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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Double Episode Premiere

Well I have to say these two episodes were a great start for Season 10 and this fills me with hope for another excellent season of Grey's Anatomy.

The first thing I am going to say is that Shonda Rhimes better get all or any thoughts of killing off Cristina Yang out of her head and find another way for that character to exit the show, I will not forgive this woman if she kills my favourite character. With Grey's Anatomy there is always foreshadowing in the writing way before we get to the story. The talk about life and death decisions involving Meredith, Cristina and Alex had me and I am betting many die hard Grey's fans more than a little nervous for Cristina Yang's fate at the end of Season 10. To my knowledge at the time of writing this; no other cast member is planning to leave after Season 10 and contract negotiation are well underway. It is my guess that the remaining cast will all sign on again simply because they are talking contracts. If any were serious about leaving as Sandra Oh is, then we would have heard about it by now.

Anyway, back to the premiere episode and what I thought of it. From the opening scenes, I knew that Dr Webber would survive and given that I accidentally saw something about a death on Twitter after the premiere had gone to air, once Richard Webber said (in his narration), that he was glad he was wearing his white doctors coat, I just knew it was going to be Heather who bit the dust. I found this sad as she was my favourite intern and I really don't care a lot about the others, so if ABC intend on keeping Grey's Anatomy going beyond Season 10, then the writers had better do something with these now, residents to make me care about them more, because right now, I could not give a crap about any of them.

When Izzie was mentioned in the life and death conversation by Alex, I really started hoping that the writers were foreshadowing her return, however she recently confirmed on Twitter that it is not her coming to Grey's. The only reason I would like to see Izzie return is to break up Alex and Jo as I do not like them, she is totally wrong for him; I literally cringe when they have scenes together. The actress who plays Jo is good and all but she is not right for Alex. 

While I love Debbie Allen who plays Jackson's mum, Catherine Avery, I did not like Catherine Avery in this episode and I have not enjoyed that character for a while now. If she had gotten her way, Dr Webber might still be in a coma or worse still, he could have died. Thank God he gave his medical proxy to Meredith, because when push came to shove, she made the right decision. Sure; the surgery could have gone badly, but Bailey knew if they did not get in there and find out what was making him so sick and weakening his heart, he would die and she was right. Meredith backed up her teacher and ordered the staff to book an OR. 

The couple who got married in the hospital because things were looking grim for one of them medically tells me we might see a Jackson/April wedding at the end of Season 10. However, April did surprise me when she accepted Matthews proposal, I really hoped that she would take some time to think about things and perhaps break up with Matthew. But she didn't and I am guessing there is more drama to come for this foursome; April, Jackson, Matthew and Stephanie. And another thing that surprised me was the interns all crying over Heather's death, and then when asked to think of nice things to say about Heather to her mother, they could not think of anything. The emotional reaction did not really match up with their inability to find happy and funny things to say about Heather. The only intern who really showed his true feelings was Shane, who sent her to her death in the first place. He is going to have a lot of guilt to work through.

Arizona and Callie's cheating story line was well handled. The fact that Callie blurted out that Az had cheated to the whole Grey Sloan Board was typical Callie behaviour; remember when she did that to Izzie when she found out about George cheating on her. I totally get Callie wanting some space to sort out her feelings, but I do not understand Arizona chasing her everywhere expecting her to talk and I certainly did not understand Cristina stepping in and asking Callie to let Arizona have five minutes with Sofia. It would have made more sense for Derek to step in given that he is a parent and Cristina is not. My guess is that Arizona will pull at Callie to work on the marriage and this is what will drive them to seek marriage counselling. I do not want to see a tug of war over their child; I would like to see them work out their issues. Even if this means they do not get back together and the marriage crumbles.

I think that my favourite parts of the episode were Cristina and Owen running off to the on call room to have sex not once, but twice. It reminded me of Season 5 and I totally loved Meredith directing traffic and running the hospital from a hospital bed. No one would get her a wheel chair so she could visit Richard, but she managed to get there anyway. That's why this show is called Grey's Anatomy. Well it's one reason anyway.

And lastly I just want to say that Shonda Rhimes and her talented writers can still deliver with this show after ten years. Keep up the great work and Ms Rhimes; remember what I said about Cristina Yang. I promise you that many Cristina fans will not be happy if you go in that direction.

So fans, are you happy to have Grey's Anatomy back on your TV? What did you think of the first two episodes? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. I haven't watched this show in a year or so. My scheduled changed at work and I was always working. I really need to get caught up.

