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I Am The Sun and He can Go Suck It
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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Men in Christina's Life - Preston Burke V's Owen Hunt

Cristina & Burke V's Cristina & Owen

Cristina and Burke - Grey's Anatomy

There's was a strange relationship, none the less it worked. They had a lot in common and shared the same career goals, as well as being disciplined and both very focussed on their professional lives. So when Christina all of sudden discovers she's pregnant; and not long after her discovery; Burke ends the relationship. Christina goes ahead and schedules an abortion, which she would have done even had Burke not ended their liason. However before she can get the abortion done; she collapses in the OR and subsequently loses the baby, due to an etopic pregnancy, which essentially means the embryo is growing inside her fallopian tube and the baby would not have survived anyway. Christina loses a fallopian tube as well.

When Burke finds out, he seems upset, however he ends up comforting Christina after the procedure and this opens the door to exploring their relationship and where it may go. But we all know where it went. Christina seemed to be forever making sacrifices for Burke. She began to mould herself into the person she thought Burke wanted. When Burke got shot and had the tremor. He was completely unfair to her after all the help she gave him. He should have never allowed that to happen and should have owned up to Derek, instead he drags Christina into his little drama. He was the Attending and Christina was the intern who did not know better. When I say she didn't know better, she felt it was more important to stand by her man. If she gained anything out of that fiasco, she learned a lot about cardio surgery.

Then Burke proposed, and Christina accepted. Marriage was not really what she wanted, but she loved Burke and was willing to commit to him for life and she would have if Burke had not come to his senses and realised that he was sure about Christina being his life partner, however he knew deep down Christina was a reluctant bride. Burke left Christina at the alter, knowing full well he was probably doing her a favour. Burke did not want to accept less than he deserved.

Christina is now married to Dr Owen Hunt and he is more her equal, than Burke ever was. The only issue they may have is about having children. Christina does not want kids and Owen obviously does one day. So this issue could be interesting, especially if the rumours are true about Isiah Washington returning as Burke sometime soon. It is just a rumour, but I hope it's true, because things would get quite stirred up between Christina and Owen.

Owen & Cristina

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