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I Am The Sun and He can Go Suck It
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Are You Ready For Grey's Anatomy Season 10?

Meredith, Cristina, Derek and all of our favorite doctors will be back on our screens in Season 10 in a matter of days.

If you wish to remain spoiler free for the premiere, then stop reading now!

So fans; do you have a wish list for Season 10? And do you think we have seen the last of Lauren, the home wrecker, Richard (the real chief of Grey+Sloan Memorial Hospital or is Heather Brooks going to leave the show in a body bag instead?

If the rumors getting around are correct, then Heather Brooks is sent on an errand, courtesy of Shane who is pissed at her for becoming Derek Shepherd's favorite intern, and apparently it is Heather who discover Richard, who has been electrocuted whilst turning the power back on in the hospital.


Shonda Rhimes recently posted a photo to her WhoSay account and then tweeted the word "crap" on Twitter, which was soon deleted, along with the picture of Richard at the 200th episode table read. The plot thickens, and it does make me wonder if Shonda is playing games with her fans. James Pickens Jnr was also photographed at the celebrations for the 200th episode, however even if the character of Richard does die, surely he would be invited to celebrate with the cast anyway. So I don't know what to think here.

In other news Shonda Rhimes has just welcomed another baby into her growing family, having recently adopted a daughter; news about the new arrival's name has not been released to my knowledge. So congratulations to Shonda on her new daughter, she must be one busy lady right now. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news sometime yesterday.

Another weird little tit bit of information was Patrick Dempsey referring to a photo of Ellen Pompeo, himself and their onscreen son. He tweeted that this was the photo from when he first showed Meredith their son, which is somewhat weird as he showed her the baby before taking him up to the pediatric ward and there was a scene at the end of the Season Finale of Derek, Meredith, Zola and Bailey all gathered together in Meredith's hospital room, enjoying a special family moment. Unless it is a flashback; I really hope that Shonda does go down the road of the entire Season Finale being a dream of some sort; that would suck and be too soapy for my taste. Apparently, according to Shonda Rhimes' Twitter, Derek and Meredith's new baby boy is named Derek Bailey Shepherd. Not sure I like the fact they named bub after his father. I would have preferred Chris or Christopher, but Christopher Bailey Shepherd would be a mouthful and my guess is that Christopher is Derek's fathers' name. I have no evidence to support that claim, it is just a guess.

All I can say is all of this is very intriguing and despite the fact that I have this blog which I totally love writing as it is about my favorite show, Grey's Anatomy, I try to steer clear of spoilers for Season Premieres and Season Finals. Now I know Shonda Rhimes hates anyone calling her shows a "Guilty Pleasure" but I am very sorry Shonda; my words are a compliment. This blog is what I work on when I want a break from my online freelance writing jobs, and I get to write about something I totally love. "Guilty Pleasure" is not an insult to Shonda's shows, in fact I have watched all of Shonda Rhimes' shows and I adore all of them, however Grey's Anatomy is the best work Ms Rhimes has ever done. It run rings around Private Practice and Scandal, even though they are and were great shows in their own special way. I miss Private Practice, and I miss Kate Walsh and Benjamin Bratt (hot, sexy, sensitive, and hot!). Benjamin Bratt portrayed Jake Riley and he was only on Private Practice for two seasons, yet he was my McDreamy in that show. 

So what I was saying before I got side-tracked with 'guilty pleasures' and Benjamin Bratt, is that it is hard to update a Grey's blog when you avoid spoilers as much as I do, however I only usually do this at certain times during the season. I mean let's face it, we all knew Mark was a goner before last season even went to air, when he announced he was leaving in July, everyone figured he would be killed off. It was the only story that made sense for Mark Sloan and I commend Shonda for the effort she and her creative team put in to give McSteamy the exit he so deserved.

So what do we all think is going to happen with Calzona? Are they headed for splitsville? Perhaps this will be the season of breakups as a fan said to me recently. I have no doubt that Owen and Cristina will go their separate ways. Shonda and her writers made a mess of that story line, it just went on too long and it really would have been better if Owen and Cristina has broken up and stayed that way, because I am not looking forward to another season of sad, depressed Owen Hunt. 

Arizona's cheating with the hot doctor from last season cannot just be glossed over, Callie is going to have to deal with the fact that she has been cheated on a second time. What I would like to see is the two of them in therapy and Arizona in therapy alone, so she can figure out why she cheated and convey this to Callie and hopefully they can work out their issues. Some of the fans are stumped on why she would cheat, but I thing it was the fact the Callie made a promise in episode two, that she would not take the leg and in the end she had to, to save Arizona's life. It is the broken promise that is the issue here and it does not go back to Africa, or Callie bonking Mark in Season 7, resulting in a pregnancy. I feel as though they were in a good place up until the plane crash.

I miss scenes like this one

I am from Australia and I watch it online once it has gone to air in the US, legally of course. I do not know how to live stream and this is something I am going to learn so I can Tweet and Facebook live while the show is being aired in the US. I really think that I am just going to have to get over myself and read all the spoilers and news so that I can share these with my fans who follow this blog. For a hobby, I am not doing to bad at all, I started this blog last year and I have had around 36,000 visitors so far, and fans are starting to follow through Facebook and Twitter, which is really awesome, so thank you to everyone who reads my blog every time I update it, I really appreciate the support. This is what I love about Grey's Anatomy, it brings people together who get one another, and for people who do not watch the show, well they just don't get it; which is fine, each to their own. 

Anyway today is Sunday in Australia, so I have five days to wait until Friday at around 3pm, which is usually when I manage to find the episode to watch online. I have been counting the days until it starts in the US and I will be even more thrilled if the Australian TV Networks fast-track the show, so I can watch it live every week and Tweet my Australian fans. Anyway that gripe is for another blog post. Take it easy and enjoy Grey's Anatomy on Thursday night. It cannot come quick enough for me.

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