  2. Hi Wendy, thanks for visiting and your thoughts. You do need to get caught up as in my opinion Grey's Anatomy has improved since Season 6, 7 and 8; even though these past seasons were good; Season 9 was great and Thursday's episode has me wonderfully optimistic that we Grey's fan are in for great season. I only started this blog in 2011 at the tail end of Season 7, but there is a lot of stuff here that might help you catch up and there are always the DVDs too. I have them all and watch them all the time. Thank you again for visiting my site and I hope to catch you here again sometime. You can follow me on Twitter at @AddictsGreys

  3. Hey Janelle, it's Bettyboop. Thank you for this forum to talk about Greys...cause you know me and my opinions. ;)

    I love Sandra Oh and I don't want her to leave. It's so sad to even think about. I expect to see the exit of both PD and EP this year as well. It seems that we would have heard about contract negotiations already and honestly, what is left for them to do. Their storyline about being on the Board is so silly to me.

    Why did Shonda have to kill off Cindy Lou Who? I don't get it but its easy to kill someone off or maybe she was mad because she found another job and told Shonda she was not coming back. Who knows. I thought it was ridiculous to kill her off and then the reaction from the other idiot interns was so underwhelming and poorly directed.

    Hate to keep harping on the lack of chemistry between characters but Jo and Alex is the worst by far. The guy almost seems repulsed by her. UGH! Can't even talk about it but I would love to see Jo killed off. And what about the storyline with her beating the guy. Hello...where's the consequences for that?

    Now for what I loved:
    Alex, Cristina and Mer altogether again having conversations.

    When Callie brought up the Chief catching her dancing in her underwear. It was on my list of favorite Greys moments on the other board...that apparently is now gone.

    ...and old Bailey is back. Can we fix her up with Webber already. :)

  4. Good analysis of show!!!!! I do understand Christina stepping in to encourage sanity (alienation of affection is not good thing fo kids) so I'm guessing either they will have a battle in court for custody (cause Callie wants to call all the shots). I dont' like the AZ character at all. doesnt' make sense to act the way she does given she was cheater.

    Maybe they are setting christine up to have a baby and die during child birth - there are occasional soft spots towards kids seen. If they get rid of Yang I'm gone. :0 )

  5. Hi Alrady and Betty, thanks for your comments and I am glad you found this blog. Is the ABC forum gone now, I had no idea. I am usually over at TWOP and they are very strict there, however there are a lot of people who would agree with what you have to say Betty and as far as your opinions go, they are welcome here, even if I do not agree, that is what a forum is about. I mostly lurk and read, I rarely post, saving all my opinions and emotion for this blog, which is going to be getting a beating this season. I intend to enjoy Yang for the rest of this season, and if Grey's gets renewed for S11, I will decide whether I can stick it out.

    Alrady, Sandra Oh is leaving at the end of this season, all I hope is that Shonda leaves it open for Cristina to return as a guest star some times, I do not want to see Cristina killed off and that conversation with her, Alex and Meredith seemed like foreshadowing to me. I know this woman too well, she always knows how the season will end before she even begins writing the first episode of the season. She admitted years ago that she pitches the Season Finale to ABC before the season even gets started.

    Thanks again for joining me here and I hope that you will join me on Facebook and Twitter.

  6. I think in all honesty, that if Ellen re-signs a contract then I will stick with it, as Meredith Grey was the reason I started watching the show in the first place, Cristina Yang is still my favourite character, but I do love Meredith. If the Grey's in Grey's Anatomy goes, then the show is over and why ABC do not realise this is beyond my comprehension.

    The original cast are in contract negotiations right now and I sincerely believe that if any of them intended leaving we would have heard. Perhaps the negotiations will go pear shaped and that might be why others will leave, but I cannot see it happening. I feel that if Patrick Dempsey really wanted out, he would just go. He needs the money to keep racing, so my bet is that he is in and I also think if Ellen Pompeo left then Patrick will follow. As for the others, Justin, Chandra and James Pickens, I think they will stay on. God I hope I am right.

    1. There was an article a couple months ago right before SO announced she was leaving that said S10 is the last for Greys. It makes me sad when I think about the earlier seasons but the later seasons are a completely different show in my opinion. I just don't see where the main characters can go from here that's remotely interesting. Its getting to the point where its the same stories over and over and now the new interns which are mirrors of the orig cast and I don't like any of them.

  7. That's strange because I read that ABC want to keep that show going and it makes sense that they would as it is their biggest money maker in terms of drama TV. I too, worry about the quality of the stories that the writers can come up with for the original characters, but that's what being a writer is all about. If Ellen and SAndra both go, then in my opinion Grey's Anatomy should end; I would have trouble watching it without the character of Meredith Grey.