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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Will Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey Leave Grey's Anatomy?

Is it the End for Grey's Fans?

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Speculation has been rife today since the early hours of the morning about Partick Dempsey's comment to an Italian magazine regarding his contract with Grey's Anatomy.  See link below:


Rep Tells E! News a Different Story

Since this news broke yesterday afternoon, Patrick Dempsey's reprsentative has been quoted as telling E! News that: "He was referring to the fact that his contract is up at the end of next season and we have no idea what the future holds," Ellen Pompeo was also quoted as saying that:
"No one has asked us to come back after season eight, so I couldn't presume that I'm coming back... if I haven't been invited," See link below:


As fans of the show many of us would all agree that Grey's Anatomy would not survive without these two talented actors and given that the show revolves around the characters of Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd, many fans believe Season 8 will be the last season of Grey's Anatomy.

Was Patrick Misquoted?

Given that this was an Italian magazine who quoted Patrick Dempsey's comment, it's possible a language barrier could be responsible for the above said misquote. Every news search has Patrick's representative denying the statement means he is leaving the show. Given the amount of press on this topic, I will be waiting with bated breath for a statement from the actors themselves on whether they plan to renew their contracts if a Season 9 is picked up by the ABC network in the US next year.

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Ellen Also Rumoured to be Leaving Grey's

There have been rumours flying about for months that Ellen Pompeo was calling it quits after Season 8. However, nothing has been officially confirmed and her recent quote above tells us nothing. The future is unknown at the moment. It's hard not to speculate given Ellen and Patrick's contracts' are up at the end of Season 8, however every actor on the show is in the same boat and the shows creators and executives would not know whether Grey's has a future past Season 8 at this time.

If Patrick and Ellen do decide to leave, will the show survive without them?

What are your thoughts? Please comment below.


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