attiude to life that has most fans hooked. He believes in happy endings and soul-mates, romance and magic and most of all he is totally optimistic when it comes to love, even after having his heart smashed to pieces by Addison (Derek and Addison; pictured below).

Addison and Derek

The day begins like any other, the episode opens with Mer on the phone to the nursing home arguing with one of the staff; anyway, Derek wakes up and asks who would call at that hour? And Mer just says it's a wrong number. Then when Derek's phone goes off and he doesn't answer the call, it become clear to Meredith that they each have secrets.

MEREDITH: [narrating] "Secrets can't hide in science. Medicine has a way of exposing lies. Within the walls of the hospital, the truth is stripped bare. How we keep our secrets outside the hospital -- well, that’s a little different. One thing is certain, whatever it is we're trying to hide; we're never ready for that moment when the truth gets naked. That's the problem with secrets -- like misery, they love company. They pile up and up until they take over everything, until you don't have room for anything else, until you're so full of secrets you feel like you're going to burst."

So when Addison Montgomery Shepherd comes to town in Episode 9 the finale of Season 1; she's there to reclaim her estranged husband and to do some work for her former teacher; Chief Webber. Addison's sudden arrival certainly shakes things up for Derek and Meredith. As far as the fans were concerned 83% wanted Meredith with her McDreamy and 17% believed Addison and Derek belonged together. So there were undoubtedly many fans out there who hated Addison on sight; and she did come across like a bitch in that final scene in episode 9, which ends Derek and Meredith's dreams for a happy future; for a time anyway.

Derek <3 - the-guys-of-greys-anatomy photo

McDreamy wearing his favourite ferryboat scrub cap. Submitted by McDreamyluva

This episode sucked for McDreamy and Meredith fans, but Christina, Izzie, George and Alex had their share of fun too. George has recently been dating a nurse, named Olivia and recently found out he has Syphlis. Alex suggested a round of pennicillin should knock it right out and as he is about to give George the shot, who should show up but Meredith, Christina and Izzie and all three of them threw Alex out of the room, and Meredith stuck him with the needle. Talk about humiliation in front of the woman he loves more than life, despite the fact that Meredith is in love with McDreamy.

Who's Zoomin' Who? Photo

George O'Malley and his reaction after learning he has Syphlis.

Christina and Izzie performed an illegal autopsy, and Meredith who was assisting on Dr Webber's brain surgery tried to lie to cover for them. Bailey saw through the lie immediately, and yelled at Meredith;
"You are lying. I know you’re lying. You know how I know? Cause you’re a bad liar!"
In conclusion Meredith told Derek the truth about her mother and how hard it was and the episode ended with them meeting up in the lobby and agreeing on a steak and a bottle of wine and then Meredith's narration starts, just as Addison walks over to them.

MEREDITH: [narrating] "The thing people forget is how good it can feel when you finally set secrets free. Whether good or bad, at least they're out in the open, like it or not. And once your secrets are out in the open, you don't have to hide behind them anymore. The problem with secrets is even when you think you're in control, you're not."

What was McDreamy to do? All Derek could say was I'm so sorry Meredith; and then turned to face his wife and we all know what happened next. She plays it out as though Meredith has wronged her, however it all comes out in the next episode that Addison broke Derek's heart by sleeping with his best friend.


Meredith may have called him an adulterous ass or some, such adjective, but he is so good looking. Butter would not melt in his mouth and in the premiere of Season 2 when she goes to the woods to hear his side of the story; she forgives him, she may have said to him that his reasons were not enough for her, but he was forgiven, none the less.

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