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Friday, May 10, 2013

Will Cristina And Owen Compromise Over Children On Grey's Anatomy

After watching last Thursday's episode of Grey's, it seemed pretty clear that Owen may be willing to forgo having children for the sake of his love for Cristina and their relationship.

Cristina has been saying for years that she does not want kids and has no desire to be a mother. She never has wanted to. Cristina loves kids and it's quite clear had she not gone through with the abortion in Season 8, she would make a great mother and a loving, caring one. Her scene's with Zola prove that. This is something that Cristina Yang will not budge on. She does not change her mind and for that to happen would be totally out of character and not believable at all.

While Season 9 has had it's ups and downs story wise; the one constant story has been Cristina and Owen; it is the story arc that I have enjoyed right from the start. Shonda Rhimes called Season 9, "the season of romance" and many fans criticized her; I believe she got it right with Cristina and Owen's story. We have seen constant and consistent love between them despite any work disagreements or dramas going on with the hospital and tonnes of sexy and romantic scenes. The sale of Seattle Grace Mercy West, and the subsequent keeping secrets from Owen about Cristina's and the other's plan to buy the hospital was convicing. Cristina's angst at lying to Owen, and her obvious concern for him when all that rubbish was going on really showed me that their relationship is worth fighting for. Many fans dubbed Cristina as the ball and chain that Owen always wanted; I really don't know what show they were watching.

Now we have the dilemma of a young boy whose parents were in a serious accident and about to die. The grandmother of this child has recently arrived in Seattle in the hope to help her son (the boy's father) through his recovery. We all know that the mum died in the previous episode, and it now looks as though the grandmother wants to withdraw life support to the father and let him go, however she confessed to Owen in the episode last week that she cannot take on the boy's full time care. Fans are undoubtedly wondering where the hell this story is going.

Shonda Rhimes denied that Owen would be adopting a kid; and I tend to think she is being truthful, however you can clearly see Owen bonding with the child and he is yearning to be able to do more to help as this child is looking like losing both parents and now it seems; has no-one. Will this be a catalyst for Cristina and Owen to have a more serious conversation about their desires for family. Cristina and Owen shippers are worried sick that this will lead to more drama between the couple, when we've had nothing but mostly negative events happen to them since Season Six.

Ideally, what I would like to see is for the father of this child to wake up at Season's end; and for Cristina and Owen to decide whether they can be together as a couple and accept that they have very different ideas about what family means to them. Someone has to back down; and if the conversation in the on-call room is any indication; I think it will be Owen who eventually realises that he loves Cristina and that having the woman he loves means forgoing his desire for children and a family. 

This would be a good resolution for the couple and true to their character. Shonda Rhime's was clear that her plan was not to break up the couple, she always planned for them to find a way back to each other. I have really enjoyed their story this season; but so help me, if Shonda is lying and Cristina and Owen take this kid home I will be so mad. The Cristina Yang that we all know and love since Season One would not accept this. She would have concerns that Owen is getting too attached and likely remind him that she does not want to be a mother and the angsty situation about kids starts all over again. Let's hope this issue is put to bed now, and this couple can get some happiness now, as they so deserve it. 

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