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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another Grey's Anatomy Character Bites The Dust

In breaking news today via an article in People magazine it was announced that actor, Eric Dane who plays Dr Mark Sloan (McSteamy) in Grey's Anatomy is leaving the show.

It is not known whether Eric Dane's character: Mark Sloan is going to make it out of the plane crash or die in the next few episodes, however it is believed that Mark Sloan will survive which will enable Eric Dane to return to the role in the future if asked. 

It has been reported via TVGuide.com that there will be a time jump of around three months in the first episode of Season 9, however we will get to see what happened to the remaining five stranded doctors. There may well be another death; given Eric Dane's breaking news, however it seems unlikely. If anyone else were going to die, it would probably be the pilot; however even that would be far fetched as his injuries weren't critical, he was paralyzed.

So three main characters are going to be missing next season, which will be very strange. It will not be the same without McSteamy, and this news also raises the issue on Jackson Avery. If Jackson's mentor leaves or dies, then perhaps Jackson Avery is one of the characters who does leave and we see his storyline from another location. We already know that April Kepner goes home to her parents farm; however not much has been said about what role she will play in the storyline now. April failed her boards and was fired by Owen Hunt last season, so her future is very uncertain. However, Shonda did say that April would not be bar-tending at Joe's.

RIP Lexie Grey

The other news is that Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey are all going to live. This is definitely good news for many fans, however not really a surprise as they all signed new contracts just before Summer and it was pretty certain they would be back, but you never know. 

Classic McSteamy pic; he will be missed

Shonda has also been very quiet on the subject of Arizona and Callie which would probably make any Calzona fan very nervous, however I am very confident that they will be okay. Events for Callie's character are rumoured to be very interesting this season and unfortunately this is all the information that Shonda has let slip about her golden girls. I really have a tough time believing that she would break this couple up and looking back at Season 8; to kill either one didn't make sense. 

Calzona Fans won't miss these scenes

We will also be introduced to some new faces come September; at least two more new faces will be introduced in Season 9. No news has come out about what role these new people will play on Grey's. One is rumoured to be cast as a doctor, however that's the only information that has leaked about the new cast members. 

So as we count down the days and weeks until Grey's Anatomy, Season 9 airs in the United States; I will endeavour to keep you up to date with the gossip and goings on behind the scenes. Season 9 of Grey's will premiere in the US on Thursday, September 27, 2012, that is less than two months away, so we are more than halfway through the long Summer hiatus. 

Now it's your turn: What do you think about Grey's Anatomy with no McSteamy? Will it be the same without him? Comment below or you can catch me on Twitter or Facebook.

Source: Eric Dane Leaves Grey's Anatomy

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