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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Love The One You're With - Grey Anatomy Season 9 - 3: Post-Mortem

The third installment of of Grey's Anatomy Season 9 didn't top the first two of the Season, however 'Love the One You're With' came close. And ratings in the US are still higher than what they were at this point in the Season last year. 

For the most part I enjoyed "Love the One You're With." Along with the seriousness of the law suit, there were moments of really well acted comedy; especially the scene with Meredith and Jackson in the scrub-room. The moment where Jackson tells Meredith that his mother is bonked the Chief was classic, especially Meredith's face before Jackson tells her it's Dr Webber he's referring to, not Owen. The April re-virginising story had me cringing and I would think most people who are Christian or Catholic or anyone who worships Jesus would have felt insulted by this arc. They are using April's love for Jesus as comedy. As someone who was raised with strict religious beliefs it just does not sit well with me. And why were Jackson and April on my screen so much. I could not give a diddly squat about what happens to them. Why is April there at all? Sarah Drew, the actress is actually very talented, so either give her better material Shonda, or fire her now, because April's story sucks at the moment and for mine, it makes a mockery of Christian beliefs. As for Jackson, well at least he's nice to look at, but where are the writers going with his story; not that I really care, but it just feels like he still does not have a purpose, especially now that Mark is gone. At least in Season 8 we got to see the 'plastics posse' in action, and part of that action was the awesome and sexy McSteamy, but he's gone now, so where are they going with Jackson?


Apart from April and Jackson overkill, I loved the phone calls between Cristina and Owen, it would seem that they are both unable to let go. And then Cristina towards to end telling Owen that they cannot do this anymore and to have the lawyers contact her regarding the settlement. The settlement part of this episode had me very confused as I'm unsure as to why they decided not to take it. Perhaps they think they can get more money if they go on with legal action. But it seemed as though everyone was offered a generous amount of money. 

I guess I did not like the whole 'it has to be unanimous' because you would think that every individual involved in the plane crash would be offered a separate settlement agreement. If you compare say Meredith who was virtually unharmed, and Arizona who lost a leg, or Mark who is dead, then there would be separate agreement for all the victims of the crash. And I also did not like that no-one stood up for Lexie. Meredith never once said that she was there on Lexie's behalf. But that's just my nit picky mind, it just goes there. What really concerns me is whether they will just gloss over the fact that Meredith lost her sister or will we see her deal with that grief. I really hate it when the writers abort a story-line and we do not see the outcome of it. Another issue that I had and many fans did too, was Derek being allowed to go look at the plane, that just would not have happened in real-life. But I guess we are meant to suspend our belief because it's a drama TV series.

I am so loving Cristina and Dr Thomas; and I don't want to see Cristina back in Seattle anytime soon. I would actually love it if Owen went there to try and win her back and stayed there permanently, so far this dual location thing is working for me, except the stupid snow storms in Minnesota. They do happen; don't get me wrong, but not all the time and especially not so much in Sept/Oct which is where we are supposed to be time-wise. And if I'm wrong and it's supposed to be July/August then it is even more ridiculous given that it would be summer or late summer. Cristina and Dr Thomas in that last scene, were awesome, I loved it. I'm not sure why he is carrying around a pack of cigarettes, that was not explained; but it was kind of funny when he told Cristina that everything kill us (I can't remember his exact words). It seemed as though he was trying to make a point and then decided against it.

Callie and Arizona's scenes were great this week too and actually like what they are doing with this story, I just pray the writers do it justice. I also loved Callie's banter with Alex regarding his whoring around, and her speech to the intern who was flirting with her. However I do agree with many posters on the forums who said she should have told the intern she was married before giving the speech. The parents of the patient with the severed foot asked Callie to keep their daughter in the hospital, because she was going to off sailing again regardless of the damage it would do. Callie told them that they have to be the bad guys here because they are her parents; it was so obvious she was referring to her own life. Especially when she was confronted with Arizona on the floor of the bathroom sitting in her own pee. That shower scene had me in tears and that's when I feel the writers are getting things right. If I'm laughing, crying or holding my breath then it's working for me. If I am throwing things or shouting at the TV, then it's not working.

Meredith and Jackson in the scrub room was probably the funniest scene I've seen on Grey's in a long time, which gives me hope for this season and a possible friendship between Jackson and Meredith. I would dig that, as long as they don't end up sleeping together, then that's okay with me. I also loved Bailey's post it notes and the scene when she overhears Jackson and April talking, the look on Bailey's face is just priceless.

Overall a great episode. If I had to criticise anything it would be too much April. Perhaps if she got a decent story instead of making a mockery of Christianity for comedy's sake then I may be able to take this character seriously, but so far I cannot and she has been on my TV screen for over three years. And last, but not least; don't you just love the McMansion? It's taken 5 seasons, and finally Derek and Meredith are living in their dream house. I totally loved the scene with Derek sitting outside with the view of Seattle behind him.


So readers, tell me what you thought of "Love the One Your With" Sound off in the comments or on Twitter and Facebook.

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