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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Meredith and Cristina Take Centre-Stage on Grey's Anatomy

Beautiful Doom Was One Of My Favourite Grey's Anatomy Episodes For Season Nine

Some Grey's Anatomy fans have had enough of Meredith and Cristina's soul-mate relationship; whereas there are others that can't get enough. I fall into the cannot get enough category. While I love both characters and their friendship; I do get annoyed when they put their husbands second.

In "Beautiful Doom" fans were treated a Meredith and Cristina centric episode. While fans everywhere assumed that this meant Cristina came home to Seattle, the episode showed us a couple of days where certain events happened in Meredith and Cristina's lives that brought back all the issues they had yet to deal with. A tragic accident happens while Meredith is on her way to work and the patient is trapped under a car. Meredith is forced to relive what happened to Lexie, in order to deal with losing her sister. Cristina is on a difficult case with Dr Thomas and goes into overtime trying to protect him from being fired. It is during this time that Dr Thomas gives Cristina a pep talk on just where he sees her life going.

The chatter leading up to this episode was all about Cristina and Meredith's friendship and Shonda Rhimes' twisted view that it is okay for them to put their friendship before their husbands. I do not usually follow spoilers, however it was hard not too watch, given these two girls are two of my favourite characters, in-fact Cristina is my fave and if she weren't on the show, I am not sure I could watch anymore. Previews tend to be misleading and manipulative; and it's nice to be surprised. There was also a lot of discussion between fans about how unhealthy this friendship is. On the TWOP forum for example, many posters there are sick of Cristina and Meredith choosing each other over their husbands. So I'm not the only one who has this view, but I do think that they have both realized that their husbands should be their person's too. I feel that this began to happen at end of last season.

In this case however; Derek was out of town in this episode and Owen and Cristina are estranged. And the communication between Cristina and Meredith was on the phone until right at the end when Cristina shows up drunk on Meredith's doorstep. Meredith is probably not sharing her burdens with Derek because he just lost Mark; his best friend and he's also dealing with his injured hand. For Meredith it was her patient that was the realization that she needed to deal with the fact that her sister was dead. Unfortunately for Cristina it was Dr Thomas' death that made her realize that she wanted Owen back and her friends in Seattle, which is why she arrives at Meredith's, having gotten smashed so she would be brave enough to board a plane.

As a huge fan of this show; Meredith and Cristina, I really loved this episode. The difficult part for me were the phone conversations between the two. These were hard to focus on as Shonda chose to use a special echo effect and this just ruined those scenes. Apart from that, I loved all of it. Cristina turning up in the end and we are left to wonder if she is back in Seattle for good; having lost yet another mentor. Many fans thought that Meredith's display of finally understanding that Lexie was dead was not enough, but for me it was. She is not a character who cries much unless she is feeling some extreme emotions. However what is not believeable is later on this season Meredith Grey seems to have forgotten she even had a sister, Lexie and Mark are barely mentioned by Meredith again. I can let this go only because she has never been portrayed as a character who goes on and on about her sadness and feelings.

When I first watched this episode I was not sure whether Cristina has returned to Seattle permanently, but given that Shonda Rhimes (creator of Grey's Anatomy) has said that Owen and Cristina will find their way back together, I was hopeful that she was back. And in the very next episode there she is in the dark blue scrubs.

With Meredith and Cristina's friendship being the main purpose of this episode, the assumption was that we might see flashbacks of the past. This was not the case and it was refreshing and different the way the episode played out. As for the high tech phone calls, that did not work. Meredith's preoccupation with her patient and saving the woman's life and then also needing to deal with Zola was really well done too. I laughed out loud when Cristina sees her car covered in snow, and was close to tears when Dr Thomas hit the deck. I just knew he was gone. It would have been nice if Cristina could have figured out by herself that she needed to return to Owen and her friends, without Dr Thomas needing to die. I guess someone can't have a epiphany about their life without something tragic happening on Grey's

Meredith Grey has been all positive and hard core ever since the crash, which is typical behavior for her. She has been helping everyone else move forward and stuffing her own feelings. After the shooting in Season Six, Meredith was all “We are fine” so it is not surprising that we saw very little emotion from Meredith. Her thirty second dance party in surgery once her patient was out of the woods was a typical way Meredith lets off steam. And the anxiety and stress we saw her patient was critical was her remembering her sister dying. Grey's Anatomy is just not so obvious sometimes and you need to be able to read between the lines.

My hope originally was that Shonda would do a memorial service for Lexie, given Mark's character got an excellent send off. Lexie fans are very angry that her character did not get the same, given that she and Mark were "made to be." However, I knew this was unrealistic as Shonda does not do funerals.

Again I must say this was a great episode, probably one of the best this season. I was excited after watching this as it seemed to me that Season Nine was going to be good. 

What did you think of "Beautiful Doom?" Have your say in the comments.

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