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Friday, December 7, 2012

Grey's Anatomy, Beautiful Doom - Season 9 - 5 Postmortem

Our favourite medics returned for Beautiful Doom a few weeks ago; with the much talked about Meredith and Cristina centric episode of Grey's Anatomy. I loved it and there were times that I hated it. Anyway I'll cover that as we go through the episode. My apologies for my tardiness in posting this review, I was moving house yet again; long story. 

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Totally loved the first scenes with Meredith trying to potty-train Zola; and later she is on the phone to Cristina and Zola pees all over her. That would so totally happen; lot's of toddlers do that; especially boys. Cristina walking out side her apartment building or hotel or where ever it is she is living, and her car is covered in snow. And then Dr Thomas saves her bacon and picks her up for work. I was really getting to love their friendship, until he dropped dead on the OR floor, and the thing was, I knew it was coming. Will this be what makes Cristina return to Seattle. Yes; I know she turned up at the end; but I don't know that she is staying, I was under the impression she showed because she needed her person and also needed to get drunk enough to have to courage to get on a plane, which is so totally what I would do, had I gone through what she did. However two more episodes have gone to air in the US and I have yet to watch these episodes due to my hasty move back to Canberra; but according to a fellow Grey's addict friend of mine and various recaps, it appears that Cristina is indeed back at Seattle. 

Pic from Episode 6; Second Opinion; are the blue scrubs a giveaway?

While I'm happy to have her back in Seattle Grace scrubs; I am pissed at Shonda for killing off Dr Thomas. Why on earth did there have to be a tragedy to send Cristina scurrying back to her person in Seattle? Couldn't Dr Thomas simply retire? It was obvious that Cristina did not like it in Minnesota and felt as though she would never feel at home there. Dr Thomas did not have to keel over from a heart attack for Cristina to realise that he was the only good thing keeping her at the Mayo clinic. The cardio fellowship may have been the best program in the country, but the point that Cristina's career is not the only thing she cares about could have been made by having Dr Thomas retire to sunny Florida or something along those lines. It's all drama, drama, drama with Ms Shonda Rhimes, tragedy and pain. Don't get me wrong, I love Shonda and I love Grey's Anatomy and will be with it until the final episode, however I am getting tired of all the angsty drama. 

Apart from that criticism, I loved the episode and I still feel as though Season 9 is going to be great. I recently heard that Meredith and Derek are going to find out that Meredith is pregnant soon, so I am over the moon about this story. 

Not many of the other characters featured in this episode; Derek was seen telling Meredith he would take Zola to daycare and then get the train. I assume this is because he too, is freaked out about flying. Loved Owen and Zola, so cute. The interns trying to convince Meredith they are not babysitters or nannies. Totally loved Meredith's crush injury patient storyline; I was holding back the tears during this entire story as it too reminded me so much of Lexie and that fateful day. The scenes where we simultaneously saw Cristina and Meredith going about their business were not good. It may have been a fault with the live stream I was watching, but the sound during those shots was awful. It maybe a different story when I watch the episode on DVD when it comes out. Alex and April with Zola was pretty cute too.

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All in all this was again another great instalment of Grey's, and it only makes me more excited for the next episodes to come. I must try to watch them over the weekend and get up to date with my reviews. However it's not an easy thing when you are basically forced to move three hours away with not much notice.

I'll be back soon to review "Second Opinion" as soon as I've had a chance to watch it. In the meantime get in touch via the comments here and have your say or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

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