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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

McDreamy Is Dead - Patrick Dempsey Has Left Grey's Anatomy

Well Shonda Rhimes has finally gone and done it. She drove a big truck directly into Doctor McDreamy and killed him. He's dead, no more Meredith and Derek and I bet the fans have gone mental. I wonder how Derek and Meredith shippers feel losing one half of their favourite couple. I have not checked out Shonda Rhimes' Twitter feed, however I bet she got her share of abuse and knowing Ms Rhimes, she would have told the fans to eff off or something along those lines. 

What fans need to try to accept is that Shonda was always going to do this, her beloved Mer and Der cannot possibly break up or get a divorce, so if Patrick Dempsey ever left the show, he was always going to be killed off. Nor can they grow old and grey together and get a happy ending, which is par for the course for this show. I have to say I am annoyed because my heart breaks for Meredith, however I am also glad to see the back of him. Derek has not been a popular character lately and Dempsey has been teasing the fans for years. He almost screwed up in Season 8 when he revealed he was going, he then back tracked and told fans that he had not been asked back yet. 

The photo below is laughable because when I watched this episode I felt as though McDreamy was already dead. When that truck hit Derek's car on the driver's side, there would not have very much of Derek left. I felt as though right up until he was declared brain dead. All that rubbish in the ER about his head injury and cursing the medical staff for not getting a head CT was Derek's afterlife dream. That's the best way I can explain it. McDreamy had would have been killed in an instant once truck hit his car. It is in fact difficult to believe there was much of McDreamy left for Meredith to say goodbye too.

grey's anatomy derek dead

I was sure for a little while towards the end of Season 8 that Derek Shepherd would die in the finale, however some idiot leaked that all the originals had renegotiated their contracts. That news broke six days before the Season 8 finale screened, this kind of ruined the whole "who is going to die" scenario. It is also puzzling how Dempsey got out of his contract as he was committed until the end of Season 12. Perhaps he and Shonda had a falling out, it's possible and there have been rumours.

Anyway whatever! But let's discuss Shonda Rhimes and her style of killing off characters. There was gossip floating around that Chyler Leigh did something to piss off Shonda, and this was why Lexie Grey met such a grisly end. Shonda drops a plane on her and then wild animals are eating her remains, gross. The actor who played George O'Malley was difficult at times, and Shonda took him out with a bus. Mark (McSteamy) Sloan was given a nice, peaceful death and two episodes were dedicated to saying goodbye, obviously Eric Dane and Shonda had a good relationship. And last but not least; if Katie Heigl had not fought for a release from her contract, her character, Izzie Stevens would have been gunned down in the Season 6 finale. And I think we can all agree that Katie did cause her share of trouble. 

Anyway whatever Shonda Rhime's motives, killing him was the only way to end Meredith and Derek. And do you know what I think she will do now? That skank in Washington who kissed Derek is going to show up in Seattle. Poor Meredith, why does Rhime's have to throw shit at the poor girl all the time? It's almost as if Meredith will end up alone with her kids and her family taken away, one by one, including her husband. What the heck is with Patrick Dempsey? He really has me puzzled, he could not have picked a worse time in his life to be unemployed. His contract with Grey's Anatomy and ABC was $300,000 plus per episode.

The man is going through a divorce, he likes to race cars, he will be paying a fortune in alimony and child support and not to mention he would have been required to part with a certain amount of money to get out of Season 12 as he was contracted until then. I don't believe for a second that ABC would let him go without a fight, given how popular McDreamy is and the Meredith and Derek pairing. The fans will never accept Meredith with anyone else, so I don't think Grey's Anatomy has any more than 12 Seasons in it.

Unless ABC find a kick ass character and actor to replace Dempsey and come up with a really great story and I am not talking about a new love for Meredith, good God don't make me hurl. They need something special to pull the audience back in, because I can see many fans dropping this show now that their favourite couple are no more.

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