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Monday, June 9, 2014

Grey's Anatomy Wish List For Season 11

Recently Grey's Anatomy Wetpaint published a wish list for Season 11 of Grey's Anatomy.  While I agree with some of their ideas, there are some I do not. Anyway, I thought I would share my opinion of their list.

Given there have been absolutely no spoilers about what we may see next season, all fans can do is speculate and hope that certain things will happen with our favourite medics. Wetpaint's list contains five wishes, but I have six - anyway lets get started.

Wetpaint's Wish List

1. They want the Meredith/Derek fight resolved as soon as possible. Okay, first of all; I don't believe it was a fight, what I saw was Meredith standing up for herself and what she wants for her career. I don't remember Derek disagreeing with her feelings, however I assume and hope that their discussion will continue come the end of September (an educated guess). I must watch the episode again.

My feelings about Meredith and Derek and the show in general is that I don't want to see a time jump. Pick it up where it ended, time jumps are not popular. I would also like a little bit of drama between Mer/Der and perhaps it might be interesting to see Meredith stay at Grey Sloan Memorial on her own and Derek go to Washington. This will hopefully give Meredith her change to shine, which I personally would love to see. Seeing Mer/Der deal with a long distance marriage might be interesting too. A little bit of drama and angst can be entertaining if the writing is good. Jeez! Who am I kidding, I just remembered who is giving orders to the writers on this show. I know, I know, that a little harsh, but it's kind of true, Grey's writers don't seem to be able to do subtle drama.

I guess what I am really saying is don't break them up and if the writers must do this, then be original about it. I don't want to see a repeat of a sulking, self-righteous and cranky Derek, the same Derek we saw in Season 8. The other wish I have here is that they focus on Meredith as the central character as much as possible, as it worked in the early days. I do realise that we cannot go back, but perhaps tapping into that formula just might pay off in more people tuning in. There are so many fans who love Meredith and Meredith and Derek as a couple (another reason why the writers cannot go too far if they separate them).

Meredith realises she cannot leave Seattle

2. Wetpaint would like Ms Maggie Pierce, new cardio attending and Richard Webber's long lost daughter to shake things up. 

As far as I am concerned this situation is bound to upset Meredith (which is fine) but I don't know if I can stand watching a repeat of Lexi/Meredith. Meredith has grown a lot since she first met Lexie and she had many issues with her father and her mother. This time around we might see her deal with it differently. A little angst and drama would be good for Mer/Der as they cannot be happy all the time, happiness all the time is just not realistic, but I find any kind of sister story-line repetitive. It worries me how they will handle it. However, if it is done in a different way and the focus of this story is on Richard, I think I will enjoy it more.

Maggie reveals that her mother is Ellis Grey

3. Wetpaint do not want the writers and ABC to try to replace Cristina; wow, like that is possible.

I totally agree with this; I do think there is a need to add a new character or two, or perhaps if Amy sticks around, this would work. I have not made up my mind about Maggie yet as I've only seen her in two episodes, but I think she will be an interesting addition to the cast given the story potential with Richard. I will not be happy if one of the cast starts to act like Cristina in an attempt to capture the unique personality the show has lost. This would be so stupid. My hope is that Sandra comes back for a visit occasionally to visit Meredith and the others.

                                          "We need a dance party." Cristina Yang, right before she left

4. Wetpaint's fourth wish was that the Powers That Be bring Addison Montgomery back.

I am so on board with this. I love Addison and I loved the 2 seasons that she spent on the show, except when she first returned to take her husband back. I was definitely in the Meredith/Derek camp way back when that happened in Season 2, however it only took me one or two episodes to realise that Kate Walsh is a great actress. Addison is a likeable person and this character was a terrific addition to the show. If she comes back, she has to bring the hot husband, Jake. He is still one of the main reasons I miss Private Practice and I know, I say this every time I entertain the idea of Addison returning to the fold in my articles. I can't help myself.

In-fact having said that about Jake, Grey's Anatomy is really short on good looking men. We have Owen, Jackson, Derek and Alex and apart from Owen, the others are married or in a relationship. Is anyone out there missing Mark's presence on Grey's right about now. I have to wonder if Shonda regrets letting him go, or more to the point; killing off Mark Sloan. I know it would have been out of character for him to leave the hospital and his daughter, but she could have thought of something, surely. Actually, not really. it would not have been believable to see him leave Seattle, I am sadly aware of this. I also don't see his death and Lexie's death as them reuniting in heaven. Anyway, that's another matter and there's nothing Ms Rhimes or ABC can do about it now.

Mark and Derek riding the elevator

5. And Wetpaint's final wish is to work on building Jo and Stephanie's characters.

I can't agree with this wish either as I am not a fan of Jo, however Wetpaint might be onto something here, perhaps that is what is needed so that the viewers can get to know Jo a bit more and perhaps she will become more popular. I certainly do not like her with Alex, I cannot see or feel any chemistry between them. Frankly, I was more impressed with Stephanie this season than I was with Jo, especially when she figured out what Bailey had done with the young boy and the genetic engineered virus that saved his life. When she took the blame for Bailey, that really surprised me. Perhaps there is more to this girl than we know. 

I paid little attention to any of the interns when they turned up in Season 9. I simply did not care about them, they were all plot devices to me. But, I do feel that they let the right interns go this time. Last season when Mousy (Heather Brooks) was killed off in the premiere of Season 10, I was really disappointed and I never really forgave Shane for that, even though these thoughts were probably not rational on my part; oh well.

"Are you really on my service, again?"

And lastly my wish is that Cristina did not leave, but I am aware that the character was at a cross-roads with her career, her determination to succeed and her relationship with Owen. I believe now that Owen was a big reason why Cristina decided to take the job in Zurich. She knows that Owen will never move on while she is at Grey Sloan Memorial and if she stays, seeing him every day will make it impossible for her to move forward and find happiness with someone else. Cristina and Owen were never MFEO, despite the fact that Ms Rhimes said they were at one stage, I never believed that. I feel that their story was told to us for many reasons. Too many to go into right now. 

Many fans have said that her main reason for leaving was the fact that she can never win a Harper Avery while she works at Grey Sloan Memorial. As important as winning this award is to Cristina, I actually believe it was a minor reason for leaving. The offer to work in Zurich and eventually print 3D functioning hearts was just to good to turn down for a surgeon like Cristina. I also have no doubt that she will win a Harper Avery Award one of these days too.

Owen and Meredith working together with Cristina and Webber

All that is left to say is that Grey's Anatomy will be difficult to watch without Cristina, in-fact I think it will suck not seeing her kicking ass and taking names. I will miss her snarky comments and her banter with the other characters. Cristina always got the best lines. I don't know if I will ever get used to Cristina not being there. 

So we wait now for Season 11 and the first sign of any spoilers about what happens when Grey's Anatomy returns. Shondaland is usually pretty quiet until mid-August, however they might want to spend more money and time promoting Grey's before Season 11 starts, because without Cristina, ratings will fall. I just hope they prepare for that.

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