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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Grey's Anatomy - I Saw Her Standing There Season 9 - 4 Postmortem

Grey's Anatomy - I Saw Her Standing There; Aired in the US 25 Oct 2012, and in Australia on 30 Oct 2012. There will be another break in the US and here in Australia due to US election stuff being on TV. The next Grey's Anatomy episode; "Beautiful Doom" will be shown in the US on Nov, 8, 2012 and in Australia on Nov 13, 2012.

Well I have to say after watching the other night I am so disappointed with the writers about Cristina's new sex-friend. Yuck; I don't like him, they have no chemistry; just Yuck. Last night's episode was the first where I actually wanted to throw things at the TV. However, this turn of events (Cristina's obvious need to indulge in casual sex) was probably the worst of it. The rest of the episode was pretty good.

Cristina's new sex buddy, not for long however

The so-called affair with Dr Parker was probably over before it started once Cristina cottoned on to his plans to get rid of Dr Thomas. Obviously Cristina is not okay with her colleague and superiors' underhanded methods to force Dr Thomas to retire and I'm not surprised. I have never known Cristina to be okay with being used, and I certainly don't believe that she would support such sneaky, back-stabbing tactics. The part that I really enjoyed was when she and Dr Thomas were at a bar, and he explained that he knew what they were up to, and showed her the cheap watch he was given a few years back as a hint to retire. He explains to Cristina the only reason he wears it, is to passively and aggressively rub it in their faces. So it would seem that Cristina now has his back, given that she helped him out during the heart procedure they performed together. Can she bring him to Seattle Grace, if she has to come back there? Why should she come back, Owen should go there and fight to get his wife back. Just a thought.

Arizona and Callie's story progressed this week and in a real way, it was nice to see Arizona smile. I loved David, and I cannot think where in the heck I've seen him before. Can anyone help with that? He looks so familiar to me. It was nice that Arizona reached out to Callie at the end. They've a long way to go, but I have hope that they will be okay. The scene between Arizona and Alex was very touching too; I just hope that Alex gets a decent story this season, I always did enjoy him and Arizona working together, but I'm also wondering what will happen when she finds out that Alex was the one who cut off her leg. It seems as though Callie is letting Arizona think that she did it. 

Derek's moment in the gallery with Owen when he tells him that Meredith is bubble wrapping him was cute and I really loved Owen's speech and his speech also worked for Callie too. But he really must think that Cristina is lost to him if he can say to Derek that she's not coming back. What was with Owen going to stay at the trailer? He has a home; it's not like Cristina sold the place they were living at. And I enjoyed seeing Derek the teacher, it was a refreshing change. I have to wonder whether he will operate again in the near future or will his career revert to teaching other's. Let's face it, he is a world class surgeon, top of his field; he would have so much he could pass onto the younger surgeons.

I am torn about Katherine and Richard. I like Debbie Allen and the character of Katherine Avery, however I really miss Adele and I'm wondering when Shonda is going to re-visit what's going on with Adele. Loretta Devine is a fabulous actress, and I love all of her scenes on Grey's, so the hope is that we will get to see where Adele is at with her illness soon. And again I'm a little tired of Jackson and April's nonsense. 

Bailey and Meredith's banter over her once in a lifetime tumor was funny. It's like the shoes on the other foot now. When they were interns and residents, they had to beg to even be allowed inside the OR, now Meredith can simply tell Bailey she's not stealing her surgery. While it was funny to see the shoe on the other foot; I had to wonder, wouldn't the head of the department have the final say on who took that surgery. But really; it's Shondaland, since when do they follow protocol.

So what did you think of 'I Saw Her Standing There?' Is this season shaping up to be better than past seasons? Have you say right here in the comments or get on Facebook or Twitter to talk about it.

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