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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Grey's Anatomy Is Back For Season 11

Today I am just popping in to give you all my opinion on the first two episodes of Grey's

I have to admit that I am pretty impressed, despite the fact that I thought the loss of Cristina (who was my favourite) would hurt like Hell, and I would not be able to watch for this reason. Although I really missed her, I really loved the first two episodes. This season is looking like it might be pretty good. Having said that, I am also cautious, as I have been disappointed before. From about Season 6, it has seemed as though Grey's starts out well and it is really entertaining, however as we get to the middle of the season, something happens to drag it down. 

So as usual, I feel cautiously optimistic about Season 11. And, no I have not gotten around to watching the next two episodes, but that is simply about time. I actually cannot wait to sit down and watch them, however I have had lots of writing to do lately and a lot of medical appointments. Not watching episode 3 and 4 does not mean that I am not interested in my Grey's anymore. Not on your life, I'll be here until the end.

I have high hopes for the story of Richard and his long, lost daughter and Meredith's part in this also, even though I was worried that this would be Lexie 2.0, I think the writers are doing well with these stories. I am also excited about what will happen with Derek and Meredith as I have been picking up little bits of information on Twitter and Facebook that all is not well with the McDreamys. Callie and Arizona's story is kind of frustrating me, I guess that is because I don't want a repeat of more angst with these two. We saw enough of that in Season 9 and 10. What I do want to see is more Alex and it is looking as though I will get my wish granted here. Please, please Shonda Rhimes, more Alex Karev. I just wish he did not come with Jo Wilson; I so loved it when Meredith kicked her out of bed. I  howled with laughter so hard, that I cried. Hilarious.

Anyway, I will try and find some time to watch the episodes I have not seen, including episode 5 which is coming up on the 24th October and pop back here and let you all know what I think. I will also post the review of episode 2 by Brouhaha, as her reviews are so great to read and I really want to share Brouhaha's writing with all of my readers. 

So until next time; I'll leave it with you to have your say in the comment or you can connect with me at the links to my Grey's Anatomy Facebook and Twitter pages below.

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